It’s crazy how you can completely forget stuff from your past but a brief glimpse of something can make you remember it. I was browsing Peter Laird’s blog the other day and was reminded of Time Traveler, the 3-D Hologram game. I had completely erased that game from my memory, but in an instant I was taken back.

What’s Time Traveler? Well it was a old school coin-op video game that came out in 1991. It featured a unique cabinet setup and actually had holograms as the characters. The game itself was a bit of a precursor to many Sega CD style games where you pressed a button at a certain time and an FMV movie would play. This was supposedly going to revolutionize gaming, but very few hologram games came out after this and sadly even FMV games have more or less died out. I liked a few of the Sega CD FMV games.

Why did they stop making those? They were MOVIES YOU CAN PLAY! Except they were frustratingly hard and the acting was bad and having to watch the same cut scene over and over until you got the timing just right was monotonous and annoying. Ah, I guess I know why they stopped making those.

Here’s a little video I whipped up showing Time Traveler in action:

Doctor Who this is not. Even if it’s about an evil Timelord. If you remember this game, you might remember that the characters were often wearing goofy getups. I guess the reason for that is that there are over 40 characters you encounter in the game, but only 18 actors. So a lot of the characters are the same actors but in bad wigs and stuff. I never got to play the game much though, it was super easy to die and at 75 cents a pop it was out of my price range for extended play.

The guy who made this game was the same dude who made Dragon’s Lair. Anyone else remember this old school Sega arcade game? I believe this game was re-released in 2001 on a console compatible DVD format… But you know, without the hologram element it pretty much sucked.

These hologram things were cool though. On a vacation once to the Smokey Mountains, there was this Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum. On the outside of the museum they had a Genie bottle and inside was this same hologram technology. Except the hologram was of a genie in the bottle. It was really cool (at least it was when I was 9) because the genie was a live chick and I guess the bottle had a mic and video camera or something, so she could respond to what you were saying.

We didn’t go into the museum, but we spent a lot of time ogling the hot genie chick in the bottle. There was some jerk there saying rude things to her as well. The next time we went by a couple hours later, she was gone. I guess the guy had ran her off. My child mind didn’t allow me to remember what he said, but I assume it was stuff like “If I had three wishes it’d be to see those genie tits!” or something along those lines. No idea if that attraction is still there, but it was even cooler than the hologram game.

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