M.A.R.S. Heroes
Martian, Coma and Tanker
2-3″ Scale
By: Hap-P-Kid Toys
$5 for the 3 pack

I spend a lot of time at random places wandering the toy aisles. Whether it’s Walgreens, Family Dollar or Fred’s, I tend to see a lot of random, cheap toys during the week on my lunch breaks. I found these guys at Dollar General hiding on the top shelf in the back right corner of the store. I remember seeing them back before Christmas and thinking they were neat, but this time I brought ‘em home.

$5 for a 3 pack of little robots is pretty cheap, so I have to admit up front I wasn’t expecting much from them. They are far from top shelf action figures but I had a lot of fun playing around with them for this review. I may even go back for the other 3 pack and write about them!

There’s not much to talk about when it comes to the card. There’s a pretty generic explosion/fire motif that looks to be thrown together on a computer. The 3 robots are posed in kind of strange poses in the card. “Martian” is lifting his knee, I guess doing his best Scott Stapp impersonation, while “Tanker” is sitting depression-style like he just gave up the winning run at the Little League World Series. “Coma” is the only one posed in what I would call a normal battle stance.

The card back shows all 6 of the robots available in this line in much neater poses and lists all of their names. It’s a good thing too, ‘cause otherwise there’d be no indication that they had names at all! There are also some pictures along the bottom of some other toys, I didn’t see these at the Dollar General so I don’t know if they even exist! The rest of the print advertises the main selling point of these figures, which is the fact that you can take them apart and “Build Your Own Figure!”.

These guys are really well sculpted! Even though they are small and cheap they’re covered with lots of details that you won’t find on larger, more expensive toys. I’m going to break them down figure by figure and point out some of the things I like the most.

Martian is a light blue color and is basically humanoid in shape. He shares most of his basic features with the other robots. Surprisingly enough, they don’t appear to share any parts! He came packaged with a gun in one hand but it’s removable and easily fits in his other hand as well as Coma’s hands.

He’s got some nice silver shoulder pads as well as a silver gattling gun on his chest. His green visor really stands out from his face and the little white mouthpiece kind of makes him look like he has a buck tooth.

Coma is a darker blue than Martian and has the same green visor. His silver accents are on his knees and around the neck area. He has a cool little mohawk on the top of his head. He also came with a gun in his hand that can be swapped around, I don’t like his gun as much as Martian’s but it still looks good. He and Martian look like they could be on the same team because they are both shades of blue.

Tanker stands out the most in this 3 pack and it’s not just because he’s a vibrant green color. His sculpt is the most unique, he’s got the 2 mean looking gun arms that you can see straight away. Instead of a visor like the other guys he has 4 dots that look like radar sensors, he also has a neat antennae on his head.

Tanker also has highlights in the same silver as the other 2 bots, they’re on his chest and knees. The silver mouthpiece looks almost like a diver’s air intake and it works well. I especially like the hoses that run from his arms to the guns at the end.

I’m quite impressed with the quality of the paint applications on these little robots, there is very little overflow from one color to the other. When a micro-budget toy line like this one can get the paints right it makes me even more disappointed by the mistakes that some of the big companies let through all the time.

The MARS Heroes are articulated with swivel heads and ball joints at the shoulders, hips, knees and ankles. By far not the most poseable of toys, but it’s amazing what you can do with that many ball joints. I’d have liked a joint at the elbow, but it’s not a deal breaker.

Their swappable parts work pretty well, especially the arms. I enjoyed tinkering around with them, giving Tanker a hand to hold a gun in worked really well. Mixing the upper legs with different lower legs didn’t work at all, they were obviously sculpted to go with their primary parts. I’m pretty sure the swappable parts angle was added at the last minute in hopes on boosting sales.

I can definitely imagine a kid spending hours making different robots out of these things. The more options you have the better so I’m sure if I had more of the MARS Heroes I could come up with some really neat combos!

I had some issues with the lower legs falling off when posing them, I’m sure this will only get worse the more the parts are removed and put back on. They stay on well enough when the robots are standing still, but you do have to be pretty careful when moving them.

Accessories? We’ve got plenty! The MARS Heroes come packaged with 2 hand held guns, 6 back mounted guns and 4 “stands” that function more like environment pieces.

The 2 hand held guns will go in any of the humanoid hands from Martian and Coma while the 6 back mounted guns will go on anyone. 3 of the back guns are meant for the left side and 3 for the right so you are limited a little bit on the combinations you can choose.

The “stands” I found basically useless as they don’t actually have usable pegs for the robot’s feet to get onto. The only pegs are on top of the rocks at the end of one of them, I guess that’s why Martian was singing for Creed in the package. They’re made out of a thin, bendy rubber that seems more suited to cake decoration than a toy. I plan to throw these away but someone might find a good use for ‘em.

I don’t know how I can give these guys anything but a perfect score on value. I’ve had my share of crummy cheap toys over the years, usually low priced stuff breaks quickly or just plain doesn’t work like it’s supposed to. These guys do exactly what they are supposed to do and they do it well.

For $5 you get 3 detailed, poseable robots. You get 8 cool looking guns and you get 4 pieces of environment. This is a down right STEAL of a set of toys if you are looking to get bang for your buck.

I’ve got a LOT of toys in my house right now. These little $5 robots are sitting right at my computer and I don’t see them going anywhere for some time. I spent hours playing around with them last night while taking pictures for this review and I can’t wait to swing back by Dollar General to pick up the other set.

Whatever you do with these little robots, I think you’re going to have a lot of fun. They could be new robots that Dr. Mindbender built for Cobra. They could be a enemies for your Lego Minifigures to band together against. The Autobots might need to protect them from the Decepticons or they might be Armored Berbils. Who knows!

These are the kinds of toys that I love to stumble onto. They are the reason I will never buy exclusively from online retailers. Check them out, I can’t wait to see what you guys think of them!

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  • These are great Jon. A little bit like Gundum, a little bit like Transformers. I love me some cheap deals like this that no doubt would be excellent if you were a youngster… Or if you're an oldster like me who refuses to grow up! Cool review.

  • Rexplode says:

    I'm still having fun playing around with 'em.
    I've been looking around online and found out they came out first in 2006 as single carded guys for $1(!!!!) at Walgreens.
    I've never seen the single carded ones, but for $1 you couldn't stop me buying 'em ALL.

  • miloelgato says:

    See if you can find the earlier ones; there were three robots, three human troopers (wich looked like low budget HALO troopers) and three a liens (my favorites of the bunch). They also made some vehicles thath could be dissasembled and combined with the figures… the possibilities are endless with these guys!

  • Rexplode says:

    I would absolutely LOVE to have the older ones but I am afraid that ship has sailed. They were apparently really tough to find even when they first came out and there are none on ebay.

    It seems like the company is still making toys though, I just saw a couple of really neat looking transforming robots under the MARS Heroes line that I may check out eventually.

    If anyone has some of these older guys I'd love to work something out!

  • Mecha-Shiva says:

    These would make nice enemy drone army builders for Ironman,

  • Fengschwing says:

    These are neat, I'll have to see if any turn up in the UK.

  • wesitron says:

    Are these the same toys Jin Saotome scraps for parts all the time? He always comes up with really good looking tech on his mecha figures and he talks about parts coming from Mars toys and Armored Core toys.

    Awesome review, they kind of remind me of some mega bloks stuff, I'll bet they'd go great with the Dragons Universe toys!

  • Mecha-Shiva says:

    Also,what does M.A.R.S. stand for?

  • Rexplode says:

    haha! there is no explanation that I can find on the packaging!
    this seems to be a generic brand that this company uses to release their boys toys. i've seen large scale Transforming Robots as well as large scale battery operated robots that look to be not poseable.

  • R-DIZZLE says:

    This is a very impressive, detailed, and exhaustive review of a product that would normally be looked over. Information like this is golden in a world wide web of garbage. GREAT FIND! Your review was very helpful. I'll be looking out for more of your finds!

  • R_DIZZLE says:

    If you every get that together, please takes some pictures! I'd love to see that!

  • tanker Fan says:

    there are awesome toys, is a cool review i have a few of them but i dont know where i can buy more of them, i looking online but only found the package of frosty, martian & coma i want the tanker to combine with the megabot series and martian has a incredible combination also with the blue megabot of the single package, darkbeat with the trooper or the megabot series looks awesome too
    this toys are cheap, cool and great to collect!

  • Claxus says:

    Just stumbled into this site, so I’m very late in my commenting here, but… Tanker is sitting because its legs are actually tank treads, too! I think they should be painted.

    Anyway, I happened to get all 3 packs, which nets you three clones overall… But I love these figures. Their designs are surprisingly fleshed out and detailed for real mecha fans, their posability is amazing for their cost, they’re customizable and are bursting with accessories!

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