Pictures have surfaced of Brian Austin Green as Metallo in the new season of Smallville. He actually looks about perfect for the Metallo character. Metallo is basically a Terminator with a chunk of kryptonite in his chest to power him. So maybe he’s more like Iron Man? Never the less Metallo is one of Superman’s more decent villains. If you’d told me a year ago that Brian Austin Green was going to be a sympathetic villain, I wouldn’t have been happy with it, but after Green’s incredible performance on Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles, all his 90210 nonsense is forgiven.

I find it interesting that he goes from fighting Termintors to practically being one. Of course this is Smallville and they may totally change up the robot aspect of him. He was “once a man” after all. Green is working a two-episode storyline, starting with the season premiere. Word on the street is that he’ll have some alternate looks that are “sleeker” as well.

As for the look itself? As I said above it’s pretty much perfect. Metallo has been more often than not depicted like this. We’ll have to wait until the season premiere to see what twists the CW team put on it. Should be interesting though.

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