Well it’s finally time to give away our free pizza! Huzzah! This was part of our 1000th post celebration which started at the end of April, when we hit, 1,000 posts. I stretched this contest out until the end of May, but I should have done the drawing by now. General laziness on my part. It’s all for the best anyway, as I just yesterday discovered I had another entrant sitting in my spam mail folder, sent before the deadline. So who won? Well let’s first take a look at some of the entrants…

To begin with, we saw one really large recurring theme, NECA TMNT figures. This just proves that these are the go to Turtles for most fans. I really love the pizza picture, but also the dark and moody Mirage comic-like photo as well. As I’ve said before, if nothing else NECA needs to re-release these bad boys.

We also had some incredible artwork submitted. The contest was simple, send in any photo/picture of the Ninja Turtles or any Ninja Turtle character, so long as it was your photo. Surprisingly, nobody sent in photos of Pizza Face! However Metal Head and the Battle Toads made an appearance.

I’m glad some people took me up on the challenge to send in photos of unlikely TMNT items. I was hoping someone would photo their old TMNT cereal bowls, but at least we got a snow globe and a frisbee. It’s really cool that people participated.


Clark Walker, with his random photo of his NECA TMNT display. Clark mentioned that this picture shows the Turtles actually invading a space where his wife’s figures are supposed to go. The drawing was completely random, all you had to do was send in a photo to be eligible and Clark’s name was drawn out of the hat.

Thanks to the folks at Freschetta for sponsoring the prize and to all that entered and congrats to Clark. Enjoy the pizza, dude!

6 Responses to Freschetta/TMNT Pizza Giveaway Winner!

  • clark says:

    Thanks, Newt! Your review got me hungry for Freschetta, so I'm looking forward to it. I will take this victory as a good omen, that the new IDW series is going to be awesome, that the Nickelodeon cartoon will be the perfect balance of humor and darkness to interest adults and be safe for children, and that the new Playmates figures will be better than the movie figs and become the new standard for what a TMNT figure should be.

    So yeah, all of that from this free pizza.

  • jestergoblin says:

    Oh man – I found my Mega Blok TMNT figures on Saturday – I could have done a JesterGoblin versus the Turtles battle!

    Congrats Clark, I hope you're right and the pizza is DELICIOUS!

  • Wow, I hope all those things too… But the only one I can guarantee is free pizza, haha.

  • That would have been fun!


    YAY! My picture is posted! Really cool enteries

  • Mecha-Shiva says:

    My fave is the streetlamp pic,it's like a zombie movie…

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