Well here’s the first look at the new MOTUC Moss Man. I’m quite impressed. That’s even better than the original spot flocking from JonWes. Kudos Mattel. Still don’t love the ball joints on the shoulders, but it’ll do.

3 Responses to First Look at Final MOTUC Moss Man

  • Lt_Clutch says:

    I like it. They managed to pull off the flocking quite nicely. It looks a lot like the classic version, but I'll still miss the "fresh pine scent" feature.

  • I know. I wish it had pine scent. I would have totally used a Moss Man as a car air freshner back in the day. But all I was driving was a Big Wheel back then.

  • Lt_Clutch says:

    A Big Wheel with Moss Man as an air freshener? Would've rocked for sure. Those were innocent times, bro. I had a bike once, but I kept falling off it much like Zap from G.I. Joe, so I gave it up.

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