Papercraft has become quite the hot trend in the last few years and it’s showing no sign of stopping. I haven’t gotten much into it, but I have been amazed at some of the things I’ve seen created. In that same vein and through my growing love of the GI Joe Adventure Team, I’m really becoming more and more fond of vintage toy box art. There’s a huge community out there that collect old Joe and Mego boxes.

What do these two things have in common? Well, David Whitney, creator of the PaperBlox paper building system, has just released a new paper box creation. The best part about this is that it’s totally free to download! The concept for the box is: What If Hasbro Made 3 3/4″ Joes in the 70s?

This free paper creation that you can download, recreates the look and feel of the classic 1970’s single figure toy box. However it uses the Real American Hero era Joes and artwork. It even has a bunch of Joes in a sort of “collect them all” mindset on the back. And it has Sgt. Slaughter on there, so you know I love it.

You can head over to and download it yourself and check out the other stuff they have there. I haven’t printed one out yet, because my printer is low on ink (story of my life) but this looks like it would be a fun way to display your classic 3 3/4 Joes. Plus the price can’t be beat… FREE!

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