Sci-Fi Revoltech #027
Gyaos 1967
5 Inch Scale
By: Kaiyodo
$40 (price varies)

Just as it did with the first Heisei version of Gamera, Kaiyodo followed up it’s 1967 version of the character with the 1967 version of Gyaos. Gamera versus Gyaos was the third Gamera film for Daei and was really the beginning of some of their better efforts. Gyaos is unique in that he appears twice in the Showa series, once in this form and later repainted as “Space Gyaos”. Of course he shows up a few other times via stock footage.

The original Gyaos was weakened by the sun, an interesting plot that the original film had. Gamera’s early Showa films often focused on unique elements, such as the effects of different elements on the creatures. Of course, because he’s a monster, he shoots lasers from his mouth.

Obviously this figure goes great with the Showa Revoltech Gamera and I can’t imagine anyone not buying both of them together. However, you could easily have this version of Gyaos do battle with a modern Gamera as well. His design is quite a bit different than the modern Gyaos. So does this figure fare better than it’s predecessor? It’s time to find out!

Revoltechs are treated like higher end collectibles. These guys come in nice packages, like something from Sideshow Toys might. They have really awesome boxes that are great for display, but you already know that by now.

The Gyaos box is nice, but not particularly more impressive than any of the others.

The inside panel has the usual assortment of movie stills and info in Japanese.

Gyaos always buckes up for safety and you should too!

Sculptor Matsumura Shinobu has done another outstanding job crafting this figure. It looks exactly as Gyaos did in the film, while giving him that certain edge that helps avoid him looking too cheesy or like a man in a suit. This is definitely a depiction of Gyaos as a real monster.

The original 1995 Gyaos Revoltech had sort of leathery wings that allowed you to pose them in a variety of ways without losing the design. This figure also has leathery wings as well as some leathery torso pieces. However, it’s not as poseable. The design of the character is more of a hinderance in that sense.

They’re actually around the same size, but the 67′ Gyaos is more straight up and down. That’s because his design is much more of a man in a suit than the later version where he seems more dinosaur-like.

There’s some great sculpting in his armadillo inspired back plates. There’s less overall detail here than the Heisei incarnation, but again, that’s par for the course in the era. There’s some nice highlights and wash throughout, to help him stand out on the shelf and not just be super dull.

For whatever reason, I’ve always loved Gyaos face. I’m really impressed with how nice it looks in this figure.

He comes with an extra foot that pops apart, that you can use to replicate the scene from the film where Gamera rips his foot off. Or rather, Gyaos rips his own foot off trying to get away from Gamera. It’s kind of hard to get the foot into one whole piece, but I suppose you don’t really need it to be a full foot anyway as that’s what the regular foot is for!

There’s a little bit of blood and it’s sculpted pretty neat.

He looks like Gyaos from every angle.

Overall he’s very solid in the paint and sculpt department. No surprise there, honestly.

Oddly enough, Gyaos suffers a bit in the articulation department. You’d think he’d do better than Gamera, but he’s fairly stiff. His character design just doesn’t allow him much movement.

His wings move, but not as fluidly as the previous Gyaos. The wings are thicker and because of his chest, they don’t really turn like the other Gyaos. His legs are in a similar position and although they did make his crotch piece out of a softer material, you still can’t get a ton of poses there.

The feet and ankles do have a pretty nice range for in flight posing and the removable foot pops off with no real issues.

Gyaos comes with a nice assortment of stuff and thankfully unlike the previous version, he does have his laser breath.

You get a stand, the name plate, orange box, laser, eaten foot, mini Gamera in flight and the destroyed Jet plane. Not to mention the Revoltech flight stand. It’s pretty neat how it works by plugging into the butt of Gyaos, but it’s still kind of clunky and an eyesore.


In the movie Gyaos uses his laser beam breath to cut through a plane like a hot knife through butter. They’ve included a small to scale plane so that you can recreate the scene.

The laser beam itself is pretty nice too, although not amazing.

You can shoot Gamera with it… So that’s a plus!


The coolest accessory is the small flying Gamera.

It’s got a great sculpt and paint work for such a tiny item.

Great for forced perspective kind of shots…

Or to chase the mini Gyaos that came with the Modern Gyaos figure.

If you’re a classic Showa Gamera fan, Gyaos is a pretty important villain. That said, this figure is the weakest of the Gamera Revoltechs in my mind. Yes, he’s 100% accurate and a really spiffy figure, but his design hinders some of his articulation. He’s worth having, but he’s not worth breaking the bank to get.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 8
Sculpting – 7
Paint – 8
Articulation – 7
Accessories – Laser, Jet Plane, Orange Box, Name Plate, Flight Stand, Injured Foot, Mini Gamera
Value – 7
Overall – 7.5 out of 10

Despite a few issues and the lowest score of the Gamera Revoltechs, this is still a very solid figure. He’s just not as poseable as one might would like him to be. However I can’t complain too much, as I love adding another bad guy to the Gamera rogues gallery.

Plus any figure that allows you to do this, can’t be too bad!

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