Masters of the Universe Classics


7” Scale (12” tall)

by: Mattel

$40 + shipping from

Megator, along with Tytus, is a figure that Masters of the Universe fans have allegedly been crying out for ever since the vintage line petered out in the US. He and his good guy twin were released overseas in very limited numbers and have commanded very high prices ever since from collectors who wanted to own everything.

I wasn’t too terribly thrilled when Tytus came out in the MOTUC line thanks to his limited articulation and worthless hair-dryer weapon and knowing that Mattel would surely have a Megator out shortly to reuse those parts did nothing to soften the blow. Still, Tytus has grown on me and I’ve come to appreciate the variety he brings to my MOTUC shelf.

So Tytus’ arch enemy, Megator, is here and looking pretty cool. Is he destined to end up as a back row, second class monster or do his vicious looks and usable weapon carry him over the top and up to the front?

Click inside to find out!


Magator is packed inside a truly huge white mailer box and then inside the same gigantic box that carried Tytus last year. It’s funny how something just being big can have such an impact on me as a buyer. I remember the same thing happening when I got Tytus, just the sheer heft of the toy made me instantly like the figure more than pictures ever could have.

Megator’s bio is chock-full of historical information about him and Eternia’s past and it shed’s a lot more light on him than Tytus’ bio did about the blonde beater. Still, the bio doesn’t portray Megator as a character so much as just a force of nature that can really only be steered in the right direction. I like it a lot!

Sculpt, Paint, Looks:

The bulk of Megator’s looks come from the same body used for Tytus. It’s a nice, big body that looks powerful and believable and, actually, a lot more has been changed to create Megator than I would have thought Mattel would be willing to pay for! Megator has a new head, new bracers and hands, new lower legs, a new harness that’s removable, a new belt and hunched over chest.

Starting from the top, Megator’s head is all brand new and he looks downright nasty. He’s got a mane of ratty looking black hair and a couple of the stringy strands hang in front of his face. Megator’s got a nasty, grimacing mouth that looks like it could use a hefty serving of drool to complete the picture. Megator’s head is really close to a perfect match for his character.

The chest harness and belt are upgrades based on the look of the vintage toy. The belt buckle could be a stylized “M” if you want it to but more likely it’s just a neat design that someone came up with. I absolutely love the skull on his chest harness and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the actual skull of someone he defeated years ago. The rusty brown they chose for his gear compliments the green of Megator’s skin without making him look Christmasy.

Megator’s feet are gnarly looking things that would give even the most skilled manicurist nightmares, can you imagine the belt sander that it’d take to trim those nasty nails? His feet look worn and ugly like you’d expect from the walkers of someone like Megator.

All in all, I’m really amazed at how many new parts were created for this grumpy green giant, it seems like Mattel could’ve gotten away with a lot more reuse but they allowed the sculptors to go the extra mile and really do right by Megator.


Here’s where Megator loses some points when compared to other MOTUC figures. He’s missing several of the really nice joints that are typically present on the smaller guys and even comes up short compared to Battle Cat!

Megator has the following joints:

Ball Neck

Swivel Shoulders

Hinge Elbow

Cut Wrist

Cut Waist

Swivel Hips

Hinge Knees

And that’s all there is.

While this is really not a terrible amount of joints for such a large, rotocast figure there isn’t a lot that you can really DO with a several of the joints. Megator’s legs, for example, are able to swing up pretty far but not far enough for him to sit down convincingly (although where would he sit…). His knees bend very nicely, almost getting full range out of them, but because of the design of the hip joints and the lack of ankle joints he can really only stand up straight.

This leaves us with a nice neck joint that, despite the hair blocking it a bit, moves really well and 2 arm joints that also work smoothly. You can get Megator to look pretty cool holding his huge Ball & Chain weapon which is already a big upgrade from Tytus but it’s still very tough to find anything that looks like a convincing action pose.

Sadly, all this means that Megator is limited to essentially 1 or 2 poses and that’s quite dissapointing for an action figure. It’s nothing new since Tytus was in the same boat a year ago but it doesn’t make me any happier with the situation.


Megator came with his aforementioned GIANT BALL & CHAIN as well as a SECRET! accessory that ebay spoiled for us several weeks ago. I’m going to assume that everyone knows about it by now but if you don’t want to know you should probably skip the rest of this review. Sorry =(

Megator’s Ball & Chain / Flail / Metal Whacky Wheel is a damn sight better from the get go than Tytus’ Hair Curler of Pain. It’s a mean looking handle (itself a much more effective weapon than Tytus’) attached via a metal chain to a big, hollow spiked ball. The ball itself feels a little funny as a hollow, rubber piece rather than one made of harder plastic but it still looks really good. As I mentioned before it can be a little tough to pose Megs in action with this thing, mostly because of his lack of joints, but the poses he can do are cool enough.

The SECRET ACCESSORY is an alternate Zombie Megator head to represent his second life as a slave. I like this thing a bit more than Man-E’s secret because it’s at least something that represents events in Megator’s life. That said, I’m still not excited about it. The Zombie Head has an absolutely GREAT look to it, it’s more wrinkly and withered looking than his normal head plus it’s actually noticeably smaller to represent the fact that it’s dead! It’s also got rooted gray hair, a little throwback to the vintage Megator figure which also had rooted hair. This is a neat idea in theory but the rooted hair looks awful the way it’s done with clearly visible roots sparsely inserted that really don’t work on this style of figure.


Megator cost a whopping $40 before shipping when he was available online. That’s a lot of money to drop for one toy, especially one with such limited play value and articulation. Add to that the fact that a good bit of Megator is hollow, rotocast plastic and I start to wonder just why he really is so expensive.

The important thing to look at here is the sheer size of this figure, he really is a GIANT amongst your MOTUC characters which are already towering over most other toy lines in this scale. Megator’s much better sculpted than other similar figures in his size with separate parts and layers that really make it clear he’s part of the Masters of the Universe Classics and not just a random green monster.

While I don’t claim to understand the costing for Megator I think he’s just barely worth the price. Personally, I would much rather pay $40 for Battle Cat and Panthor (don’t tell Mattel) because they just feel expensive but if the trade off for getting them at $30 is Megator for $40 then sign me up!

Summary, or should Megator belong to Me-Gator?:

Megator is going to be a pretty tough sell for a casual collector of Master of the Universe figures. He’s a really obscure character, he’s expensive and he’s not up to the highly articulated standards of the smaller MOTUC figures.


Megator is a crazy looking, giant green troll monster thing with 2 heads to choose from. He’s completely different from anything else on the market and I think that’s going to lead to a lot of people, not necessarily MOTU collectors, picking him up just because they like the look of him.

Megator is a perfect example of why I’m glad I got the Club Eternia subscription. I’m not sure if I would have pulled the trigger on him if I had the option to pass but now that I have Megator in my hands I’m really glad I own him. At the same time it’s clear that the subscription is not for everyone like Mattel seems to want it to be. There needs to be another option besides “ALL IN” for folks who like MOTUC but don’t want it everything ever made. The answer is not to reduce numbers on non-sub product in an effort to bully people into a $700 commitment and I am hopeful that Mattel will see that when the white screen of death returns in 2012.

Min-rant out of the way, you can probably tell just by looking at the pictures whether you need to own a Megator figure or not. If you look at him and aren’t interested then you should definitely go with your gut and stay away. On the other hand, if there’s room on your shelves for a big green monster and room in your wallet for a sizeable hole Megator is worth looking into.

4 Responses to Figure Review: MOTUC Megator

  • I like Megator… Although I still think he costs too much. While I passed on Tytus, I liked the idea behind him helping build Castle Greyskull… With Megator, he just seems a better fit, though. A big monster ogre dude.

    It's only when I look at my $25 Frost Giant that I feel like Megator is a letdown.

  • Rexplode says:

    The Frost Giant is definitely a better figure than Megator in a lot of ways but he's also got a lot of the same problems in the articulation department. Not ALL of the same problems though =(

    I know the FG is a re-use of the Thor Icons mold with some new parts so Hasbro is getting a lot of value from that guy, plus his "print run" has to be many times that of Megator.

    I still agree with you that $40 is too much, I just think that info on the Frost Giant is neato.

  • I think $35 would even settle better with me… But that said, at least Megator has some cool accessories. Tytus lack of cool accessories is what made him a dud in my book.

  • wesitron says:

    Yeah, what is it about 40 bucks that is such a cutoff? I would gladly pay 35 bucks for that new Tower of Omens but at 40 I'm like, "those bastards at Banday want WHAT?!?"

    And Megator looks pretty sweet, Jon. ToyBiz used to make roto toys that they sold for 10 bucks in the 12" scale that were nearly as articulated as Marvel Legends. The last big rotos I remember were the various Hellboys, but I don't know if they ended up with cut joints or balls. Either way, at the very least he looks evil as hell and as long as he can look like he's smashing something or just hunching meacingly I guess he works 🙂

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