Masters of the Universe Classics
Hurricane Hordak
7” Scale
by: Mattel
$20 + shipping from

Out of all of the Masters of the Universe Classics figures released and announced to date Hurricane Hordak is by far the one that I was the least interested in owning. Some of you may already know that I passed on Mo-Lar when he was released, a decision that I still feel good about, because I don’t know what I would do with him. Hordak had a leg up on Mo-Lar in that sense, though, cause I was pretty sure Hordak was headed straight to the post-review storage bin.

I can’t really put my finger on any one reason I have so little interest in this figure, I really enjoyed Battle Armor Skeletor and even ended up liking Be-Skirted He-Man and neither of them has shiny gold armor like ole’ Double H here. It’s possible that I like my regular Hordak so much that I’m annoyed Mattel would sully him with a gaudy, gimmicky twin. It could also be that he’s being released alongside Leech, a figure that looks downright amazing, and no one would stand a chance with that kind of competition.

So be ye warned that I’m going into this review without any love for this figure. Hey, maybe that’s a good enough reson for you to click inside to check him out, possibly my first truly negative MOTUC Review!

Hurricane Hordak arrived in a large brown box in a white box in a typical MOTUC blister card. His shiny gold metal gleams brightly amongst the green and yellow card print. I want to mention that I almost managed to take pictures of him in the package, something I can’t say about any of my other recent MOTUC purchases. This is largely because I was in no hurry to free him from his packaged exile. I even toyed with just leaving him in there forever but, in the end, the desire to write about toys won out and I charged up the Sawzall for Hordak’s parole.

Double H’s bio sheds a little more light on things in Eternia during the time most of the bios “take place”. It’s still unclear exactly what’s already happened and what is still going on but I do like the idea of a big fight between Skeletor and Hordak while all the good guys wait for the outcome. I also really like his subtitle “Ruthless Leader with the Wicked Whirling Weapons”!

Sculpt, Paint, Looks:
A big reason I wasn’t thrilled about this figure is the fact that he’s almost entirely the same as the previous Hordak. It looks to me like they made a new chest piece for his golden armor and a new right arm that his weapons clip on to. They’ve also remolded the cowl/hood without the cape attached which is really nice. Everything else is molded exactly the same as the previous, perfect Hordak figure with some glossier black paint to jazz things up.

Holding him in my hands, posing Hordak and looking at him in different situations my initial thoughts are holding pretty solid. I’m unexcited. I don’t have any true problems with Hurricane Hordak, it’s just hard to feel anything for him when everything about him is a downgrade from his Original Flavored predecessor.

It’s not all bad news though as Hurricane Hordak happily hoists a horrorshow hand cannon. On his right arm, instead of a standard, boring old hand, there’s a fancy mechanical doodad that can hold all kinds of odd items. You can plug in any of the 3 items he came with or, if you don’t mind the colors being wrong, you can use the one’s that came with Roboto and Trapjaw. I’ll talk a little more about this stuff in the “Accessories” section, but I’ll admit that I was impressed by that.

I also really like the remolded hood that’s included. It’s nice that we now have the option to display Hordak with or without the cape and I’ll admit that I’ll be joining the rest of the interwebs in cannibalizing the Hurricane’s hood for OG Hordak to wear.

There is a little bit of disappointingly sloppy paintwork to be found. The shiny gold is very unevenly applied to the armor parts and it overlaps the red dial and the black edges of the armor. Hordak also came straight out of the package with 2 huge chips of black paint missing on his neck. Just because it’s usually covered by the hood part doesn’t mean you don’t have to paint it correctly Matty!

Lastly, I wanna mention the red dial on Hordak’s back. It’s been a topic of really heated discussion all over the net and I have to say that, in hand, it looks fine. I don’t understand why people get in such a tizzy over a 1 inch red plastic part on the back of an action figure. Is it silly? YES! Is it out of place on a MOTU figure? Hell NO!

Hurricane Hordak sports the usual compliment of MOTUC articulation that we’ve all come to expect. His ab crunch is a little limited by armor piece and his hips get blocked a bit by the loincloth since it’s still made with the older, harder plastic. All of the joints feel the right amount of tight to me, I’m happy to say that Matty seems to be working out the kinks as far as movement goes.

The extra gear is really what makes Hordak interesting, in theory, and what’s there is done well enough. Hordak comes with 3 attachments that mimic the ones the vintage figure was packaged with. My favorite is the 4 pronged shield thingy, it looks to me like something Hordak designed when he completely misunderstood the concept of “defense”.

Hordak also has a 3 balled bola type thing and a 2 bladed bat-wing sword chopper dohickey. These are the technical terms, trust me. Both of these pieces have a really creepy organic feel that reminds me of the bad guys from Jace and the Wheeled Warriors. I like the idea that Hordak could use the bat wing sword as a sort of improvised helicopter. Hell, that makes more sense than trying to attack someone with that thing!

Hordak’s gold armor can come off too, with a little fiddling, but after reading so many reports about the vac-metal flaking right off I decided it wasn’t worth it to me to get him naked. It’s pretty frustrating to lose access to a whole piece just because of sub-par manufacturing but it’s not the first time Matty’s been responsible for something like this and I really wish I could believe it’d be the last.

I’m tempted to give Hordak an unsatisfactory grade in the cost-to-awesome department. He is, after all, missing some paint and generally unexciting. But I want to look at this fella from the perspective of someone who would be interested but not quite ready to click “PURCHASE” and send Hurricane trudging through logistics to their home.

He’ll cost you $20 + shipping for a grand total of just under $30 from matty or, if you take your time, you may find one for an even lower price from anyone locked in to the Club Eternia subscription who wants to get rid of him. Hordak is just as well made and sturdy as any other MOTUC figure and, if you can look past his paint flaws, he’s worth the bucks.

I find myself not sure what to write about this figure. He’s been sitting next to me on my desk for the last month, almost pleading me to finally finish his review. I’m fiddled around with Hordak, changed out his weapons, posed him, given him He-Man’s sword but continued to put off taking pictures of him for a review. I don’t dislike this figure at all, in fact there are a lot of things that I do like about him. I’m just not excited by him in the least.

Hurricane Hordak is, unfortunately, an example of the kind of action figures that Club Eternia subscribers are going to be getting a lot of. Minor changes to the core characters that make more complicated figures cheaper to manufacture is the foundation upon which Mattel has built the MOTUC house and there’s no getting away from that. What I would really like to see is just a few more extras thrown in with these variants to make them more appealing. Hordak has the cape-less cowl going for him which I like, plus he can function as a surrogate for Filmation Hordak until we get that variant thanks to his cannon hand. If only that cannon arm was easily swappable onto the standard Hordak!

I’m going to give Hurricane Hordak a slightly passing grade overall. No one needs this figure in their collection unless they’re holding on to some powerful love for the vintage figure. No one wants a figure that they have to handle with kid gloves because of flaws in the paint and it’s not worth $25 just to swap cowls with a figure you already own. That doesn’t mean that no one should buy this figure, it just means you need to be sure Hurricane Hordak is what you’re after before you shell out your hard-earned cash.

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