Real Steel
4-inch scale
By: Jakks Pacific
$7.99+ Retail

What the heck? Wave two of Real Steel figures? When did that happen?

Oh well, let’s take a look at one of my favorite bots from the flick, the almighty Metro!


Man, I took mad flack for talking smack about the box on the last set I reviewed, so I’ll just say that the packaging looks very nice and we can move on.


Metro’s a big hunka hunka burnin’ bot, a ramshackle junkyard dog. I love this guy! He’s the one bot from the movie that I think you could “buy” as some dude having built him in a garage.

I think the sculpt is pretty fantastic, drawing heavily from the movie. I’m always loathe to say something’s accurate because I don’t really care as long as it’s cool, and Metro here’s pretty cool.

The drybrush work is very solid for a mass market toy, even if the head should be more silver and less blue. The tampos look great and help bring the illusion to life despite the scale. The only thing paint-wise I would have like better is some indication of the scrolling digital sign on his right shoulder from the movie.

The legs are awesome, differing in both height and style to create a bot that looks like he was tossed together by pieces of old Chevys and toaster ovens. However, my absolute favorite part is the grate on the abdomen, which is just fantastically sculpted and features just the right amount of paint detailing to give a weathered impression.

Overall, this is probably the most impressive bot I’ve seen in the line. Bear in mind I haven’t been able to find a Noisy Boy nor a Midas, but in terms of sculpt and paint detailing he’s right up there with Atom and is much more unique.


Well this guy is…sadly, not as impressive in the movement department. Pretty basic stuff here: swivel-hinged shoulders, hinged elbows, swivel left wrist/hammer, swivel-hinged-swivel hips (a la Revoltech), and hinged knees. That’s even less than we’re used to in this line, which is already pretty light due to the gimmicks.

It’s not awful by any means, but for a boxer, you’d expect a lot more. Without any foot articulation, standing him can be a chore since his legs are different heights. They’d do well I think to add at least a waist swivel and ball neck, if not swivels in the bicepseses.


Unfortunately, a lot of his joints are also hindered by the asymmetrical, blocky design. The left leg is especially bad, but you may run into some trouble with the right arm as well.

Even with these issues, he is still fun to pose and may occasionally surprise you with the poses he can pull off simply because of his large feet. These guys work especially well in tandem.

I found Metro at my local Target for $8.19. So of course the real question for me is, as always: Is he worth it?

To answer that we have to look at his gimmicks. First, as with all the Real Steel figures of this scale, he’s got his light-up feature.

Basically, the reason he has no head or torso movement is because when you depress the noggin his chest lights up bright red. It’s not crazy bright, but it’s a mass market toy so that’s expected. This gimmick I really like for the kids, but as an adult collector would pass for the sake of a decent ball neck and torso. Those two points are critical for boxing figures and both being left out really stings.

Lastly is the part-swap ability. Metro can be exploded to his major components and you can easily swap the parts with other Real Steel figures.

You can do the simple arm and leg swap like I did with Twin Cities, or go full on junkyard scrap heap and start swapping between all your figures. They look really junky, but it adds a lot of personality to each character. Metro being the weirdest looking one out of the group fares much better in this department than most of the figures, whose parts might look out of place when swapped with symmetrical, cleaner bots.

It’s worth noting that while other bots in the line featured removable hands, Metro only has one that comes off. However, it’s a freakin’ hammer, so I got no bones to pick there. In addition, though the instructions never showed it, the bots can usually swap feet as well due to their ball and socket construction. Since Metro doesn’t feature this articulation, this is an impossibility for him. Again, I can’t fault that because it was never an intended function.

So it breaks down like this: In my day, this would have been a really solid five-dollar figure. Prices being what they are for 4” toys now, I think the sculpt, paint, and fun factor work very well together to make it at least on par with other figures found at this price point. And he just looks so cool and imposing towering over the other bots.

Score Recap:
Aesthetics: Adults: 8, Kids: 9
Articulation: Adults: 7, Kids: 9
Value: Adults: 7, Kids: 10
Overall: Adults: 7.3, Kids: 9.3

Metro from Real Steel was such a unique and fun robot in the movie, and it translates beautifully over to the figure. He’s a great example of what these figures are: well-painted gimmicky figures that look great on the shelf or play well for kids. It’s not a perfect toy, but it’s fun enough for all ages to enjoy a little bit.

Thanks for reading and as always, it’s just a toy. Open the darned thing.

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4 Responses to Figure Review: Real Steel Metro

  • I saw this flick a couple weekends ago, finally. It was pretty good, I must say. Metro was probably my favorite robot as well. Something about that face says he was a poor tortured robot, stuck working for that punk.

    I was really happy to see Series 2 a while back and blown away how fast they sold at my local Target. I may still end up picking some of these up.

    Also thanks for the plugs, as that Blazing Sword Voltron is probably my favorite Mattel toy in the last couple of years. It's a shame they didn't put any of that sort of effort into their larger Voltron line.

  • wesitron says:

    I was shocked to see series 2 on the pegs. I hadn't even heard they were doing a series 2. It was the same way here, though. I passed on Ambush the first time around and now I haven't seen him since. Things are just flyin' off the shelf. I hope they end up getting stocked everywhere and not just Targets.

    And because of your review I picked up that Voltron in the last sale. Matty's new shipping solution takes forever to get here, but I should have it by tomorrow and I can't wait.

  • Mecha-Shiva says:

    Love the cowboy bot,makes me want to put a poncho and a cigar on him.

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