Friday Roundup
Welcome to the Friday Roundup, where I cover a variety of things that either happened this week or I didn’t mention this week but wanted to highlight.

Friday Bullet – First up, we’re HIRING! Huzzah. As you may have noticed, content has been a little slow lately. The truth of the matter is that I’ve just been swamped with other commitments, so we’re once again hiring folks to contribute. Of course by “hiring” I mean we’ll publish your stuff, but there’s no money in it. Only the fortune and fame that comes with writing on the internet’s 975,000th favorite blog. We had some great contributors a while back, but they all sort of disappeared around the same time. Personally, I think they were kidnapped and murdered by a rival site… But don’t let that stop you from applying!

Friday Bullet – I took part in Action Figure Blues recent podcast, making my first official toy related podcast appearance. It’s a pretty fun show, although it’s mostly dealing with vintage toy restoration, there’s other wacky discussions as well. Thanks to my pal John from TV and Film Toys for inviting me on. If you’d like to have me appear on your podcast, hit me up at NewtonGimmick AT and I can discuss toys, wrestling, wrestling with toys or bad kaiju movies.

Friday Bullet – Speaking of the podcast, here’s a good drinking game: Take a drink every time I say “Uhh” and you’ll be sure to get trashed! Also there’s some part where it sounds like I bust into a rap, but I assure you it was some sort of connection error. However if you’d like me to rap on your show, hit me up. I have a doctorate in flow from PN News.

Friday Bullet – I like the guys over at Action Figure Insider well enough, but this recent post that mentions how we should all subscribe to the MOTUC Filmation sub so we can show Mattel how much we love subs makes me want to gag myself with a Mekaneck. Enough with the constant “YOU GOTTA JOIN EVERY SUB MATTEL DOES” nonsense. I swear if this turns into another “save the sub” campaign, I will hurt somebody. Probably my non-existent sister. I already saved the MOTUC line once by recruiting Alan Thicke of TV’s Growing Pains, I can’t keep doing that sort of stuff.

Friday Bullet – I have quite a few different reviews coming. Look for some serious influx of content soon. Hooray!

Friday Bullet – Finally, Richard Todd Broadwater creator of the “Legendary Monsters” toy line is still fighting to get this line up and running. Unlike a lot of Kickstarter toy projects, he actually has experience within the industry. Lord knows we need at least ONE of these Kickstarter action figure things to actually produce something, so why not this one? Check out their official Legendary Monsters Page and donate within the next 8 days so they can make their goal and some neat retro monsters.

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  • Monte says:

    If Infinite Hollywood ranks as the internet’s 975,000th favorite blog, all my blogs must rank… well, add a few zeros, that should cover it.

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