Revoltech Fraulein
Pocco (2004)
6 Inch Scale
By: Kaiyodo
$11.99 from

I’m not big on the “Sexy Anime Girl” genre of toys, even the tamest of them tend to make my skin go all crawly. I’ve watched my share of anime and have even enjoyed the majority of it but there’s just something about a small plastic version of these doe-eyed women that tends to gimme the willies.

I’ve seen this character before while looking at different Revoltech figures online, I had no idea who she was but thought she looked neat. After some very lazy research I found out that she’s based on a drawing done by Shunya Yamashita in a book called “Sweet Dreams”. Wikipedia says that he’s known for the ”beautiful expressions and entrancing eyes of his subjects” and that his work “ranges from classic fantasy to post apocalyptic futures”. Sounds pretty neat actually.

I ordered this little lady online a few weeks ago when I bought the Revoltech Toy Story 3 figures. She was on sale and, since I am a big fan of the few Revoltech figures I own, it seemed like a good deal on something I could talk about for good ‘ole As a bonus, I can chase my wife around the house with her making squishing noises!

Pocco comes in a well-constructed window box that’s reminiscent of other Revoltech packages. It’s not as elaborate as the boxes my Woody and Buzz came in and not nearly as big. I’m guessing this is a feature of the Fraulein line and meant to keep costs low.

The back of the box shows Pocco in several different poses and displays the multiple hands that she’s packaged with(more on these later). On the bottom left of the box is the original art that Pocco is based on, she’s hanging out with a little fuzzy critter that isn’t included (awwww).

There is also a lot of Japanese print but I’m far too lazy to translate it for you. It probably talks about her many run-ins with Jake the Tentacle Creature and his handsy cousins so in all likelihood I’ve done you a favor.

Inside the box, Pocco rests in a plastic tray that holds her and her gear securely with no twist ties or clips. Her stand is packaged underneath the tray along with a little bit of advertising paperwork. I love the way Revoltech figures are packaged and I really wish that some of the collector-focused lines in the US would switch to this method.

Pocco is sculpted out of slightly flexible PVC, it’s a material that does a good job of looking like exposed skin. This is a good thing because Pocco has a whole lot of that going on! Her overall appearance falls in that really strange zone between “Cute” and “Stacked” that so very many anime girls inhabit.

Believe it or not, the first things I noticed on Pocco were her cool goggles sitting on top of her head. Once I realized those were sculpted in place I admittedly noticed her, erm, well…. her boobs. You see, Pocco is basically wearing a painted-on white bikini that’s accessorized really well.

She’s got some great looking red boots that look to be folded down over themselves. They only cover her legs up to the knee but she also has a kind of sheathe that covers her left leg all the way to her thigh. It has a detailed black lace pattern that looks really nice.

Her arms are wrapped in sculpted lavender cloth all the way from shoulders to hands. The cloth looks almost loosely draped, leaving small sections of skin exposed. Her left arm has a wicked gauntlet attached to it that looks like it could do some serious damage while the right arm has a loop of excess cloth that hangs down.

Expanding on the “sexy” elements, Pocco is roccin a corset (I think it’s technically a cincher) about her bosom. It does a nice job of framing her assets and is actually very detailed. Check out those sculpted laces! She has a very cool belt that covers most of her crotchal region, I particularly love the scarf thing that is wrapped around the right side of her belt.

Pocco’s face is very cute, even beautiful in some ways. She has a nice girlish hairstyle that frames it very well and a blank, almost expectant, expression on it. Her goggles look awesome, so awesome that it makes me even sadder that they can’t come down over her eyes!

Lastly, Pocco has little metal wings that peg into a little assembly attached to her back. I’m not sure if these wings are functional or not, maybe she’s on her way to a Halloween party and she decided to go as a steam punk faerie. Either way, the wings are one of the coolest parts of the figure and they are sculpted with just enough detail that they look right at home.

Pocco is absolutely packed with revolver joints, the signature joint of Revoltech. These are unique connections that allow both pieces that peg onto the joint to spin, they also have a hinge within the joint. Because of all of these revolvers Pocco can get into all kinds of crazy poses.

Her arms in particular are very flexible, the joints are unlike any I have ever seen and allow her to cross her arms, put them behind her back and many do many other things that normal figures only dream of.

I had some problems with the legs, a bit of their articulation is blocked by the belt that hangs on her hips. The belt is easily moveable to allow full posability but it does take away from her looks just a little when it’s scooted up past her waist.

Another neat feature of her articulation is the ability to swap parts with other toys that use the revolver joints. If you have other Revoltech or Fraulein figures the combinations are just about limitless!

The down side of these removable joints, and to the high number of them present on the figure, is that they tend to come loose if you spend very much time posing them. Her arms, in particular, like to slide out at the shoulders giving here a kind of depressed and slouchy look. It’s easy to fix this, you just push her arms back onto the pegs, but it’s annoying enough to note.

Pocco doesn’t really come with much in the way of extra gear. You get her sword, extra hands and a stand.

The sword is my favorite by a long shot, I love the design of it and I think it matches her very well. There is a lot of nice detail to it and its unique looking, something that tends to be a bit rarer than it should in toy weapons. I really wish the length of cloth from the drawing of Pocco had made it to the toy though!

Her extra hands are not all that impressive. I tend to prefer articulated hands to these swappable ones but I know Kaiyodo has fallen firmly on the other side of that argument. I imagine it would be difficult to make hands this size articulated without making them EXTREMELY fragile so I won’t get hung up on it.

You get 6 hands total, 1 open and 1 closed for each arm as well as 1 that’s sort of half open but mostly useless for each side. I don’t find that the difference is all that big between them, the hole in the hand is just the right size to hold her sword and doesn’t disrupt the sculpt very much. I’d have much preferred they include the adorable fuzz ball from the original art instead of her closed hands.

I’m probably going to have to fudge things a little bit on this section since the prices for this figure are all over the place. She runs between $7 and $30 on ebay and I’ve seen her for as much as $25 in different online stores. I paid $11.99 for her which is a bit on the low end of average.

The real wild card factor to consider is the dreaded S-word: SHIPPING.

The vast majority of sellers that offer this figure and other Revoltechs through Ebay are based overseas. This adds a large amount via shipping and handling charges to the actual cost of Pocco and her super-articulated friends that can make them a lot more expensive than they initially appear.

This is one of my big problems with Ebay sellers in general and more specifically sellers located in China. While there are a lot of domestic sellers using shipping and handling as an extra profit cushion I have never run into any quite so consistently in your face with it as some of the China-based vendors. Often times you will see an action figure listed for less than $10 only to have shipping and handling marked at over $20 for the cheapest method available. Be very careful when pricing imported items!!!

Assuming you can get her for around what I paid, and don’t get lambasted by shipping, Pocco is worth the price. Her flaws are far outweighed by her gorgeous sculpt and excellent poseability.

I usually mention value relative to kids vs. adults, but I don’t think kids are a true factor here. This is an adult collectible (not THAT kind of adult collectible, not really) and I’m not going to count it’s fragility against it’s value.

Pocco is a really interesting and mostly well constructed figure and I’m very happy that I took the chance on her. She doesn’t really fit into any of the existing collections on display at my home and I know next to nothing about her but I had hours of fun taking pictures for this review. I think everyone should own at least one Revoltech figure and Pocco is a good one to test the waters with because she is relatively inexpensive.

If Pocco isn’t your cup of tea, and I certainly won’t blame you if she’s not, then I encourage you to pick up SOMETHING from the Revoltech line. You can get Batman, Predator, Buzz Lightyear, Iron Man, Jack Skellington and many, many others all in essentially the same “scale” (used VERY loosely) and all made with similar articulation and attention to detail.

While Ebay offers the widest selection I’d encourage you to try places like or first. If all else fails and Ebay becomes your only option try sellers based in your home country.

As long as you don’t end up spending too much I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

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  • Yeah, I fall in and out of love with Revoltechs, but everyone should at least try one or two. The Fraulein line is actually in a different scale from the regular Revoltechs, though. They're generally a bit bigger than the regular Revoltechs.

    I bought Haruka (… ) and I like her, but I'd be more open to buying some others at the lower price points. I'm not big on the anime girls thing, but certain ones are pretty cool.

    Not all the Chinese/Japanese sellers on Ebay are ripping you off. It just depends on if they're using a higher quality shipping or not. EMS is very expensive as an example, but totally worth it. I just ordered some stuff EMS from Japan and got it in three days, not including Sunday and the Holiday. That's faster coming from halfway across the world than stuff I ordered two weeks ago coming from the US.

    Great review as well and I am always loving some Revoltech action.

  • wesitron says:

    Haha, I was thinking of opening an upcoming review with a very similar sentiment. Sometimes lady toys are just a little too sexy and make me feel like a perv. I blame Catholicism. She looks pretty sweet though! I'd still like at some point to pick up some Haruhi figures and some of the EVA pilots, but can't really decide between Revoltech and Figma. I've only got one Figma, Saber from Fate Hollow Ataraxia or whatever it's called, and she's the bees knees. The interchangeable hair and expressions add a lot, but I think they're doing thatin the Fraulein series now too. Awesome review!

  • Rexplode says:

    That's good info to have about the fast shipping services, in most of my experience it's always been $20 / figure shipping with like a 5% "discount" for combined shipping. Totally a rip off in that case 🙂

    Your Haruka review was one of the reasons I wanted to check this figure out!

  • Rexplode says:

    For me it's going to be Revoltech all the way, not because of any problems with Figma but just because I don't recognize any of the characters they offer!

    I think my next Revoltech purchase is going to be the Detroit Metal City band 🙂

  • Mecha-Shiva says:

    She looks nice like a steampunk heroine,great and informative review!Never owned anime girl figures tho…

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