Mez-Itz Pirates
Complete Series
3 Inch Scale
By: Mezco

What’s this? It’s an item I picked up at the Chicago Comic Con/Wizard World Chicago in 2011. If you haven’t been, I suggest going! Lots of fun is there to be had, plus there are great dealers, panels and much more.

I consider Pirates a big part of Halloween. I say this because as a youngster, I recall dressing up as a Pirate for Halloween on at least two occasions. While I did not include the Playmobil Pirates as part of the 31 Days of Halloween, because they were just too friendly looking… The Mezco Pirates are the epitome of what Pirates should look like.

These pint sized Pirates are fierce, gross and downright murderously motley. In essence, perfect for Halloween. I mentioned in my Playmobil Pirate Ship review that I had bought the ship for a different breed of Pirates and it’s these figures that I purchased that fine vessel for.

These Pirate Mez-Itz might not have came with the ship, but they’re REAL Pirates… They took it over. So let’s take a look at the entire series of these guys. Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest– …Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum! Drink and the devil had done for the rest– …Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!

The packaging is nothing too fancy, with each set showing off the figures on the front in stylized photos and the clear plastic inside showing off the actual included pirates. It has a nice look to it, but might not attract you if you’re not a fan of the small scale figures. The weapons are kind of hidden, in that there is a lot more in the package than you can actually see.

There are a total of four sets of figures available. Today I’m reviewing all four sets, so you’ll get a pretty good idea of what these dudes are about.

There is nothing on the front of the package that tells you who anyone is.

The back is a little bland, but is designed like a treasure map. Given that this is the only thing that tells you the names of these scurvy dogs, it’s definitely useful. I like the design here, despite it’s generally minimalist approach. Mezco probably should have advertised some of the other Mez-Itz, on the back.

While there are a few guys who have some reuse, these are generally a ton better than your standard Lego/Playmobil/Whatever mini figures. Each guy has a ton of unique sculpting and the extra sculpted pieces can be reused in a way that they don’t feel as rehashed as a lot of similar figures in this scale.

Each set has it’s own advantages and disadvantages.

It certainly seems that some figures are stars, while others are just okay. You can expect to get at least one “star” in each pack of three.

In this pack for example, Red Jack is the star. He’s got some really great sculpting, paint and design elements. His hook hand is awesome.

His hat is also removable.

Each figure, even the more plain ones, have a ton of paint applications. These guys blow Lego and all other Lego-like toys out of the water (no pun intended) in that regard.

The best pack is probably Captain Garret’s crew. It includes the good Captain…

Freaky brute Po Gye and my favorite…

Fish-eye Jim! Not to mention some really cool accessories, like a parrot with an eye patch and peg leg.

There are a couple reuses, like Goldmouth and One Eye Willy.

I’m honestly not sure why they didn’t color one of these guys white. It would have helped to make them look a bit different, but despite that, they work okay as two different guys. The legs, torsos, arms and heads are all interchangeable anyway, opening up some new variations if you pick up extra sets.

There are just so many marvelous looking characters included.

With some truly incredible sculpted details.

And matching fantastic paint jobs.

There are no official Pirates in the sets, as in say Captain Hook or Blackbeard, but several guys definitely will remind you of classic Pirates of folklore. I wish we could have gotten another series with some skeletons, some British Naval officers and maybe a Mermaid/Merman!

Of course you can have all the sculpting in the world, but if they can’t move… It’s not good. The arms, legs and head are all on ball joints. These are true ball joints, not pin/post or swivel hinge style. It’s just a ball with a joint stuck over it. It works really well with all the figures.

The hands are also on a ball joint of sorts, but it operates more like a swivel. The hand is basically a Lego figure hand, but it does have a tiny bit more movement in the wrist. The range of motion in general for all of these joints is exceptional.

These Mez-Itz do not just look good, they pose well.

I would put these up against any of the other mini figures on the market today in terms of articulation and design.

Some of the plastic is a bit tender, but everything pops off easily and doesn’t feel like it would break if you were careful.

The range of motion is quite good on all of them and it’s just wonderful how much emotion you can get out of these little guys.

Each set is absolutely LOADED down with accessories. Every man has at least one weapon and most have a few.

Despite the potential for reuse, there actually isn’t a ton of it.

A few weapons are repeated, but not many.

And there are some really unique ones as well.

And these weapons range from decent to fan-freakin’-tastic in terms of paint and sculpt.

This sword in particular stands out as awesome.

Po Gye’s big hammer also has some incredible detail and paint.

Not to mention the parrot.

Which is stable enough to set on arms or shoulders. That’s another great part about the weapons included. Everyone can hold them. Which seems like a prerequisite, but as many of us know, isn’t always the truth with action figures.

These originally retailed for about $15, which isn’t a bad price at all if you compare it to Legos. However, these guys did not become a big hit (not sure why) and you can find them for much cheaper now. I actually purchased these at the Chicago Comic Con/Wizard World Chicago for the low, low price of 3 for $5! It’s probably one of the best purchases I’ve made in the entire history of toy collecting.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 8
Sculpting – 10
Paint – 10
Articulation – 9
Accessories – Crap ton.
Value – 10
Overall – 10 out of 10

The last time I reviewed some Mez-Itz, I only gave them a solid 7.5, as I really couldn’t find any flaws in them but didn’t think they were “perfect”. Those Dick Tracy Mez-Itz were really good, but they suffered from a lot of reuse. Here the reuse is much less and it’s even less obvious. I can’t find a single major flaw with these guys, so I have to give them the highest score.

That’s not to say that there aren’t better figures out there, somewhere…

But you’d be hard pressed to find any figures in these Lego-like genre that are this good. The value and quality is just phenomenal. I don’t even like these types of figures, but I LOVE these Mez-Itz Pirates.

The only real complaint is that they didn’t make more! Mezco should go back to making this style of Mez-Itz. It’s far superior to their other brand of Mez-Itz and it’s really a great style of toy.

5 Responses to Figure Review: Mezco Mez-Itz Pirates (Complete Series)

  • Rexplode says:

    I really like the look of these guys, they're down right DISTURBING looking!

    It's a strange juxtaposition where they're in this cute, small size but sculpted to be just hideous and ugly dudes that makes me absolutely love them.

    I have a few Mez-Itz from Hellboy 2 that are about Mighty Mugg sized that I like a lot and I agree with you that it doesn't make sense for them to have essentially failed.

    Thanks for showing us these figures, I woulda never known about them!

  • Yeah I don't know why they went to the bigger Mighty Mugg guys. Those are okay, but these smaller ones are a lot more poseable and fun. I may pick up some more of these pirates to mix and match and create some new guys.

  • clark says:

    Yeah, so I ordered the whole set after this review.

  • Awesome! I hope you enjoy them!

  • clark says:

    I got them in today, and these guys are great. For some reason I get a Mad Ball figure vibe off of them. Now I'm going to have to make a trip to Tuesday Morning to see if I can get my hands on a cheap ship too, but a couple of these are going straight to my desk at work.

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