Friday Roundup
Welcome to the Friday Roundup, where I cover a variety of things that either happened this week or I didn’t mention this week but wanted to highlight. In this weeks Roundup, we cover WWE, Matty Q&A and a bunch of other awesome stuff.

Friday Bullet – I recently put together an awesome 25 page action figure version of the Realm of the Underworld Mini Comic. Give it a read if you haven’t already.

Friday Bullet – This Sunday is the last day to join Club Mordle, so if you want first crack at the awesome new Mordles toys, you’d better act now.

Friday Bullet – The WWE have posted up some crazy concept sketches for a variety of their characters through the years. If you ever wanted an inside look at how the WWE/WWF comes up with some of their characters, this is an incredible peek behind the curtain.

Friday Bullet – I’ve been struggling to come up with good questions for “Ask Matty” as of late. I’m about to submit another round, so if you have something you’d like asked, feel free to reply to this post or drop me an email. I can’t promise an answer, but I can promise I’ll ask it. As long as it’s a real question.

Friday Bullet – Here’s an absolutely fascinating article from People Magazine from 1987 about the He-Man and She-Ra Power Tour actors. It also has some info about the Masters of the Universe feature film, before it was really underway. It’s one of those things that’s neat to read now that we know how that turned out. Plus it lets you know about the Conan stage show at Universal and how He-Man and She-Ra were banging.

Friday Bullet – The “Legendary” Tom Brooks has a look at some uses for the variant Dollar General Shipwreck figure. I just recently found the first releases after hunting for them in no less than 6 states for several years. Who knows when I’ll see these new releases.

Friday Bullet – Last but certainly not least, T-Rav recently had a great little piece on Doom Kick about how the Ninja Turtles line was one of his favorites and it’s cultural effect on him. It also ties in nicely to his own son now playing with the new TMNT line. Plus he reps how cool the Next Mutation figures were and I think him and I are about the only people on the internet that liked those toys. So he gets props for that.

Until next time, don’t die.

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