Sci-Fi Revoltech #026
Gamera 1967
5 Inch Scale
By: Kaiyodo
$40 (price varies)

Today marks the first day of Hanukkah, also known as the Festival of Lights and it’s also the 8th day in the 12 Days of Gamera! For the rest of the days of Gamera, the famous green turtle will be lighting the letters in his name. It’s gonna be four more crazy nights of Gamera! The Festival of fire, if you will!

I’d be lying if I wasn’t shocked when Kaiyodo first announced these 1967 versions of their famous Gamera monsters. I wasn’t sure if the Gamera would be as cool as the Modern Gamera version. But sometimes I’m an idiot!

This Gamera figure kicks all kinds of ass. In fact it’s even BETTER than the other Revoltech Gamera. As much as I raved about that figure, to be even better is a tall order of business. Somehow Revoltech delivers again and this is one figure that any classic Gamera fan should rush to have as part of their collection! This guy can do everything!

Revoltechs are treated like higher end collectibles. These guys come in nice packages, like something from Sideshow Toys might. They have really awesome boxes that are great for display.

The box has a great little image of the figure on it, as well as a back with a ton of Japanese language explaining some of the features. It should be noted that those are really the only “instructions” for the figure, but thankfully the photos can help you figure out how to transform him. Yeah, he’s got some Transformer-like qualities!

There’s also a crapload of info about the film, I presume. Along with some photos. I don’t read Japanese, this could be saying how Americans are dumb for all I know… But I doubt it.

Once again, Gamera is wrapped up nice and snug inside with rubber tubing covering the twist ties. He also has a lot of plastic and a extra bubble protecting his flight fire. It’s really well done. These are the things that make paying a little extra for a figure like this, worth it in my view.

I suspect Kaiyodo chose the 1967 version of Gamera to be their “classic” Gamera figure because he’s sort of the perfect Showa Gamera design. Gamera really did not seem to change his look from film to film as drastically as Godzilla did, so this is a perfect catch-all classic Gamera.

Obviously there isn’t as much detail on the classic Gamera as there was, say the modern one. However, Matsumura Shinobu has outdone himself again making this Gamera look as fierce as the classic kaiju design will allow. He really looks fantastic, head to tail. He’s made a bit different than the other Gamera and he’s numbered exactly 20 figures away in the lineup from his first Gamera, so I think they have perfected it by this point in terms of design.

The shell’s patented shingle look is perfectly recreated with each one having a ton of intricate detail on it. There’s a nice paint to the whole thing, including some highlights, but it’s nothing overly impressive. The simpler design of course is accurate to the era, so it’s not like they didn’t put in a ton of paint to be cheap… There’s just less to paint in general.

Gamera looks great from every angle and the Revoltech joints are even more hidden this time around. The joints just disappear pretty seamlessly into the sculpt. Gamera’s dark grey color also helps to hide them a bit better than the green of the modern Gamera. Mine does have a small paint scuff on the face, but it’s very tiny and might could be scrapped off.

Gamera Leap Frog?!

He’s also considerably bigger than the other Revoltech Gamera. By at least a good ince or so. This makes me wonder if that original Revoltech Gamera wasn’t sclaed wrong for some reason. I think they knew the modern designs would tend to be bigger and perhaps to keep everyone in scale, they shrunk the figures a bit? I don’t know…

Remember the old Head Dropping, Storage Shell and Mutatin’ Ninja Turtles figures? Well Gamera has something in common with them. His chest opens so that you can pop his head off and put it in there. I have no idea why you’d store in there, but supposedly you can. The idea here is to remove his head for flight mode.

His hole neck comes out, since it’s on a Revoltech joint.

Then you plug in a new neck piece, which shows how Gamera looks with his head tucked in. I guess if you store his head on the inside, you can actually look in this hole and see his head. It’s a neat idea, actually, but I don’t need to be that authentic.

Then you pull the rest of the arms and legs off. Revoltech joints remove pretty easy and I am glad to report that I didn’t have any of the issues I’ve had in the past. These popped out with no problem and even when the sculpt removed from the joint (if you have owned a Revoltech you know what I mean) it wasn’t hard to remove the joint itself. No pliers needed!

You then remove the tail. The tail is on three Revoltech joints and it breaks down into three pieces (but you only need to remove the tip) and you take the smallest piece and plug it into the hole. Now Gamera has his tail tucked in for flight mode!

Then you plug in the jet flames however you want and Gamera is ready to fly!

On each of Gamera’s sides, there is a small piece that unplugs. This allows you to plug in the Revoltech stand. It’s a neat concept, although not really needed. I still hate the Revoltech stands.

But it’s a cool display option. Heck it makes me want to have a second Gamera just to display him this way!

The easily removable parts allows you to do a lot of fun things.


It’s pretty awesome what all you can do with this Gamera. He’s really able to do just about anything the real Gamera could. Wait, Gamera’s real? OF COURSE HE IS!

Revoltech’s infamous revolver joint is hard to understand for the uninitiated, but here’s a diagram on how it works. Basically you get a swivel in two places, and a clicky hinge that goes 180 degrees or so, depending on the sculpt surrounding the joint. All Revoltech joints are “plugs” which basically means that the joint can be removed from the sculpt.

Gamera has a few less joints than the last version, but his design is faithful to the Showa Gamera design. He has a standard hinge at his elbow instead of a Revoltech joint. I’m not sure if that’s better or worse to be honest, but it seems to function pretty swell, yeah swell… So I’ll just call it a wash.

This guy is super poseable. The other Gamera may be able to get a few more poses in some areas, but overall you won’t find much to complain about here. Perhaps his only weakness is that he can not turn his head left to right, at least not without lifting the Revoltech joint up and then it doesn’t look natural anymore. This is just part of the design.

He has a ton of articulation overall, though. Especially when you consider Gamera has typically only had very limited figures, often even worse than Godzilla, because of how the Showa design was. Which is a shame because Gamera was very acrobatic, in the Showa films, showing a great knowledge of wrestling and judo. So that can be recreated here, finally!

Gamera comes with a TON of stuff. The most of any Gamera Revoltech to date. It’s all really useful too, which is splendid!

You get a stand, the name plate, orange box, four jet streams, fire and the extra neck piece. Plus that Revoltech token that’s useless to me until I finally take a trip to Japan.


The jet streams are cool because each one is on it’s own Revoltech joint. Which means you can get some extra posing out of them. It’s not amazing or anything, but it’s cool none the less.

The sculpts on them are all identical. They have a semi-translucent frosted appearance, which adds to the design.

Only the Japanese would engineer a toy with a separate neck piece like this. I love you Japan!

The fire breath is perfectly accurate for the era. I really like it. It’s clean, simple and works well. I do wish he had some extra hands, like a punching and gripping hand, but we’ve got a lot of accessories here.

If you’re a classic Showa Gamera fan, you need this figure. It comes with everything you need to basically recreate any scene with Gamera. All of the extra accessories, plus the really cool flight mode options just put this guy over the top. Sure he’s expensive, but he’s really high quality and even higher fun!

Score Recap:
Packaging – 9
Sculpting – 9
Paint – 9
Articulation – 9
Accessories – 4 Jet Flames, Fire Breath, Stand, Name Plate, Orange Box, Alternate Neck
Value – 10
Overall – 10 out of 10

In the end I’m giving this guy the rare and coveted 10 out of 10! He’s just perfect. Plain and simple. I don’t know what more you could honestly want out of a Gamera figure. He’s very poseable, has tons of relevant accessories and he’s fun to play with.

I wasn’t certain that I was going to like this figure and I never imagined that I’d like him more than the other Revoltech Gamera. I was wrong. This guy is AWES to the OME. Keep on celebrating the 12 Days of Gamera with me, as we have more reviews all the way up until Christmas!

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