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by: NECA

$15.99 at Toys R Us

I’ve been a huge fan of Robocop ever since I watched it on TV as a fairly young kid. Of course most of the gore was edited out and so I was spared the trauma of seeing Peter Weller sliced to bits in that early scene (MEDIC!). Strangely enough they left in the guy being melted by toxic waste and splattered across the front of a car and you can bet your 6000-SUX I had nightmares about that for a while.

But it wasn’t the violence or the crazy, over the top parts I love now that drew me in to Robocop as a kid. He was, and still is, just so cool looking. That helmet, that giant gun, the gleaming silver metal. I wanted a toy instantly and I eventually got one. I can remember having one of the Kenner figures with a backpack that opened up to load caps into it. I had to ration my caps because my parents wouldn’t buy me more but I loved that figure an unreasonable amount.

Of course, by today’s standards, those old figures look pretty horrible so I’ve naturally been on the look-out for a bigger, better version to display alongside my other favorite characters. I had planned to pick up one of the McFarlane Toys Movie Maniacs figures but decided not to. The high price it goes for combined with almost no articulation gave me all the reasons I needed to hold out for better.

Now NECA Toys have released their own version of Detroit’s favorite cop. He’s well articulated, nicely sculpted and very affordable at $16 but is he worth picking up? Did NECA run with the ball or did they DROP IT?

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NECA’s toys all come in generally the same clear clamshell that does a great job of displaying the figure. Each toy line and sometimes each figure gets it’s own inserts that give some general info about the figure inside but don’t give you any reason to be all sentimental about the packaging. I held on to mine long enough to take a couple of shots for the review and then sent it on it’s way.

Sculpt, Paint, Looks:

Robocop looks really nice both from a distance and right up close. He has the right amount of detail to show the circuits and moving parts without looking too busy and it all looks great. The armor plates and black under-armor sections have all of the lines you’re expecting and the sculpt of the face and jaw capture the strong lines of Peter Weller perfectly.

I was particularly impressed by the pistons on the back of the feet as well as the plate that covers the knee joint. Both are nice details that really serve no purpose other than to make Robocop look great. He really is a near-perfect representation of the character from head to toe.

The paint is generally very good on my Robocop though there were a couple of very minor spots where it didn’t quite make it to the line or went over the smallest amount. None of these things are noticeable at a glance and didn’t bother me at all but you should be able to choose from several Robos as my TRU had about 7 of them to pick from.


Robocop has the following joints, starting from the top:

Swivel / Ball Neck (2 separate joints)

Ball / Hinge Shoulders

Hinge Elbows

Swivel Wrists

Ball Chest

Swivel Waist

Ball Hips

Hinge Knees

Hinge Ankles

That’s quite a lot of potential for movement and it probably makes this figure more flexible than the actual person in a Robocop suit. The head assembly works really well, it’s a similar set up to the new Thundercats Classics figures and it’s an interesting work-around when a simple ball jointed head won’t get the job done.

The shoulders, hips and elbows are limited quite a bit by the nature of the sculpt, the shoulder and hip joints are blocked by the shoulders and hips themselves while the elbows are stopped by the construction of the arm around the joint. All of the other joints work very smoothly, the only joint I would have liked to have would be some ankle rockers to go along with those ball hips.

All that said, this figure can certainly get into most of the iconic Robocop poses and a lot that Robo himself could have never dreamed of. It’s almost a neat touch that the figure isn’t an acrobatic contortionist, although that might have been entertaining to play around with.

All of the joints are extremely tight right out of the package, so tight that many of them make a bit of a squeaking sound as you turn them. I didn’t have to freeze Robocop to get him moving, though, and all of the joints continue to turn smoothly (if a bit noisily).


Robocop is pretty light in the gear department. All you get to play around with is an interchangeable Data Spike hand and his trademark Giant Ass Gun.

The gun itself looks great, just like the massive pistol Robo used in the movies, and it fits into his right hand perfectly. The finger even goes into the trigger guard with ease! Why oh why can’t more toy companies do that? Robo’s gun even looks great in the hands of other figures, this is really one of the coolest movie weapons of all time and I’m excited to have one to give to Yotsuba.

The Data Spike hand pops on to the stub of his right hand once you remove the gun holding hand. It was a bit of a pain to pop the right hand off initially but once it came free with a resound POP all of my subsequent swapping has been much easier. The spike hand looks cool on him and it’s neat that it’s been included however Robo’s articulation doesn’t really allow for too many convincing Data Spike poses.

A bit of a downer is the fact that NECA wasn’t able to include opening panels on Robocop’s right leg to store the pistol inside. This isn’t a surprise since NECA was very open about their inability to make the leg holster happen, hopefully this fella will sell well and we can get one down the line. A removable helmet to expose Mr. Weller’s bald head and/or some jars of baby food would be pretty cool too!


NECA figures are some of the most competitively priced large-scale toys on the market, always hovering between $10 and $20 for some of the most detailed licensed toys you can get. Robocop is close to the high end of that range but he’s still a great buy when I compare him to some of my other favorite toy lines (MOTUC, DCUC etc.).

This Robocop figure is a 100% brand new, detailed sculpt that, as far as I know, NECA has no plans to re-use on future figures. I really don’t know how this costing works out when we’re expected to pay the same or more for DC Universe Classics in the same scale with heavy parts re-use and significantly less detail in the sculpts. I’m just happy to say that Robocop is a steal at this price.


I’ve been patiently waiting (a skill I’m not exactly known for) to get my hands on a Robocop figure like this ever since I started collecting toys as an adult. I may not own the McFarlane Movie Maniacs Robocop but I’m still 100% confident in saying that the new NECA version blows him out of the water (with a COBRA Rifle). Add to that the fact that this figure is readily available at Toys R Us for a very affordable price and you’ve got a figure that any Robocop fan needs to own.

I’m really hopeful that NECA will keep on truckin’ with this license so that I can get an in-scale ED-209 and a Robocop 2. If NECA can get these guys made and onto retail shelves with the same level of detail and a similar amount of articulation I would buy them at just about any price. Give me an Officer Lewis, Dick Jones and Clarence Boddicker and I’ll dance the Macarena in my underwear all the way to the cash register.

20 Responses to Figure Review: NECA Robocop

  • I was really underwhelmed by this guy when I saw him in stores. Of course, I won the McFarlane which I think has much sharper paint and sculpt. Now after reading your review, I'm curious. Part of me wants to buy it just to compare. I guess I'll see what happens once I get my other Robocop, if I feel like owning any more of the big lug.

    Great review though, because it definitely has me thinking about it.

  • Poe Ghostal says:

    I haven't opened my NECA Robocop yet, but I'm not so sure he blows away the McFarlane one, which I also own. The paint apps on my NECA one don't look quite as good.

    Also, the articulation on the McFarlane Robocop wasn't bad at all. It terms of range, he basically had a ball jointed head, ball jointed shoulders and ball jointed hips, swivels at the wrists, and hinges at the elbows, knees and ankles.

  • Rexplode says:

    That's interesting to hear about the McFarlane's articulation. Every review I'd read painted him as essentially a statue, sounds like I should've done a bit more research there. Guess the NECA's only got the waist and chest movement up on the Movie Maniacs Robo.

  • Rexplode says:

    Your comment and Poe's make me really wish I'd looked in to getting a McFarlane Robocop to compare to, I based my comments on reviews and pictures I've seen and it seems like I missed a lot that the McFarlane has to offer.

    I still stand by my statements though, simply because this guy is a lot easier to get a hold of and I think he looks great.

  • That should say own, not won.

  • I think the paint is going to be the big difference. The NECA looked very "painted" to me in the store, but the McFarlane looked I dunno more organic.

  • Cloud says:

    I used to think that the McFarlane Robocop is limited in articulation similar to early DC Direct figures. However I recently found out that he actually has pretty decent articulation. I have the McF version but there was a defect on these guys, the left leg is loose and falls apart on the hip easily. That's why I kept mine MOC.
    In terms of sculpt I think NECA's Robo has thinner thighs where the McF Robo is more accurate in scale.

  • fengschwing says:

    Looks nice, but I'm going to go for the Figma version.

  • wesitron says:

    Great review! I can't afford the McF or the Figma one either so I was just as excited to pick this guy up! I seem to remember them saying they didn't want to do a Cain, which sucks because that was a really cool design. ED-209 would be baller, too.

    But let's keep away from Robocop 3. I don't care if Frank Miller did write it!

    Oh, and just as a fun aside, I was watching Robocop 2 the other day on the Netflixes, and when Cain talk to "Frank the Chemist," he's talking to Frank Miller. Cool!

    Love the review, love the toy, awesome work dude!

  • Rexplode says:

    The Figma one looks absolutely amazing but it's 3 or 4 times as expensive and around 2 or 3 inches smaller. I would LOVE to have access to both but I decided this was the one for me.

  • Rexplode says:

    WHAT? You mean you don't want an OTOMO action figure? HAHAH!

    That's sweet that Frank Miller was in RoboCop 2, I didn't know that.

    Thanks for readin!

  • wesitron says:

    I'd rather have Anne splayed out on church steps with crying children action, but hey any excuse to add a ninja! 🙂

  • I liked Robocop 3. Then again, I'm a sucker for all things Robocop.

  • wesitron says:

    I liked it a lot when I was a kid. I just watched the whole series again a couple weeks ago and it makes a big difference seein em back to back. It used to not bother me that it was a new guy as Murphy, but seeing it now the guy sounds like a flower child compared to Peter Weller. I like him as an actor (he was awesome in Confessions of a Dangerous Mind), it was just a culture shock from Buckaroo Banzai.

    I like the idea of the story shifting a bit from its previous focus, making Robocop more of a champion of de peoples and seeing characters outside of the cops take the foreground. If it had had the production values of the first two, I think I still woulda liked it.

    Still, Rip Torn rules. He should be in everything always. I will never be satisfied with my collection till I have good versions of Zedd, Maax, and Patches O'Houlihan 🙂

  • Mecha-Shiva says:

    Great review but I'll pass.I do want a 3 3/4 line so that Ed-209 and Robocop 2 won't hurt the wallet and it's easier to make more 3 3/4 man sized extra characters and playsets like robo's chair,his car ,etc.

  • rob says:

    I own the mcfarlane and wanted to buy the neca one, but looking at them side by side the neca one doesnt really offer anything new at all. I think the only difference is you can see a little bit of robocops nose on Neca's.

  • Bob says:

    Shitty review.Mcfarlane Robocop is superior to Neca in almost every way.Obviously the reviewer is either dumb or has a bias against Macfarlane.HEre is good review comparing both Mcfarlane and Neca Robocop :

  • wesitron says:

    Insulting people blindly on the internet is rude. Jon did a great review and doesn't deserve to be criticized in any way. If you don't like it, you can tell him why, but resorting to name-calling is no way to go about expressing your opinion.

    And FYI, if you are going to be rude to someone, don't drag other reviewers into it. Poe's got a nice site and I don't want it to have a bad flavor because you dragged it down to your level.

    Sorry Jon and Newt if my response was uncalled for, but this internet anonymity bravado gets old for me very quickly.

  • Poe says the NECA one is superior… So I'm not sure that validates your point. For the record, I thought the McFarlane one looks better… Mine for example, looks better than Poe's in his photos. That said, Jon is entitled to his opinion.

    Even if you don't agree with the review, it's hardly a "shitty review" as clearly a lot of work went into writing it and his ultimate opinion isn't that much different than Poe's, just slightly more skewed because he didn't have the NECA to compare it.

  • Joseph says:

    I just got him from Amazon. I also got the Battle Damaged version and the Nightfighter version at Toys "R" Us. All 3 of them are awesome!

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