Quick Change Changeable Robots
Robot Fighter Aircraft
4 Inch Scale
By: Polyfect
$5 at Family Dollar

Well guys, they can’t all be winners. After the huge amount of fun I had with the M.A.R.S. Heroes 3-pack last week I had high hopes for this set. These little knock-off robots have always caught my eye from the top shelf of the bargain shops, reminding me of the times as a kid I longed for the gift set of Constructicons.

There are literally hundreds of Knock Off (KO) Transformers on the market, available everywhere from discount shops to high end web stores, available in everything from almost exact replicas to shrunken down versions to robots in all colors of the rainbow. Just about the only things that they all have in common is lead-based paint and crummy plastic.

My Quick Change Changeable Robots came on a giant blister card encased in a wrap around box. The box is actually pretty nice looking, it displays the aircraft transformers nicely and caught my eye from way up on the top shelf on Family Dollar. The large WARNING on the top left is a bit of an eye-sore but probably required by law.

The back and sides of the box also serve as the only instructions for “Quick Changing” these from aircraft to robot. The sides actually show a different configuration (a wrong one) than is printed on the back.

From a distance, the sculpt on these Changeable Robots looks pretty good. The vehicle modes, in particular, are a pretty close approximation of their bonafide Transformers brethren. Once you start to transform them into robots however, it quickly becomes clear what you’re dealing with.

The vehicle modes are all copped from existing Transformers. I’m not 100% sure which transformer each of these comes from, I just know that I recognize them and I’m sure their familiarity factored into them being used for this set. The robot modes, I am fairly certain, are brand new.

You see, the robot modes are actually combiners in a sense. The helicopter and the A-10 warthog each flip open the make the head and arms of 2 different robots while the stealth bomber and jet plane become legs. While this sounds like a pretty cool idea, the execution is just terrible. Rather than actually transforming, you more or less just turn these jets over and OMG there is robots!

While they look less than impressive from the front, they look WAY worse from the back. All of those aircraft parts that you sort of push out of the way to make room for the connections into robots are still there. I guess it’s good that they are there since other wise the robots would be incapable of standing up.

In terms of actual sculpting, there is very little to speak of. There are next to no details on these little robots.

All of the pieces are cast in the color they are intended to be with any extra color coming from stickers.

This results in these looking very bright and cheap, which is ok, I guess, since they are.

I’m going to run out of things to say here very quickly because there is next to zero articulation. The helicopter robot can only swing his arms left and right like some kind of demented pendulum. The A-10 robot can do a little better, being able to lift his arms up and down.

There are some parts that are clearly left over from the original molds, such as the feet on the Blue Angels style jet being on a hinge that they clearly do not need in this form.

You could also count the “removable” fins, wings and other parts that tend to fall off when you “Quick Change” them.

This set came with 3 accessories. 2 Guns and 1 blue thing that I have no idea what it is.

I tried for a few minutes to figure out what to do with it but quickly gave up. I actually like the guns a bit and plan to keep them in case I think of something else to do with them. The blue piece went straight in the trash can.

Normally I would say these guys were an alright buy for $5. Having just reviewed the M.A.R.S. Heroes set combined with the fact that the cheap plastic wings kept falling off, though, is making that impossible.

Just because they don’t cost much doesn’t mean they don’t need to meet certain standards to be good toys. These things are just flat out awful toys, they fall apart with a VERY light touch. They don’t stay together the way they were assembled. They only stand up because of the poor design of their parts hanging off of their back.

You or your kid would definitely get a better bang for your buck either saving up for a more expensive name brand Transformer or by downgrading to a Legends Class Transformer.

These toys suck. They are poorly made, ugly and no fun to play with. I had almost no expectations before opening the package and they still failed to live up to them.

In closing, let me present you with an assortment of pictures of these awful, terrible KO Transformers along side other toys that are varying degrees of less-crappy than they are.

Even I can see that you suck.

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