Masters of the Universe Classics


7” Scale

by: Mattel

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If I take a step back from my personal love for Masters of the Universe and really examine some of the characters that I’ve always accepted as part of the story it quickly becomes clear that He-Man’s buddies are a bunch of wierdos. It’s bad enough that our hero is a guy wearing bondage gear and a fuzzy loin cloth but add to that a crew that includes a giraffe man, a robotic elephant and a fella made out of mold and things really start to fly off the rails.

Compared to some of his compatriots Man-E-Faces comes off looking a little tame in the grand scheme of things. After all, having 3 changeable faces that give you different powers when you swap between them is down right ordinary when your other options are having baby spring legs or a 10 foot diameter right hand! Ahhh, who am I kidding, Man-E’s just as big of a freak as the rest of ‘em. Gooble gobble, gooble gobble, one of us, one of us!

Being that he’s considered a core member of the He-Team it’s pretty important for Man-E-Faces to be done right. He’s one of the characters that lots of folks (myself included) remember fondly and he’ll certainly be bought in higher numbers than some of the second stringers that have been sold the last couple of months. How well did he turn out? Did Mattel and the 4 Horsemen win the Oscar for Best Spinning Headed Actor, or do they have to settle for the Golden Globe for Sorta Naked Guy with Robot Parts?

Come inside to find out!


Man-E-Faces arrived to my house in the usual MOTUC packaging + white mailer box and stayed inside for about 14 minutes before the mailer box was stowed away and the plastic bubble annihilated by 4 hungry guinea pigs. Am I the only one who feels strangely compelled to keep the white mailer boxes? I’ve used a few to ship stuff but can’t bring myself to throw the rest out. The guest bedroom closet is slowly being filled up and I’m positive that one day my wife is going to open the door and be buried alive in worthless cardboard.

Man-E’s bio sticks pretty close to his classic origin, or one of them, where he’s an ACTOR who gets duped by Skeletor into drinking a potion that turns him into a beastly monster. I don’t know about you, but if a skeleton faced blue dude offers me something to drink I’m going to run away screaming. Instead, Perkaedo (Man-E’s real name!) knocks it back like FOUR LOKO on a Wednesday afternoon and POOF! The next thing you know he joins the flock of technological freaks that He-Man keeps around to help out when he picks on the Eternian nerds.

Sculpt, Paint, Looks:

Man-E-Faces looks exactly like he should, he’s the figure that I loved as kid only blown up to a bigger size. The colors are nice and bright, the blue is one that hasn’t been on any of the previous MOTUC figures, at least not to this level, and it lets him stand out even more than his crazy frame already allows.

I’m glad they went with the skin tone for his non-robot parts, even though I voted for the more orange color when the poll was taken, it makes a lot of sense for him to have exposed skin like his fellow Eternian freaks. You wouldn’t want to be the only one in a skin-tight orange bodysuit if you had a choice!

I’m quite surprised how similar Man-E is to the 2002 version of himself when you look at them closely. While I don’t own a 2002 Man-E-Faces I have a pretty strong memory of him in the cartoon and I just expected to see all kinds of hoses and wires and crap when I googled pics of the toy. When you compare the 2 of them the only major difference is the metal chest piece, the 2002 version has some kind of mouth guard that’s missing from the MOTUC version.

Man-E’s faces are done very nicely, they’re his namesake after all, and they each have their own personality. It’s clear that they were inspired directly by the vintage toy and art, they remind me of those faces without being a carbon copy of any of them. The human face has a nice self confident expression on it that seems right to me while the Beastly face is actually pretty scary looking. The robotic face is designed in the same general style as Roboto which is neat since they are theoretically both created by Duncan.

All 3 faces sit pretty deep into the helmet leaving a bit too much shadow over them, it’s really a shame that such great looking faces are obscured. You can still see them fine so it really isn’t anything to be worried about, I just don’t like those shadows!

Paint is well done all around with no issues to speak of anywhere.


Man-E has the usual articulation of a Masters of the Universe Classics figure except for the neck joint. Obviously that’s been knocked out by his big ol’ noggin’ which allows his 3 faces to spin around inside smoothly but remain in place securely when you aren’t spinning them. The knob on top pops off with a little effort and allows you access to the really surreal looking head part. Everything re-attaches securely and easily once you’re done creeping out your spouse.

All the joints on my Man-E were tight and worked just the way they were supposed to although the ankle rockers, while present, don’t give you much range to work with.


Man-E-Faces comes with 2 accessories, his pistol and an extra “secret” accessory that a few people may be trying to avoid hearing about before he shows up. I’ll talk about the gun first and then you guys who want to be surprised can skip down to the Value section.

Man-E’s gun is big, orange and awesome. It’s a bit over sized compared to a “standard” gun and downright GIGANTIC next to Teela and Adora’s guns. The pistolero is a brand new sculpt and the orange is the same as Man At Arms’ armor. I love the way Man-E looks with his weapon and I’m glad they made it a bit large. I wasn’t a big fan of the ridiculously huge guns from the 2002 toy line but this is just right. Man-E’s gun was a little warped by the packaging, the barrel was bent slightly, but it has gotten better with just a little coaxing. You may want to be more careful removing your Tangerine Blaster than I was!


Man-E’s secret accessory is another set of faces to plug in to his head. You get Skeletor, He-Man and Orko for some reason. It’s hard to be anything but happy with these because they’re really just a bonus but I’m not bowled over by them in any way. Each individual face looks neat and it’s funny to see these guys inside of Man-E-Faces helmet but I would have much rather had another weapon like his 2002 Club or even another gun.



Man-E-Faces was available for $20 and mine came shipped with Megator which saved me a little on shipping. Even with the slight break he still worked out to around $25 to get to my front door which isn’t exactly cheap. On the up side, Man-E is a solid and well made figure that’ll last long enough for my kinds to play with him down the line.

Man-E lasted for a few days at but is now sold out, he’s available at quite a few online sellers for just a little more than I paid and he’s worth every penny. If you use one of the links on the site you’ll help to cover the costs to bring these reviews your way. If those guys are all sold out you can definitely find Man-E on ebay and you might even stumble on to a great price.


Man-E-Faces (that’s an annoying thing to type over and over…) is an essential character in anyone’s MOTU collection and there is no doubt in my mind that this is the best version of him we’re ever likely to get. He looks great, feels great and he’s made just about perfectly.

The only thing I can even begin to find wrong with him is that I was underwhelmed by the BONUS accessory that they didn’t even need to include in the set.

I hope you can tell by the photos included in this review that I really, really enjoyed playing around with this figure. Man-E-Faces is all kinds of fun and he’s a perfect example of what makes Masters of the Universe great as a property and a toy line. He’s weird, he’s awesome and he’s highly recommended!

3 Responses to Figure Review: MOTUC Man-E-Faces

  • clark says:

    This is a character that I've never had any interest in, and completely skipped over. However, with a few of the reviews already out, I believe that I will need to get him. I'm waiting for amazon to get a decently priced one, then I'll be all over it.

  • This line is so great when it's about classic MOTU characters. They always seem to be the home runs to me. It's the add-ons that always seem like ones I'm iffy about.

  • Rexplode says:

    I completely get where you're coming from on this.
    It's really easy for the sculptor's to pull from their own childhood (and adulthood) memories of the characters and really knock it out of the park when it's a character they know well.

    It's gotta be a lot harder to find that little something extra when research for the figure is one of the first times you've ever seen them!

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