Doctor Who Character Building Micro-Figure (Blind Bagged)
Red Dalek Supreme and Cyberman
3 Inch Scale
By: Character Options

I’ve already reviewed one of these mini figures, and as more of the ones I ordered trickle in I’ll be sure review them for everyone. However, since these are mini figures, I figured it would be best to do mini reviews!

Today I’m looking at both the Red Dalek Supreme and the Cyberman. Up first: Dalek Supreme!

Mini Dalek Supreme:
Unlike the other figures in this line, the Dalek figures require quite a bit of construction. I was a little disappointed there were no instructions for exactly how to put them together. Also, while it was not the case with this Dalek, I also ordered a yellow Dalek which arrived sealed in the package, but missing its sensor arm. I also received a Doctor figure that was missing his screw driver.

Little annoyances like that show a lack of quality control that worries me, and makes me nervous about ordering these from overseas when I have no ability to ship them back and prove things were missing without a heavy cost to myself. But I digress…

Once constructed, the final figure looks like this.

This is a cute little figure that looks cool on a desk, and there is definitely a nice diorama element you can have fun with, especially Lego fans, since they are Lego compatible. Also good for that Star Wars/Doctor Who battle you’ve always dreamed of.

And the Dalek does have a limited bit of motion, in that it can swing its head back and forth, but that’s about it. Of course, since the actual Daleks have fairly limited motion I do not see that as being too big of a deal.

While they look neat (and yes, my dramatic lighting helps) these feel really cheap. Of course, they are fairly cheap so that’s not a big surprise. Still, the plastic lack a certain Lego-ish thickness that just kind of makes these figures feel off somehow. At 5 bucks a pop a little more substance would be nice.

The Verdict: This Mini Dalek figure is neat, but I would not pay more than a few bucks for it, so shop around before you plunk down any cash.

Mini Cyberman:

Now let’s look at the Cyberman… Like several of the other figures in this line, the Cyberman comes with a nice logo base, but no other accessories are included.

Like all of these figures, the Cyberman has a nice sculpt to it, and the head is particularly well done for the scale of the figure. The paint is nice and clean, with no drips or scratches. And, best of all, the figure went together smoothly and has no articulation problems. It rotates at the hips, the shoulders, the wrist and the neck, as well as the torso. Like the Doctor figure it really needs the base to stand in any kind of a pose, but can stand straight without the base. Speaking of the Doctor…

This figure has the same articulation as the Doctor figure. I know this because they have exactly the same body. I mean, exactly the same…

Again, it’s odd to me that so much time was spent on the head sculpt, and yet so little was spent on the bodies. Along with the missing parts I’ve had this line shows a strange focus on little details and a big lack of focus on some of the big ones. But such is life.

The Verdict: Again, a cool accessory to have around, and definitely cool for army building, except that they are blind bagged, so you’ll have to either roll the dice, or wait for someone to list this figure opened online. They go for around 5 bucks, and that seems a little steep. Still, hard core Cyberman fans will want this one.

Doctor Who Character Building TARDIS Mini Set

More Doctor Who mini sets are coming soon and are available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth. You can pick up a blind bag six pack at Entertainment Earth or order a whole display box!

2 Responses to Figure Review: Red Dalek Supreme and Cyberman Mini Figures

  • These are now being packed in upcoming army building sets. They look like a lot of fun. I may pick up a couple and some of the other sets, as opposed to chasing down the blind bagged ones. I could dig a bunch of little Cybermen.

    But I'm addicted to army building.

  • Rob_Mac says:

    There are a ton of people on ebay selling packs of 5 right now, in Dalek, cybermen and weeping angels, and most sets cost around 16 bucks, which is cool. Right now I have a tiny army of blue Daleks marching across my desk.

    And yeah, I totally do not recommend buying blind bag, especially because some have missing parts. Better to spend a few buck more to get the figure you want that is for sure complete!

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