WWE Elite Series 6

CM Punk

7 Inch Scale

By: Mattel


2011 could go down as the year of CM Punk in the WWE. A good portion of the WWE Universe is in love with CM Punk, especially the so called internet “smart” fans. Punk has managed to be the talk of the WWE for the last few months thanks to a well worked storyline where he was “against” the system.

Personally I am not a huge fan of CM Punk. I like him, but I don’t love him. I think he’s a decent wrestler, not great, and that his gimmick is just a derivative of Raven. Of course Punk himself has admitted to basically paying homage to Raven and learned a lot from him both as part of Raven’s group in TNA as well as feuding with him through TNA and ROH. It’s these sort of things that make me less amazed by Punk’s character, but I do confess that I have enjoyed WWE Raw the past few weeks, moreso for Alberto Del Rio’s title reign than CM Punk, but Punk has been an integral part of that storyline.

Punk has received a lot of figures from Mattel since the house that Barbie built began making their wrestling figures last year. This is one of several Elites featuring the “straight edge” superstar. Is this Punk worth your time and money? Let’s take a look!


Mattel’s WWE Elite packaging is an odd shaped box with a see-through window on the front and a smaller one on the back. The window allows you to see in on some of the details of the figure contained inside. Punk’s bonus t-shirt is packaged on the side, which is nice because there have been some instances of these shirts staining the figures when they wear them in package.

The back of the box gives off a few stats and shows off the rest of the series. There is also a “Did you know” section, that basically says Punk learned to be straight edge by copying some crappy indie rock bands. How inspiring!


Punk has a fair amount of nice paint work on the body, including his chest hair and tattoos. CM Punk is missing a couple of tattoos, a Pepsi logo on one shoulder as well as a GI Joe Cobra symbol on his other shoulder. I don’t really think you’re missing much by not having them on the figure as Punk has so many tattoos these days that those sort of get lost… But if you want you can track down some water slide decals and correct this.

Obviously you can’t blame Mattel for not including them. They are registered logos of other brands and they would likely have to pay to use them. Heck I don’t even know if Hasbro would allow it.

There are some nice details such as Punk’s “drug free” knuckle tattoos. On the flip side, the wrist wrap tape is only painted on. It looks okay, but sculpted tape would probably be better.

The body is pretty standard, with Mattel reusing different parts of this sculpt in various bodies. I think it’s a good fit for CM Punk, so I have no real complaints. The tights are also a pretty nice combination of colors.

The one issues I have with my CM Punk is that one side of his beard isn’t fully painted. It looks like someone took a razor to it. Ironic considering he does come with a pair of clippers. It’s not a huge deal, but just one of those little QC nags that pop up from time to time. A quick dab of black paint will probably fix it.

Overall this is a pretty solid representation of CM Punk. The head sculpt is a tad soft, but some of that just seems to part of the Mattel style for these figures. He has a smirking grimace which I’m not a huge fan of, but it fits Punk.


The difference between Elite and Basic figures is the amount of articulation. Punk has a fair amount of articulation with double knees, ball neck, torso hinge and a strange set of leg joints that are sort of balls. There are the normal assortment of hinges and swivels as well.

Punk’s large knee pads sort of render the double jointed knees usesless, but that’s an issue with the pads, not the articulation itself. For the most part he moves pretty well.

I would have loved double jointed elbows on the Elite figures, because it could have opened up some better movement. CM Punk can’t really perform his Anaconda Vice with the current limitations.

All the Elites are pretty much the same. You either love them or you don’t. I think they’re a pretty solid mix for a wrestling figure. Not perfect, but definitely a great standard.


You get more accessories with the Elites than the Basics (which typically have none) so it’s always nice to have useful ones. CM Punk feels fairly decent in the accessories department.

He has a pair of clippers from his time when he was shaving people’s heads. He did this as part of his gimmick to get people into the Flock Straight Edge Society. They’re nicely sculpted, but lack any real paint detail.

He also gets a t-shirt, which is a nice little bonus. Mattel has said they are going to be cutting back on soft goods in future assortments. Hopefully this means more useful weapons such as chairs and tables will be included.

You also get the standard WWE stand. They’ve stopped including these altogether to help keep costs low. I have a few grievances with that, but whatever.


At $16 (even more at some places!) the WWE Elite line is one that I struggle with. I think the toys are good and the general quality is pretty acceptable, but it’s still expensive. I really wish Mattel could figure out a way to either pack in more accessories or get the price down a couple of bucks.

Score Recap:

Packaging – 7

Sculpting – 7

Paint – 7

Articulation – 8

Accessories – Clippers, T-shirt, Stand

Value – 7

Overall – 7 out of 10

Punk ends up a few notches below my last WWE Elite figure review, mostly because of the minor QC error. He’s a pretty good figure and a few different color variations have been released. If you like CM Punk, this isn’t a bad one to have in your collection.

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  • Rexplode says:

    This guy's got a lot of personality to him, especially in the face. I like that smirk!

    I'm not a wrestling fan but there have been several figures, especially some based on older wrestlers, that I've been tempted by lately.
    That's the sign of a good toy!

  • I'll be reviewing a few legends hopefully soon. I really like the line in general, but it has some typical Mattel issues… QC and price.

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