While I doubt he would have gotten voted most popular in his High School yearbook, Freddy Kruger has sliced and diced the competition in our recent poll. You the Infinite Hollywood readers decided that Freddy gives all the other modern horror icons nightmares.

The Nightmare on Elm Street star didn’t just win, he MURDERED the competition. With 49% of the vote, it was a real slaughter in favor of Fred. Even the stink of the recent Nightmare remake, couldn’t stop Freddy Krueger from grabbing his spot at the top. Of course, I think most of the credit for Freddy’s success goes to Robert Englund who made Freddy an iconic part of horror cinema.

Leatherface finished last, which doesn’t surprise me much. As a character he’s pretty crappy and most of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies blow chunks. I was most excited that Dr. Giggles managed to tie for fourth with the guy from Saw. Be sure to vote in our second poll this month. It’s a real tough choice as you have to pick your favorite Universal Monster from several of the best.

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