Sci-Fi Revoltech #007
4 Inch Scale
By: Kaiyodo
$40 (price varies)

On the second day of the 12 Days of Gamera we take a look at Gamera’s arch nemesis and most recurring villain. Gyaos first appeared in the 1967 film titled, Gamera versus Gyaos. He would eventually reappear in several forms throughout the years, leading to the 1995 showdown in Gamera: Guardian of the Universe, which is what this toy reflects.

The original Gyaos character was not so closely tied to Gamera, however when Shusuke Kaneko rebooted the franchise in 1995, he made it so that Gamera and Gyaos were mortal enemies. It was a perfect fit, given that the two monsters had clashed more times than any other. Kaneko also added in the element of many Gyaos, allowing for what would be a constant struggle with the creatures.

Revoltech released this figure in 2010 in conjunction with Gamera from the same film. The result is essentially getting two great figures ready to do battle. Technically this is “Super Gyaos” as Gyaos got bigger through the film, via eating his own relatives. Nasty guy, that Gyaos is.

You’ve got the same nice packaging here that we saw on Gamera. As I said yesterday, the packages reflect the idea that these are not children’s toys. They’re collectibles made for an adult audience. These could be displayed nicely.

I actually like this box better than Gamera’s. There was something a bit off on the cover art used on the Gamera figure, but the Gyaos one just looks super sharp. Gyaos is sort of a strange design for a creature, but I like this angle used.

The box opens and the inner sleeve has some nice movie photos. As well as presumably some details about Gyaos. That’s just a guess though, I don’t read Japanese. One of these days, maybe.

Gyaos wingspan is so massive that one of the wings is packed separately. Once again, everything is carefully packed and this bad boy came to me all the way from Japan, but nothing was shuffled out of place. There’s only one twist-tie and it’s got that rubber tubing to protect it, just like Gamera. There’s also some plastic sleeves to protect the figure’s paint.

Gyaos is a hard “bird” to capture in plastic form. The Trendmasters Gyaos was off model and often Gyaos art doesn’t quite peg him down. Thankfully, Revoltech delivers yet again.

Once again Matsumura Shinobu does the sculpting and is able to capture all the nuances in Gyaos’ sculpt. In the film, Gyaos was a combination of puppets, suits, props and CGI. It’s tough to be able to make a single toy look like all those incarnations, but somehow Revoltech has delivered. Once again, the head is an area where the sculpting really shines through.

The exhaustive amount of ridges and ripples on the sculpt are incredible. Likewise, there’s a ton of paint applications here. As with Gamera, it’s hard to notice them all because they tend to all be a reddish-brown hue, but upon closer inspection, you can really come to appreciate the work put in here.

The wings are just wonderful, with lots of detail and sculpting all over.

Gyaos Patented Pose!

There are some interesting little tidbits, such as a rubber piece under the neck, which allow you to pose Gyaos head in various positions and you never see the joints or does he look out of place. It’s really a testament to the sculpt and design.

He also looks great with the Konami Gashapon Gyaos laser blast. Sadly this Gyaos figure did not come with one. I’m not sure why he didn’t get his ultrasonic laser beam cutter.

Scale wise, I guess he’s okay. Gyaos is supposed to be 88 meters or about 26 feet bigger than Gamera. He seems particularly larger though, due to the wings and long legs.

He’s actually not too much smaller than my Bandai Vinyl Hyper Gyaos, but he’s much less bulky. That is to say, he’s actually a much better Gyaos proportion.

Revoltech’s infamous revolver joint is hard to understand for the uninitiated, but here’s a diagram on how it works. Basically you get a swivel in two places, and a clicky hinge that goes 180 degrees or so, depending on the sculpt surrounding the joint. All Revoltech joints are “plugs” which basically means that the joint can be removed from the sculpt.

Gyaos is absolutely loaded down with Revoltech joints, but they are really well hidden thanks to his design. He has around 14 Revoltech joints, including three in each arm, giving you a wide range of motion. He’s also able to stretch out flat, so you can do flying poses.

Gyaos can open his tail in the films, sort of like Titanosaurus and this is replicated in the figure form as well. It doesn’t open very wide, but it does open.

The legs have Revoltech joints at the hips, which are mildly hindered because of the sculpt, as well as Revoltech joints at the knees. The lower half of the legs and the ankles are simple hinges, which is probably for the best.

The range of motion in the wings/arms is the most impressive though. It’s really incredible what they have been able to do on these figures and much like Gamera, I don’t have any of the issues I’ve had with previous Revoltechs. These guys movie easily and gracefully.

The one area where Gyaos comes up a bit short is the accessories. The lack of the beam is a bit disturbing and I would have loved to see like his nest or something from the film. We do get a stand, but it’s one of those largely useless Revoltech stands.

You get the stand, a nameplate, the orange box and token and his only really good accessory, a mini Gyaos bird. The mini version also has a nice clear stand.

The detail and paint work on the mini Gyaos is really top notch. It’s better than some full size figures I own!

This is supposed to reflect some of the smaller Gyaos from earlier in the film. Although it could also be used as a Gyaos from far away. Personally I want a small army of Gyaos figures, but sadly, only have the one at the moment… So the mini one helps out in the meantime.

He’s pretty terrific, but it still feels a bit weak to only have a few accessories and that stand is pretty crappy. You might as well just spring for a Tamashii Act stand. I wish Revoltech would work something out so they could have their figures come with those stands instead or at least a nice clone of them.


I can’t help but think the nameplates would be better on a stand of some sort too, but I guess it’s a moot point since it’s in Japanese anyway.

As always, these guys are a bit expensive. I’m listing the price at around $40, but honestly he’s only around $30ish if you know where to shop. The problem is that with shipping, you’re going to be in for at least $40. Also, don’t be fooled and order from an American site, unless they are having a huge sale. It’s almost always cheaper to just actually import the figure. Many stores overcharge for the imports and then you still have to pay shipping anyway. Just bite the bullet and order from a Japanese site.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 9
Sculpting – 9
Paint – 9
Articulation – 9
Accessories – Stand, Box, Mini-Gyaos w/Stand
Value – 7
Overall – 8 out of 10

Gyaos takes a bit of hit because he just doesn’t include much. The lack of accessories is what knocks his score down a bit, even if there are some elements to him that are more sophisticated than those on Gamera.

He’s still a fantastic figure, though and my biggest regret is not ordering a bushel of these guys (yes a bushel) a year or so ago when a Japanese site had them on sale for $20!

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  • Mecha-Shiva says:

    I just noticed why Revoltech joints annoy me,its the same joint as the marvel legends ball hip joints but it's all over the figure,where it goes against instinct to pose them by rotating to find the swivel part.Figure looks great,hopefully we get to have Gamera the Brave's bad guy.

  • That would be awesome. He's such a killer design.

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