All last week we were having a Flash Gordon Celebration looking at all the figures in the Flash Gordon line. Today we’re still limping out one final Flash Gordon figure review. It’s a variant of the Klytus figure from the line. This variant is of Klytus after his “death” scene. In it his eyes and tongue bug out in pretty ridiculous and memorable fashion.

BifBangPow decided to make a variant figure of this. It’s basically the same as the regular Klytus but with a new face sculpt. Whether you enjoy this figure or not seems pretty based on what you enjoy about action figure collecting. As a variant, this is a pretty nifty idea. As a figure, it’s a awfully ridiculous notion.

This has all the same stuff on it as the regular cards do. The difference here is that Klytus is dead on the package. If you weren’t in on the gag before, you are now. It looks cheesy as ever and I almost hated removing Klytus from the package since he looks better in it.

Still you guys need to see what the figure is like, so open him I did.

The back of the package is identical to the other card release.

The articulation is the exact same as the other release. As such I’m reposting that picture breaking down Klytus’ odd articulation.

BifBangPow really made an odd choice in releasing this version of Klytus. In some respects I think all variants should be stuff that isn’t a “must have” so that fans who miss out aren’t really missing out. It’s like the variant Ming in the first set of figures. Red robes are cool, but the black robe works too.

The problem with Dead Klytus is that it’s bordering on stupid. Sure, it’s a TRUE variant, but why does anyone really want this figure? It’s neat for a chuckle for fans of Flash Gordon, but beyond that it’s pointless.

Pointless as it may be, it’s quite well done. Klytus has taste buds sculpted on his tongue and even little teeth. His eyes look as ridiculous bugged out as they did in the movie. BBP didn’t try to make this figure look cool, they went with authentic.

If you’ve ever wanted a completely scene accurate dead Klytus… This figure is for you. His face does seem a little less accurate than the other though, but I guess it’s a good likeness.

Dead Klytus comes with all the same stuff that alive Klytus came with… NOTHING. It’s enough to make my eyes bug out too.

Are you looking to pay $15 to have a gag figure? Then this Klytus is for you. Show off your friends your Flash Gordon collection and then when they say, “Hey I remember when that gold faced guy died and he looked so stupid. It’d be cool if his eyes bugged out” then you can whip out this figure and get a hearty chuckle out of your friend. He’ll not only be laughing at Klytus, but also you for buying him.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 7
Articulation – 6
Accessories – Nothing
Value – 8
Overall – 7 out of 10

Dead Klytus scores a little less than regular Klytus. He’s not a bad figure, but he’s very scene specific and he’s not a very interesting variant. He’s pretty accurate to the on screen death, but the overall face sculpt doesn’t pop as well as the regular one. There’s no real reason to own this figure.

You can buy this figure now at Entertainment Earth: Alex Ross Flash Gordon Klytus Figure - EE SDCC Exclusive

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