WWE Elite Series 6
7 Inch Scale
By: Mattel

“Just how disturbed are you?”

“I prefer unique. Georgia Rule, 2007”

A lot of people associate Goldust with the “Attitude” era of wrestling, where everything was over the top and outrageous. Truth be told, Goldust actually debuted in 1995, several years before the Attitude era was in full swing. His character was so unique at the time and to this day remains one of the most memorable characters. Goldust is often mistaken for a simple “gay” character as well, but that’s hardly what he was.

In many ways there had been erogenous and homo-erotic characters before in wrestling, guys like Adrian Street and Adrian Adonis. Even Brutus Beefcake’s original gimmick, was walking the fine line between gay stereotype and tough guy. What made Goldust so different was that he truly embraced the character in a way that had never been done before.

Armed with promos laced with old film quotes, the absolutely drop dead sexy Marlena and a crazy gold bodysuit, facepaint and women’s wig… Goldust really freaked me out when he debuted. He was unlike anything pro-wrestling had ever seen before and in all honesty, I’m not certain we’ve seen much like him since. What makes Goldust really amazing is that he’s reinvented himself dozens of times, as a total whackjob in the Attitude era, as a hilarious comedy guy with Booker T and more recently as a decent midcard act.

At several points during his career, Goldust was a World Champion material guy. He never quite got the push to Champion, but he could face the World Champion and it seemed like he could win. These days he’s treated more like a jobber than anything, but Goldust is in better physical condition now than he’s been in years and I’d love to see WWE invest a little time into the Bizarre One again. Underneath all that makeup is Dustin Rhodes, son of NWA/WCW stalwart and Hall of Famer, Dusty Rhodes. Goldust finally gets the Hollywood treatment in Mattel’s Elite Series 6.

“You will never forget the name of….SHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh-ooooooo ACK GOLDUST!”

Mattel’s WWE Elite packaging is an odd shaped box with a see-through window on the front and a smaller one on the back. It’s not a terrible piece of packaging, but it doesn’t inspire much in me. There is a great photo of Goldust on the front which is repeated on the back. The window allows you to see in on some of the details of the figure contained inside.

The back of the box gives off a few stats and shows off the rest of the series. There is also a “Did you know” section, that mentions an older moment in Goldust’s history. This one is about his time in the Attitude era as the “Artist Formerly Known As Goldust”. That was an era that saw Goldust in bondage and such, I’m not certain I would be talking about that on a kid’s toy, but hey what do I know?

There are some really nice aspects of this figure and some not so great parts as well. Goldust has had numerous figures throughout the years and some have definitely been better than others. This one I would say is on the higher end, but perhaps not the best of the figures.

For starters there is the robe. I applaud Mattel for including a robe and wig, because they are essential parts of the Goldust entrance attire. Unfortunately Mattel decided to craft his robe out of rubber. The rubber here is not pliable at all. It’s almost hard rubber. You can’t move Goldust at all in this and you can barely get him out of it. I suspect once anyone takes this off, they’re never going to put it back on. I know that’s the case with me.

Just before Goldust returned to WWE a few years ago, he spent a year or so in TNA and reinvented himself as “Black Reign”, who was basically a more evil and demented version of Goldust. He seemed to find his passion again in TNA and when he returned to WWE, his attire was similar to his TNA garb. There is more black here than gold. It’s a cool attire, but I can’t help but hope we get a golder more classic attire down the line. Mattel released a basic Goldust that had a more gold getup than this one.

There are some nice details on the outfit overall, especially the “Goldust” on the back of his tights. It fits well and has a nice golden glow to it. It really makes him stand out on the shelf. The gold and black coloration is nice throughout and I found no slop or anything on mine.

My one real complaint would be that the back of Goldust’s neck isn’t painted gold. The same for the back of his head. This is something that Goldust has done from time to time, but his iconic look has his full neck painted. It really makes me want to paint the back of his neck. The hair I’m not so worried about, because Goldust has left parts of his hair unpainted (although originally it was all painted up) but the neck just looks awkward.

As it pertains to head sculpts, Mattel is still struggling to catch up to Jakks. Goldust does have a pretty good head sculpt, but there have been plenty of Jakks Goldust figures with better headsculpts. It’s still not a bad sculpt, though.

Goldust is in pretty great shape these days, but it wouldn’t have been bad to have a slightly pudgier body on him. Of course Mattel doesn’t really have a “chunky” body and Goldie is pretty trim as of late, so I guess it’s a moot point. This body does feel a tad too in-shape for my liking, but it’s certainly not a deal breaker.

The difference between Elite and Basic figures is the amount of articulation. Goldust has a fair amount of articulation with double knees, ball neck, torso hinge and a strange set of leg joints that are sort of balls. There are the normal assortment of hinges and swivels as well.

You can hit a lot of the patented moves like the Golden Globes (or Shattered Dreams if you prefer) and for the most part the legs move okay. There is still a fair amount on controversy between collectors on which legs have more movement, the Basic or the Elite. Certainly the Elite look to have more movement, but often the joints can be so stuck that they hardly move. It’s really pretty random, so your mileage may vary.

I enjoy the extra movement in the Elite range, but I do wish it was a bit more fluid. It can be finicky at times. Toy Biz really still has the best range of motion in their TNA figure line to date. Of course those figures suffered from having the ugly Toy Biz joints, so these figures certainly have more form and function overall.

I really didn’t have too many issues trying to put Goldust into any of his patented moves or holds. That, to me, is the test of a good wrestling figure. This Mattel Elite Goldust passed with flying colors.

You get more accessories with the Elites than the Basics (which typically have none) so it’s always nice to have useful ones. Goldust fares okay, but he could be a bit better. For starters he has the stand, which stopped being included shortly after this.

I don’t think you really need the stand, but if you like it, so be it. It does make him display well. Of course since they stopped making stands after a while, it leaves you unable to make a complete collection on the stands. Essentially making this a pointless inclusion in the long run.

The robe as I mentioned above is nicely detailed, but absolutely useless. It’s such a hard rubber that it can stand up by itself.

That leaves us with only the wig as being a useful accessory. It’s a nice rubber wig, it fits well and it can be removed with no issues. One out of three ain’t so bad, right?

This is where Mattel’s WWE line struggles a bit. These guys can run over $17 depending on where you purchase them. If you can score Goldust for about $14.99 he’s not a bad value. After that, he begins to lose some of his charm. If his accessories were useful, this would definitely up the value some, but unfortunately with the robe and stand basically being useless pieces of rubber/plastic it can’t help him too much.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 7
Paint – 8
Articulation – 9
Accessories – Rubber Robe, Wig, Stand
Value – 7
Overall – 8 out of 10

It’s great that Mattel was able to crank out a Goldust figure in both the Basic and Elite line, as Goldust isn’t getting a ton of TV time these days. Goldust is one of the all time great gimmicks and truly an underrated worker throughout the years. Hopefully this isn’t the last Goldust figure to come out from Mattel. While it’s definitely not the best Goldie figure, it’s one of the more solid efforts from any company.

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  • Elhay says:

    Excellent review!
    Unfortunately, as you said, Mattel is still trying to catch up with Jakks in terms of the head scanning.
    Their scans are OK and the likeness is there most of the times (obviously not in Natalia, Swagger, Edge and Triple H), however, the Jakks are Hot Toys/NECA quality in terms of details, accuracy and they simply look more animated to me.
    Please make your next review a Jakks TNA figure

  • I do plan on reviewing some new TNA figures in the weeks ahead, as well as some more WWE Elites.

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