Mighty World
Ken’s Kayak Adventure
3” Scale
By: Titan Works
$4.99 at Tuesday Morning

I keep finding myself drawn back to Tuesday Morning and back to the toy section where there are literally piles of Mighty World play sets. It seems like every time I’m there I find a hidden gem of a set that I never even knew existed, hidden behind that Police Ambulance, tucked under the Construction Team and waiting for me.

On my last visit I stumbled onto Ken and his Kayak mixed in with a bunch of Prince of Persia figures and hiding behind a Tron airplane thing. I’d never seen the KKA box before so I don’t know if it was a new arrival or if I just missed the tiny orange box every time I foraged for toys before. Either way, I knew Ken, his kayak and his tiny cans of beans and soup were coming home with me and, eventually, to you.

Ken is all wrapped up in a fairly tiny orange box in the same style of the majority of the Mighty World toys that I’ve run into. The box shows Ken expertly navigating treacherous rapids and tracking some kind of wild animal through the woods, perhaps he’s on the trail of the elusive Jersey Devil or a Sasquatch (great, now I need Mighty World Cryptids).

An interesting thing I noticed while out looking at these toys is that the packaging is FAR from consistent on them. Some of the same figures come packaged in both a plastic blister card and a cardboard box in the same store while some of the bigger vehicle sets show up with and without a clear window showing off the figures. I’m not sure what this means, but I found it intriguing.

Ken is sculpted with a lot of detail all over his clothing. He’s wearing a long sleeve shirt to ward off bites and a many-pocketed vest up top along with cargo pants and some serious looking boots on the bottom. His entire outfit is painted beautifully right down to the buttons on his shirt. There’s even a nice weathered paint wash over the vest, you can be sure that Ken has been all over the place in it.

Ken’s head and hands are cast in a peach color that may be a little too light for someone supposedly out in the woods all the time. His face is painted on with one upraised eyebrow, it’s a good look for someone who resembles Indiana Jones, and he comes off as very cocky and sure of himself.

Paint overall is very good, clean and precise. I continue to be amazed at the obvious care and attention to detail shown on these little figures! That said, my Ken figure came with 2 right hands installed. This is the first time I have run into a quality control problem with any of these figures and while it doesn’t inhibit his ability to hold things I have to admit I was extremely let down to find my first fault in a Mighty World product.

Ken shares the same articulation with all 3 of the previous Mighty World figures I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. He can turn his head left and right, lift and lower his arms and legs as well as swivel his wrists. These minimal joints don’t give him a ton of options when being posed but they serve the purpose of letting him sit in the kayak and use his gear nicely.

Here’s where the real fun begins!

Ken comes with his titular kayak as well as a gaggle of small pieces to make his travel easier. Included is a nicely printed paper map, 1 can of soup, 1 can of beans, a machete, a flashlight, a grappling hook, a walkie talkie, a gray briefcase that opens, a big brown duffel bag and an oar. On top of the gear, Ken gets an extra hat-less hair piece to wear when it gets hot. It’s really impressive how many tiny, sculpted pieces come in a set this small and inexpensive.

The oar surprised me by being offset like a real oar would be rather than simply having both sections facing the same way. I also had a lot of fun posing him with the machete but, if we’re being honest, it wasn’t until I saw the tiny cans of food that I was positive I had to bring this set home.

The kayak is mostly a solid tan color that matches the handle of the oar it has a seat sculpted into it that fits Ken’s non-butt very well and it feels very sturdy. There are really nice bands of grayish paint washed over the sections that give the kayak a bit of a tiger striped look, could this be the start of the Mighty World Tiger Force? I can’t even tell you how excited I just got typing that, it’s really embarrassing actually.

The MSRP for Ken’s Kayak Adventure is $9.99, about the cost of a Deluxe Transformer or a G.I. Joe Deluxe figure with a small vehicle. He provides about the same amount of play as the Transformer but significantly more than a single G.I. Joe with vehicle.

The accessories alone provide you with a lot of interesting options for play. Most of them would work nicely with any figure in a similar scale and the cartoony proportions can allow some of them to cross over and be used with bigger figures. Much like the traffic cones from the Haz Mat Team I’ve found the soup and beans cans endlessly entertaining!

If you can find this set at a discount store like I did it feels practically criminal to leave it on the shelf for $4.99. The whole thing is made with care and attention to detail and feels like it will last for a very long time even under somewhat strenuous play.

The Mighty World play sets and figures have been a joy to explore, play with and write about. Ken’s Kayak Adventure, while small, is full of all kinds of interesting possibilities that kids, their parents and silly man-boys like myself will definitely enjoy.

While the discovery of the wrong hand on Ken’s left side was a disappointment for me both because I now own a flawed toy and have found a blemish on the Mighty World toys glowing surface it isn’t any reason to steer clear of this item or of any other Mighty World set.

I can’t wait to get back to Tuesday Morning to see if they’ve gotten in any other Mighty World sets for me to look at and I encourage you to seek out a local retailer that carries these guys. Check out the website at www.mightyworld.com to peruse their gallery of other sets and if any of them seem interesting you can actually order them there. As for Ken, his kayak and the pile of gear he comes with I loved them and I recommend them to anyone.

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