TNA Wrestling (Deluxe Impact Series 3)

Kevin Nash

7.5 Inch Scale

By: Jakks Pacific


The wrestling business is a very strange place. Kevin Nash, as an example, is a largely selfish, lazy and generally bad performer… Yet he’s managed to be a top level guy for nearly 20 years. He’s the longest reigning WWF champion of the 90’s with reigns longer than Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels or Stone Cold Steve Austin. He was a founding member of the nWo, the hottest wrestling angle in the history of wrestling AND he was the first person to beat Bill Goldberg.

In TNA, Nash helped out by lending some star power to the early days and spent his last few years in an elder statesman role where he was used more often outside the ring than in it. WWE fans would often point to Nash as one of the reasons that “TNA sucked”, and laughed it up.

The joke is of course now on them, as WWE not only just signed Kevin Nash back, but injected him into the main event putting him over internet favorite, CM Punk. Say what you will about TNA, but at least they knew to use Nash as a secondary character. Jakks produced a few Nash figures for TNA and given that Kevin actually had a handful of decent matches in TNA, I’m glad to have a figure of him. In fact this might be my favorite figure of Nash to date, because I am a fan of his older look.

Is this Big Sexy worth your time? Let’s take a look and see.


I quite like the packages for these figures, with a big splash of red and some good silver highlights. This reflects the six sided ring that TNA used for many years as well. It’s a clever, if not slightly dated look. Nash is pictured on the side in his Main Event Mafia suit look.

The back of the package shows off the other figures in the series as well as advertises a ring. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure if this ring has ever truly come out. The back is okay, but some details about Nash’s time in TNA would be great. Then again, Jakks has been known to bungle those sort of factoids in the past.


Jakks is known for reusing parts and that’s definitely going on here as well. If you’ve owned a few of their Deluxe Impact (or Deluxe Aggression when they were WWE) figures then you probably have seen most these parts before. For the most part they work quite well.

Nash has his TNA era look and it also reflects the way Nash has looked since the end of WCW. Kevin used to wear really cool black leather pants with fringe on the side, but for some reason he just stopped wearing them. It’s a shame because he looked much better in his old style pants.

This is one of the first figures to feature Nash’s full tattoos and they’re done quite nicely. They look quite good and are full color. It’s great to get that kind of detail at this pricepoint.

The only thing that’s really missing is his wrist tape. Nash pretty much always wore white wrist tape in TNA, although I suppose there was a time or two he didn’t. It’s a minor issue, to be honest.

Scale is an issue with Jakks in general, but Nash sort of works, depending on what you collect. Nash here works great with RI (RA) style figures. They tend to be a little smaller and he’s a little bigger. Making him about the right height. He would also be decent with current Mattel WWE figures, for the most part.

However if you compare him to fellow DI figures, he’s a bit short. Again, Jakks doesn’t do scale. So that’s a disappointment. Nash is supposed to be right at 7 foot tall. Here he’s a tad shorter than Brutus Beefcake. D’oh!

Jakks’ head sculpts are still generally quite a bit better than Mattel’s. Nash here has a pretty darn accurate head scan and I like it a lot. However, I will admit it does seem a tad soft. Nash actually complained that Jakks just reused his previous figures for new TNA figures, but that’s actually a complete lie. Nash is just an idiot and doesn’t know what he’s talking about. This is a new scan and a good one.


The articulation here is really great. It’s one of the advantages that Jakks is putting out in their TNA figures, in comparison to Mattel’s WWE toys. You get deluxe articulation at a basic price.

Nash is really poseable. Heck, way more poseable than the real man is at this point. At least without blowing out a quad.

This means you can pose him all sorts of wrestling positions. That’s really important when it comes to wrestling figures. You really have to be able to PLAY with them. Nash can hit all his key moves. Which is only like 3 (but they all hurt!) so that’s nice.

I have few complaints about the articulation.


Big Sexy comes with a removable elbow pad. Yeah, that’s it.


These guys were originally about $9. TNA have sort of unofficially changed their name to Impact Wrestling (more of a branding change than name change) and that’s pushed the TNA figures back a bit. Ultimately what that means is that the figures are currently being removed from Target’s toy aisle and will return in the next reset. So if you look around you may be able to find a few of these dudes on clearance. When they return in the fall, don’t expect to find Kevin Nash, though. He’s off to WWEland!

Score Recap:

Packaging – 8

Sculpting – 8

Paint – 8

Articulation – 8

Accessories – Elbow Pad

Value – 7

Overall – 8 out of 10

Nash is hardly a perfect figure, but there’s more good here than there is bad. It’s hard to complain much at the price. The head sculpt could be a tad less soft and the figure isn’t in scale with his own series very much, but that’s par for the course here. He’s a fun guy to have to battle with Mattel’s WWE line or a classic Hulk Hogan, so it’s worth it for that alone.

10 Responses to Figure Review: TNA Wrestling Kevin Nash

  • Elhay says:

    I absolutely 100% agree with you, Nash is just a gold digger and clearly past his prime.
    TNA pretty much knew how to make the best of him and keep him mostly for storyline purposes.
    I'm not surprised that WWE has agreed to take him back since their superstars roster seems rather anemic lately.
    As far as the figure goes- Jakks pretty much did a fabulous job on this one and for the price you were able to get him, I'd say you got your money's worth.
    Thank you for reviewing him

  • Axel says:

    Wasn't Yokozuna the longest reigning WWF champion of the 90ies?

  • BANE says:

    The WWE bias again raises it´s head here…

  • Mecha-Shiva says:

    Wasn't he Super-Shredder in tmnt 2?

  • Nope, Nash was. In fact Nash still remains one of the longest reigning "modern" champions. He'd still be the longest reigning modern champion, but Cena managed to beat him out a couple years ago during one of his endless reigns.

  • Not really sure what you mean, to be honest. There's very little mention of WWE here and it's more a condemnation of the fans than anything.

  • Indeed he was.

  • Thanks man.

  • Axel says:

    I forgot about the Hogan run between Yoko's reigns. It took 3 months off the total. My bad. Should've known, saw them on live tv.
    I don't take Cena's reigns serious, though.

  • Zach S. says:

    I dunno…the unnatural proportions and giant heads make the Jakks stuff a pass for me. The Mattel Legends figures are where its at…and now that Nash is back with WWE we might get a figure somewhere down the line.

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