UFC Series 5 – PRIDE
Rampage Jackson
7 Inch Scale
By: Jakks Pacific

MMA owes a lot of it’s popularity to Japanese pro wrestling, specifically wrestlers like Antonio Inoki. Inoki was doing MMA before there was MMA and his influence over the Japanese wrestling market eventually gave way to many pro wrestling promotions that were basically early MMA. One of those led to the creation of Japan’s equivalent of the UFC, called PRIDE. In all actuality, PRIDE was much bigger than UFC and much more successful at it’s peak. Eventually because of a variety of issues, including but not limited to allegations of dealing with the Yakuza, PRIDE was “merged” with the UFC.

UFC much like WWE before it with WCW, bought the assets of the company, traded over the best fighters that were willing to work for UFC’s smaller paydays and basically folded up shop. Overnight UFC simply destroyed a multi-million dollar company, rather than keep it alive and use it as a separate league. The only good thing that did come out of the UFC buyout of PRIDE, is that Jakks Pacific got to make “PRIDE” figures in their popular UFC toy brand. It’s not a separate line, just every now and again a PRIDE figure is released in the regular UFC line.

Today we’re looking at one of PRIDE’s big stars from his 2004 Critical Countdown bout with Ricardo Arona. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson of course has become famous in the United States not only as a UFC fighter and multi-time champion, but also for playing the Mr.T role of B.A. Baracus in the 2010 A-Team feature film.

The packaging is largely the same as the standard UFC figures, except this one is adorned with PRIDE logos and graphics. It’s actually a much nicer package in my view than the regular UFC figures. PRIDE was very bright and colorful and the Japanese flair always managed to make everything seem more epic.

The back of the box gives off a few stats and shows off the prototype of the figure. As I mentioned in my last UFC review, the back of the package proto here is quite a bit different than the final figure. For starters, he’s shown with the open hands on the back, but he actually comes with fists. Perhaps the biggest issue though, is that he’s shown with his trademark chain and that sadly, is not included here.

The side of the box shows off his name and country of origin flag. It’s nice that they do this, although particularly with the PRIDE figures, it’d be a lot more interesting if they had some of the more international talent. We’re seeing a ton of US figures and for the Japanese promotion, that’s a tad disappointing.

This is a really great sculpt and looks a lot like Rampage Jackson. It’s a bit hard to capture the slightly odd shape of Rampage’s head, but Jakks managed to do it. The sculpting is great in many areas, but the paintwork does fall apart a bit.

The head of course is a little big for the body. It doesn’t seem as big as others, but it’s definitely a little on the large side. This is par for the course with Jakks’ lines. I’m okay with that because I’ve grown used to it and Rampage wears it well. Given the choice between an oversized head or a pinhead, I’ll take oversized.

The body sculpt used here is pretty good for Rampage, although it’s actually more cut than Jackson was at the time. The outfit and gear are all nice, with the proper gloves and wrist tape used at the event. The shorts look particularly good with a camouflage design and also various company logos on them. It doesn’t have all the logos, but it actually has most of the ones from the event.

That’s definitely a nice touch, although I did notice that the S on the Sherdog design was already nearly completely rubbed off of mine right out of the package. That’s one of many paint QC disappointments. The plastic material for the shorts is a plus, though, with a very realistic feel to them.

There are a lot of minor paint applications and tampos throughout, which are no doubt tough to replicate and that has to be commended. There is some slop however and the eyes on mine are a little wonky. That seems to be an occurring theme with these UFC figures. The little things like PRIDE logos on the gloves and such are quite well done. As are for the most part, the tattoos.

The one tattoo that really suffers is the RAMPAGE tattoo on Jackson’s arm. I don’t know how this happened, but the letters are really out of alignment. Originally I thought that P was just off because it has been placed on the joint mechanism, but actually so is the corner of the M. Meaning that it’s impossible in any position for the RAMPAGE tattoo to be aligned correctly.

On the plus side there is a ton of sculpted detail on the feet. I’m not a big fan of MMA with bare feet, but that’s how he fought so that’s replicated here. I’ll probably be swapping some boot feet onto him. The real issue with these feet is that they’re small (although to scale) and that means he has a tendency to fall over. Big head + small feet = Not the most stable of figures.

Not all UFC figures feature the same articulation. For the most part yes, but there’s still some changes depending on the figures and the outfits that they’re wearing.

A perfect example of this is the cut underneath the shorts that Rampage has, but Mark Coleman did not. Since Coleman was wearing skin tight spandex shorts and Rampage has baggy ones, Rampage is allowed an extra cut to be hidden underneath. It doesn’t add much posing, since there’s already a ball at the hip which allow the same swivel, but it is a noteworthy addition.

Beyond that, it’s mostly the same as we’ve covered before. These UFC figures pack in a lot of articulation for plenty of bone crushing, high impact moves… Or you could have them do a bunch of boring MMA holds! HEYoooo!

All of the articulation is loose and moveable, but not floppy. Sometimes Jakks figures do become loose over time, but it’s nice to definitely feel like you can pose this guy without fear of breaking him. A lot of figures that come with articulation these days, make you boil, freeze or pop joints in fear of breaking them. However it might be nicer if the feet joints were a lot tighter, to help prevent them from wanting to fall over.


Coming with nothing makes Rampage mad… VERY MAD! Seriously, he should have come with his chain. The prototype is SHOWN with it and it’s a cheap accessory to include. Many MMA fighters have nothing interesting or of note about them, making accessories hard to include. Rampage Jackson is known for wearing the big chain around his neck and Jakks should have included it.

At $9 in most stores, this figure still stands out as a pretty good value. Certainly the paintwork QC is a little off here and there, but it’s still a toy that costs under $10 and it’s 7 inches and super poseable. Compare that to a DCUC and you’ll find that these figures pack a pretty darn good bang for their buck.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 8
Sculpting – 8
Paint – 5
Articulation – 9
Accessories – NOTHING
Value – 7
Overall – 8 out of 10

Rampage Jackson arguably has more issues than Mark Coleman, whom I reviewed last week, yet he has a higher score… Why? Well, it boils down to the fact that Rampage has more issues because he has more going on. Ultimately even with the minor flaws, the figure is better, the likeness is sharper, the packaging is spiffier and he’s just a lot more fun. Did I mention that he pities the fool?

4 Responses to Figure Review: UFC/PRIDE – Rampage Jackson

  • kngfu says:

    I just picked up the Lyoto Machida UFC figure for $4.85 on clearance at target last week, and he is great. I wish Rampage was on sale too.

  • Mecha-Shiva says:

    Never watched any of these mma thingies but I'd get a Don Frye to mod into Final Fight Haggar or swap his head to make his Godzilla Final wars character.

  • Haha, I have a review of Frye coming up soon… And I purchased him for the same reason. More or less. Frye basically IS Haggar/Colonel Gordon in real life anyway. In fact this was going to be a review of him, but I decided to do Rampage instead because he's more well known.

  • The one with the belt? I picked him up as well (though not from Target) and plan on reviewing him sooner or later. There weren't a lot of new toys I was interested in, so I started getting these UFC guys.

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