Today’s spotlight comes to us as a request from our buddy Jester Goblin. Z-Bots fit in nicely with our March of the Robots theme this month. The toy line was a early 1990’s line made by Galoob under their Micro Machines brand name. I had quite a few Z-Bots in the early 1990’s but some of the uninspired designs and the slightly high pricetag kept me from getting too many.

Galoob never made the greatest toys, but I certainly miss their efforts. Micro Machines was a huge hit for them and I suspect that’s why they released these guys under that label. Z-Bots didn’t have much of a story, though they did label heroes and villains. Basically they were small robots usually with 5 points of articulation.

I didn’t spend a lot of time digging around for these but I did find this one. For as old as he is, he looks brand new which is pretty much a testament to the craftsmanship of these little buggers. I always liked this Z-Bot because he looked cool enough that he could fit in with just about any toy plot I was playing as a kid. My favorite Z-Bot was actually one that looked a bit like Michael Jordan, in that he was made to do the “jumpman” pose and had a ball in hand. This guy has a tiny insignia on him that represents if he was good or evil.

Hasbro ended up buying Galoob but never has done much with the old licenses. It’s kind of scary that these Z-Bots are actually better articulated and sculpted than many of the mini figures of today. Eventually Z-Bots got to where they could be transformed together to create bigger Z-Bots, but like so many quick fads of the struggling 1990’s toy market, they disappeared.

For more on mini figures or Z-Bots in general you can visit Goblin’s, where Jester checked out some Z-Bots from Burger King a while back.

5 Responses to Focus On: Z-Bots

  • Mark says:

    I used to have a few Z-Bots. Yes they were deffinentky a cool line, and had loads of detail fort such small figures.

  • PresidentJuggernaut says:

    Z-Bots were a real favorite of minefor a time. They had very cool designs in a wide variety. I wish we had more fun, expansive, unliscensed things on shelves today.

  • sparts72 says:

    Oh man, thanks for the nostalgia! I loved these guys as a kid, i'll have to see if i still have any left somewhere. I always thought they were fun as villians for Battle Beast toys.

  • turbinebros. says:

    Z-bots were my favorite toys as a kid…the possibilities were limitless. Speaking of withstanding the test of time, these things still look just as good as toys in todays standards. I had the burger king promos and they are still in great condition…and thats just a toy in a kids meal. The best part was that there was no real story for them, and as a kid, it left it up to me to make their backstories, names, personalities, and everything in between. Even though the promos had 2 voids and 3 z-bots, i always made them this small elite squad who were essentially the swat team of my childhood toys. They get 2 thumbs up.

  • Aven says:

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