His left hand is a dead giveaway that Faceless is built on the same basic parts as his 2002 brother Count Marzo. When you lift off the awesome chest armor it’s even more obvious since Mr. Powers is rockin’ a muscly bare chest under there. Faceless One has a lot of details added that help to set him apart from Marzo, though, and he really does feel a lot more like a unique figure than some of the previous “buck buddies” in the line.

Faceless One’s, um, face, works just about perfectly for me. After hearing a lot of people complain about it from the day it was revealed I felt like I must have been missing something. I mean, short of leaving him headless, I really don’t know how else they could have handled this character in toy form. As he is, the Faceless One has clearly defined eyes, nose and mouth but is completely lacking the details and identity that would differentiate one face from the other. That’s faceless enough for me!

I didn’t have any paint problems with Nik and I’m just all around excited with how cool he looks. The silver, black and purple plus the bone-white of his face all compliment each other well. He straight up POPS on shelf and draws attention to himself no matter who you pose him with and that’s really saying something when his competition is a lime-green monkey!

Faceless One has the same awesome set of joints as the rest of the Masters of the Universe Classics line and can get into most any reasonable pose you can think up and a lot of unreasonable ones. The cape/armor is designed to not block any of his movements and it succeeds for the most part. He can still make full use of his chest and waist articulation and his arms are almost completely free. If you try to lift his arms up too high it will move the shoulders up, which looks a little odd, but nothing is truly blocked.

Even Nik’s fancy loincloth allows him unfettered kickin’ which is something that not even underwear-sporting guys like Bow and King Hssss can brag about.

About the only joints I would wish for at this point are the hinged wrists we got on Bow, it would be beyond awesome to get more variety out of his Ram Stone holdin’ hand.

The Faceless One comes with the Ram Stone and a re-deco of the Havok Staff that came with Skeletor. The Ram Stone fits very nicely into his hand and doesn’t really do much else. I like it because it was a cool gimmick in the cartoon but there aren’t a whole lot of options for you to play with it. Marzo is pretty much the only other figure that can hold it convincingly but it does look really neat.

The Havok Staff is the real star and man does it look awesome! Mattel cast the head of the staff (possibly the whole thing) in a translucent red that makes it look like it’s about to blast somebody. It looks fantastic with the powering up look and has completely replaced the original Havok Staff (which I pined after for months after getting the TRU Skeletor) and sent it’s inferior brother to the extras bin.

The real conundrum here, for me at least, is that Faceless One feels a bit light on gear. Even though the Havok Staff he comes with looks really good with him there’s no way on earth I’m leaving it in the hands of a second stringer and giving him the normal one aggravates the OCD in me (HOW CAN THERE BE TWO HAVOK STAVES?). I guess it’s appropriate though, since Skeletor stole his Havok Staff in the MOTU Universe too.

He looks really cool on the shelf holding just the Ram Stone and I really can’t think of any other items he could have come with. Maybe a baby Evil-lyn to hand off to He-Ro?

Faceless One feels really nice and well constructed in hand and manages to feel like a good buy despite the high cost of getting a hold of him. I was willing to pay $10 for a regular Havok Staff a few months back before the Mo-Lar set made them a little easier to track down and this new one looks even better. I doubt most people feel the same way but that could give you a peek into the mindset I’m coming from writing this review.

For my money The Faceless One was good buy. He’s a beefy-looking, striking figure that comes with 2 unique and interesting accessories along with some fancy armor you can dress up your other figures with. He’s probably close to the bottom of the average MOTU fan’s “Want” list but I think you can do far worse with your $20 (+ shipping).

Well, Does He Suck?:
Before Nikky Boy got to my doorstep I was a lot more excited about his ship-mate (Battleground Teela) than I was about him. Once I got him out of the package I found myself spending a lot more time playing around with him and his armor than I did with her. Teela (who’ll be getting her review soon) was far from a disappointment so it speaks to the quality of this figure that he stayed off the shelf for so long.

I know a lot people are going to end up skipping this figure because he’s practically unknown. I barely know anything about him myself and I just watched the 2002 cartoon a few months back so I don’t really blame them. In the end though I love the look of The Faceless One and even if he wasn’t in any of the cartoons I’d be excited to get a hold of him. Check out ebay or some of the toy collecting websites and see if you can find one for a reasonable price. If you end up not liking Nik then you’ll at least have a fancy Havok Staff and a stand-in for The Blank in your DIck Tracy diorama. The thing is, I’m pretty sure you’ll love him just like I did.

10 Responses to Figure Review: MOTUC Faceless One

  • wesitron says:

    I thought about getting this guy because I'm such a fan of the 2002 'toon, but as you said he's hardly even in that one at all. Of course, now that I've seen the 2002 Evil Lyn from SDCC I'm all sadface I don't have him, even if just to back up his daughter and add to her saucy coolness.

    Great review, Jon, good to have you back!

  • clark says:

    There is something about this figure that I just don't like. I think it's because the 'classics' proportions just doesn't work for this character. Because I've only seen him in the cartoon I think he needs to be taller. Nevertheless, I definitely see the appeal of him, and in-hand I bet I'd have plenty of fun. I've just become so picky with the MOTUC line, due to financial reasons, that if I have any doubts at all about a figure then I need to skip them completely and spend my money on something I know I'll love.

  • I ended up skipping this guy as well, but I must say, despite how cool his armor looks…. Once he's topless, he feels more like a MOTU to me. Or at least a cool MOTU knockoff. It's only then that I really want him.

  • wesitron says:

    Personally, I only ever want anything when it's topless. Zing!

  • Rexplode says:

    Thanks good sir!
    I was never gone, just busy/lazy!

    One of the crazy things about buying into the sub is that you get all the figures whether you like it or not. I doubt I would've bought this guy on a one by one basis but having him automatically shipped to me worked out.

    That Battleground Evil-lyn looks saweet!

  • Rexplode says:

    and that leads RIGHT into my next review!

  • wesitron says:

    All I know is that there was a severe lack of beard here lately. And heck yeah, that Evil-Lyn will be mine!

  • Monte says:

    I actually agree that he looks better without the armor, which is funny 'cause I hate this series because of its uniformity and I love that armor. Weird.

  • Zach S. says:

    I bought him, played around with him once, had him on the shelf for 2 weeks, then sold him. I just never felt anything for the figure…it's not that he's bad (he's one of the more unique MOTUC). It's just that without the nostalgia factor backing him up, I was left feeling flat towards him. The reaction was very similar to the one I had with Marzo. The good news is, I have now decided to stop collecting non-vintage inspired figures again (which is how I started out with MOTUC)…so that means I'll save money for sure. Sold off the non-vintage guys, although I kept Carnivus because he has a retro-vibe.

  • Yeah I'm the same way. All the things I like, and yet, on him I like them off.

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