Imaginext DC Superfriends
Green Lantern Jet
2 Inch Scale
By: Fisher-Price

My girlfriend picked this up for me back at Christmas. I’ve been meaning to get around to reviewing it, but this should give you an idea of how much backlog of stuff I have to review. Sadly, I have items much older than this… Anyway, I just yesterday saw that this pack is being sold at Target now with two additional figures (Hawkman & Flash) as well as a DVD. That’s pretty awesome.

I figured now was as good of time as any to review this set. More people will probably buy the new set and may be wondering about the jet and the figure. Personally, I’m not one of those people who’s been real caught up in the whole Blackest Night stuff, but I’ve always liked the Green Lantern. Imaginext doesn’t say specifically which Lantern this is, but we’ll call it Hal. Now it’s time for a grown man to review a toy that is for children 3-8!

The package your pretty basic Imaginext style packaging. They have a lot of these little vehicles. I’ve often contended that Imaginext may be the best toy line on the market right now. You’d be hard pressed to find another line so diverse and so full of vehicles.

Surprisingly, everything is held in nice and secure. Nary a twist tie to be found, as well. Hal is protected in a little plastic cup deal. Everything disassembles fairly easily.

Imaginext figures typically offer up a pretty basic design and then shrink it down. It’s not really super deformed or kiddiezed as many of the Super Hero Squad style figures are. The faces are generally a little “friendly” but not overly done caricatures. In face, the sculpting reminds me a bit of the basic old school Super Powers line.

Green Lantern really lends himself well to this design. His costume is bright and colorful, but yet simplistic enough that it works quite well. Batman doesn’t look as good in this format, but GL just works for some reason.

The sculpting on the ring finger is pretty impressive as well. It’s not like, incredible, but it’s definitely there. The paint work isn’t super crisp, but it’s got less flaws than a lot of DCUC figures I see on the shelves. Especially in the ring department. Now I want an Imaginext Phantom, just so he can have his rings! Okay, that’s not likely to ever happen… But a boy can dream!

He does have a smilin’ grin which is sort of a trademark of this line. I’m not entirely sure why that’s a trademark of the DC version of this line, since some of the other Imaginext lines have more expressive faces, but it works well enough for Jordan. I mean, they didn’t cast Ryan Reynolds in the Green Lantern movie because of his surly demeanor! He fits in well enough with other small scale figures and makes for a great addition to the DC Imaginext Super Friends line.

I decided to do a sub-category for the vehicle because I wanted to highlight a few specific things about it on it’s own. It’s got a great green translucent nature about it. In fact I prefer this jet to the larger one I saw at the C2E2 Mattel booth for their upcoming larger scale Green Lantern line.

The jet isn’t jam packed full of details or anything, but I prefer it that way. I’m assuming that this is some sort of construct, so it works well in that sense. It’s fairly good size too and I suspect with a little tinkering you could make this fit GI Joes.

However, you’re not going to be able to fit Joes in naturally. In fact ol’ GL has a little bit of trouble sliding in perfectly himself. He can fit in well enough, but he has to be positioned just right. There’s plenty of excess room in there, so I’m shocked they didn’t make the seats sit a little deeper.

With the jet and figure together, I can imagine hours of fun for a youngster getting his first real introduction to the Green Lantern. The base of the vehicle is a grip, like that of a gun. It’s like ToyBiz’s old Batwing which had a gun grip, allowing you to fly it around.

The video here shows a slightly puzzling feature, which is that there is a trigger on the gun grip of the jet. You’d think that the trigger would shoot the missile, but no… Instead it just makes a couple of little things inside move around. This feature feels a little, hmm, uneven to me. It seems like it should do more than it does. Shoot sparks or make a cooler noise or something.

The figures in the Imaginext line have one real weakness… The articulation!

The neck is a simple cut and works well. The shoulders are actually a hinge ball joint and they work well… The problem is in the legs, which are connected together and move as one. If Imaginext could make the legs be separate cuts, this toy line would be even cooler in my opinion. As is, the articulation suffers because the figures are forced to just stand static.

As mentioned above, if you buy this pack currently at Target you get a bonus DVD and two bonus figures of Flash and Hawkman. That’s a great deal. Sadly this pack isn’t as great, but is still pretty nice.

You get not one, not two, but three of these Lantern missiles. They don’t shoot super far (as seen in the video) but they have a decent bit of sculpting on them. I was impressed that you got three, as kids are more likely to lose them and typically you only get one. Good job Imaginext!

A couple of years ago you could get a really cool GI Joe 25th vehicle/figure set for around $13. Unfortunately that’s no longer the case and it makes the value of a relatively simple set like this go up in my book. It’s a lot of fun and if you can get the current Target set with the bonus guys, it’s even better in value.

Score Recap:
Packaging: 5
Sculpting: 7
Paint: 7
Articulation: 5
Value: 7
Overall: 6

A six might seem like a relatively low score, but that’s basing this on my more refined adult tastes. The truth is that for kids this toy is quite good. If the leg articulation could be better, the score would likely go up as well. We still haven’t quite gotten the perfect mini-figures, but the DC Imaginext line is as close as it currently gets. Of course if you get the Target bonus pack, the value would shoot up as well and so would the overall score.

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