Better late than never!

1. Although most fans consider variants a hindrance to toy lines, MOTUC has shown that some variants can be good. With all the He-Mans we’ve gotten so far, has any thought been given to possibly a MOTUC version of Ice Armor He-Man? He was pretty popular amongst 200X fans and even critics of some of the other “Smash Blade” style figures agree that the Ice Armor concept was inspired.

Both of these variants are possible, but right now we are looking at a few more fan demanded updates such as Thunderpunch He-Man or New Adventures He-Man first. They are possible in the Classics style.

2. Back at the 09 SDCC, Mattel showed off the Attitubes. MOTU was included on the demo figures. Does this mean that Mattel has considered branching MOTU into some other styles/concepts beyond MOTUC? Like say, a 3 3/4 inch line?

We are always looking at new form factors for MOTU. While the AttiTUBES were not popular enough with fans, we will continue to explore other possible form factors, especially as we gear up for new entertainment for the brand!

3. Speaking of the Mattel Attitubes, there was also a Mighty Max on display in that lineup. Since Max is under the Mattel umbrella these days, is there any chance he may make a return to the toy aisles? His gal pal Polly Pocket is still active, but Max hasn’t been seen in some time.

We don’t have plans right now for new Mighty Max toys, but if there is enough fan demand it is certainly something to look into!

4. When can we expect the new Action League figures to start hitting? The ones branded post Brave & The Bold.

Jan 2011 during the 2011 resets.

5. Many Retro-Action figures have recently hit discount chains, sending some fans into a panic. Straight up, is the Retro-Action line on it’s way to the grave, or was this just simply some overstock by a retailer getting sent to a secondary chain?

Retro Action is doing well and a 4th wave is planned for Toys ‘R’ Us. We had some overstock of Wave 1 and 2 which is why it hit discount chains. We’ve adjusted production on Waves 3 and 4 based on this.

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