WWE Legends (Series 3)
“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan
6.5 Inch Scale
By: Mattel

Lots of wrestling reviews will continue to come your way as I’m officially collecting Mattel’s WWE Legends figures. Up today is my first Legend figure review and it’s none other than Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Why start with Duggan? Why not? As a kid I remember being sort of non-chalant towards Hacksaw Jim Duggan in the WWF. I remember him being a tough guy, but I never had much of an opinion on him. I didn’t hate him, I didn’t love him.

One of the few things I do remember thinking of Duggan at that time was that I was able to use his character to double as Ted Dibiase on the old WWF Wrestlemania Challenge game, since they looked similar. By the time Hacksaw arrived in WCW, I grew into quite a fan. Hacksaw seemed to have more fun in WCW and his memorable feuds with DDP, The Giant and Meng always entertained me. Plus it was in WCW that it was revealed that Hacksaw’s Grandmother had been a taped fist champion. It was that sort of screwball stuff that made him awesome…

Duggan could cut some great old school promos. He also sort of looked like a Muppet when he’d shout, “TOUGH GUY”! He also used the phrase “tough guy”, like it was punctuation or something. “I’m going to the store to get some beer, tough guy!” I tried to find a clip that sort of explains Hacksaw Jim Duggan in a nutshell, but this was about as close as I could find:

Hacksaw was never a fancy wrestler, although his work in the old UWF was actually a lot more technical than most people remember from Duggan. His “character” was that of an all American type, who was a bit of a simpleton. In real life, Hacksaw is actually a very nice, soft spoken, intelligent guy. Mattel’s Legends Wave 3 is a pretty good rendition of a basic Hacksaw Jim Duggan, although there are some spots that could be better.

The WWE Legends packaging is a standard bubble card with a couple of areas for a paper block logo. It features the WWE Legends Logo in the right hand slot foreground with a picture of the Legend on the left hand background. The picture is an important part because more often than not, Mattel has chose to sculpt the figure’s face to match the photo.

The back of the package shows off the full photo and gives a few stats on the wrestler. Jakks often messed these up, but Mattel seems to be getting these pretty accurate. His WCW US and TV Titles are mentioned. His bio is sort of strange, not really talking about anything in particular. Duggan didn’t have a ton of memorable feuds, so I guess that’s why we get the random verbiage.

Wrestling figures, by nature, have a lot of reuse. Jakks sculpted a ton of parts through the years, but were notorious for reusing parts all the time. Mattel has shown a fair amount of reuse as well, but they certainly seem well on their way to creating a huge catalogue of parts. One thing that Mattel also seems to be doing to distinguish themselves from Jakks, is constantly swapping parts around to make more variety amongst similar sculpts.

Hacksaw has never been a really buff guy, but he’s always been huge. His body was never fat, but never super fit. The Hacksaw body is bulky, but a bit too muscular defined. I’m okay with that, as I’ve said in the past, wrestling toys should be a little belief suspending.

The head sculpt is a point of contention with me, because originally I hated it. It’s sculpted as I said above to look exactly like the picture. Despite what Mattel Says, it’s obvious that the figure has been sculpted to match the artwork and not the other way around. The problem with doing that is that it’s much harder to capture an exact scene or look, than it is to do a basic rendering. This is why Hacksaw looks a bit off while screaming his trademark battle cry, HOOOOOOOOOOO!

Jakks did a pretty good Hacksaw sculpt, although their sculpt trended a bit more towards a UWF younger Hacksaw. The good news is, if you prefer that head sculpt, you could easily swap it. In a rare comparison, the Hacksaw Jakks and Mattel heads are the exact same size.

Another interesting note is the hair. Mattel’s hair painting still sucks and Hacksaw has strange hair. Is it red, blonde, brown? Different times Hacksaw seems to have different color hair. Mattel went with a reddish brown, yet his card art is rather clearly sandy blonde.

Mattel’s much ballyhooed “Superstar Scale” is in action here as Hacksaw is shorter than some of his Russian foes. Some people have noted that Hacksaw seems a bit on the small side and have opted to swap his calves out with taller wrestlers. I may do this eventually, but for now it doesn’t bother me much.

This is one of our first real 80’s not quite He-Man body guys we’ve gotten in the line thus far. It’s still a glimpse at what some other guys who had similar body types might look like. For a guy in tights, Hacksaw looks fairly well sculpted. I’m not sure why he never gets painted on chest hair, though. He’s ALWAYS had pretty prevalent chest hair, yet he’s never had it featured on a figure.

Did you know that Hacksaw Jim Duggan won the first WWF Royal Rumble? Well, he did. In a total serendipitous bit on my part, I wanted to take a picture of Hacksaw “winning the rumble” but couldn’t be bothered to find out who he eliminated last. I randomly selected One Man Gang, since he would have been around in that era and took the photo. As it turns out, One Man Gang was indeed the last person Hacksaw eliminated, thus making this picture epic awesome-sauce.

What’s really winning most people over to Mattel’s Legends is the articulation. Sure, Jakks had the Deluxe figures and that articulation is in some ways better… But Mattel was smart enough to make the scale all the same. This means that Mattel already has as many if not more body parts in their “Elite/Legends” articulation. In a nutshell, you can pose these legends!

The leg articulation is still a bit tricky and some figures sure seem like they can barely lift their leg. Other figures move their legs with no problem. I’m told you can boil the figures if they’re too tight, but who the hell wants to boil their wrestlers?

Duggan moves pretty good, though not perfect. I can’t quite get him down for his patented 3 point stance tackle, but I can get it close enough. He can hit a fair amount of moves, though and he’s certainly better articulated than his old Jakks counterpart.

“I got one strategy… ATTACK! ATTACK! ATTACK!”

Ol’ Jim is part of the last wave of Legends to include a stand. I don’t care about the stands one way or another, but Wave 3 is the last to contain them. His other accessories are very important to his character.

Hacksaw gets a US Flag on a pretty nice sized pole. He also gets his patented 2×4 which he carries everywhere with him. The flag is actually made of slick paper, which some folks don’t like. It’s still good enough to shove up the Iron Shiek’s ass, tough guy!

The 2×4 isn’t terrible, but it’s not overly impressive either. It has a few bits of sculpting on it. However, truth be told, I think the old Hasbro Hacksaw 2×4 may have the better wood grain sculpt. This one is a better color, though.

Both items fit into his hand alright, although the 2×4 has to really be worked in there.

And Now Hacksaw Finds a Title in the Trash:
As wrestling became “modern”, Hacksaw struggled to stay relevant. He seemed like a leftover from another era by 1999-2000. In WCW he had made a valiant comeback from cancer, but new head booker Vince Russo seemed to be saying what many WWE/WCW fans at the time were thinking… That Hacksaw wasn’t relevant anymore. Hacksaw was “fired” and spent a few weeks as a WCW janitor.

The storyline was an attempt to get Hacksaw back over as relevant by having him fight against the new bookers. It didn’t really go anywhere, but the highlight of this particular storyline saw Hacksaw find the old WCW TV Championship in the trash during his janitorial duties. Being the crazy guy that he is…

He plucked it out of the trash and then began defending it on the WCW B-Shows. What made this even more awesome, is that for all intents and purposes, Hacksaw was the Television Champion. Not only was he champion, he was the last TV Champion. He had a fair amount of good title defenses too.

Given that he never lost the belt, he’s technically still the champion. Ironically, Hacksaw didn’t really need to be reinvented. Hacksaw has been perpetually over his entire career. He even returned to WWE a couple years back and wrestled pretty regularly, mostly as a job guy, but was still more over than most the roster.

I’ve always respected Hacksaw since his recovery from cancer. When he came back he promised to make more of an impact than he ever had. Given that he was already in the twilight of his career, you’d think that would be an empty promise. As it turns out though, Hacksaw really did do more after his return. He had a pretty cool heel turn where he cut his hair and pledged allegiance to Canada, he found the TV Title, he helped Goldberg get over his heel turn and returned to WWE… Not bad, Hacker, not bad.

At $14.99 these guys are pretty expensive. Wave 3 seems to be the most elusive of the Legends Waves right now, with 4 showing up in some areas, but Wave 3 skipping others. Hacksaw isn’t one of the most popular figures in the wave, but I think he’s a darn good addition to the line overall. If you can catch him for sale you should definitely pick him up, otherwise he’s still a solid recommendation.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 8
Sculpting – 8
Articulation – 8
Accessories – 2×4, Flag, Stand
Value – 7
Overall – 8 out of 10


Hacksaw isn’t perfect. His head sculpt misses the mark a bit and his body is rather plain. However he manages to capture most of the spirit of Jim Duggan and he’s got a decent assortment of accessories. I’d love to see a couple of Duggan variants, with his star knee pads or even his WCW janitor suit… But I suspect this is the only Hacksaw we’ll get. If that’s how it turns out, at least Mattel did a pretty good job.

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  • Rexplode says:

    I remember watching Hacksaw wrestle on an old VHS copy of the Royal Rumble. I don't remember if it was the one that he won, but he definitely left an impression!
    I always wondered why none of the other wrestlers brought a weapon into the ring, it seemed like the smart thing to do by my 9 year old estimation.

    I'm not into wrestling these days, but Hacksaw'll always be one of the coolest in my eyes!

    Good review, it looks like he was a lot of fun to take pictures of!

  • Dutty Roads Baby says:

    Watching Hacksaw ON WCW Saturday Morning shows with my grandpa were some of my earliest memories – definitely my first memories of anything wrestling related. Anytime I hear Sousa's "The Washington Post March" the first thing that pops into my head is always HOOOOOOO!!!

    Hacksaw is a decent figure, but it's the Sgt. Slaughter of series 3 for me. I'd like to have it, but I'm definitely not in a rush to buy it.

  • Haha, yeah he was. I started remembering lots of cool things about Hacksaw through the years.

  • I loved some Hacksaw on Saturday wrestling. Hacksaw always made for an entertaining squash match. I would agree on his popularity in Wave 3, but that's likely because Wave 3 is so good.

  • 3B_ says:

    Great review and welcome to the line! I've been collecting them since series 1 debuted and they do not disappoint.

  • Thanks. Technically I've been picking them up since Wave 1, but I was going to be more selective and not as into it as I am now. However, that finally changed and I'll be picking them up and reviewing them more regular.

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