Gremlins 2
6 Inch Scale

Gremlins is one of those fantastic 80’s properties that transcends time. The original film is a genre bending horror/comedy that walks the line between being serious and having some downright truly horrific and creepy visuals, while also having some hilarity as well. Joe Dante really crafted a unique film that is loved by many and is a Christmas tradition in my household.

Gremlins 2 is a sequel also directed by Joe Dante and basically serves as a parody of the original film. Dante was upset that the original film was going to be turned into a franchise and so he got the studio execs to agree to let him direct the sequel and then intentionally tried to make the worst movie he could. Sadly, the studios were so inept to catch on because Gremlins 2 did everything that the studio no doubt wanted… It amped up all the humor elements and went over the top with everything, including but not limited Hulk Hogan and Bugs Bunny cameos.

The one “good” thing to come out of Gremlins 2, despite the fact that a majority of the cast got back together and the premise itself wasn’t terrible, is that many of the Gremlins designs were pretty neat. NECA has had the Gremlins license for a few years, but thanks to a re-release in Toys R Us, the line is actually back and stronger now than ever.

NECA usually sort of phones in their packaging. However, Gremlins 2 had some really fine poster art and it’s reused in the figure here. Surprisingly this is NOT a clamshell. That’s a plus in my book.

The back of the package shows off the rest of the series (a new series was just recently release as well) and there’s even a little bio. Pretty impressive all things together.

The inner lining is really awesome. I love that poster.

NECA can really sculpt when they want to. In fact, they’re one of the better companies out there today when it comes to sculpts. The NECA Gremlins are perhaps some of their best work in recent memory to me.

To begin with, Mohawk comes out of the package without his trademark mohawk. In the original film, Stripe had a furry mohawk and this character seems to be paying tribute to that, although his mohawk is a fin. The point of this, is that the Gremlins themselves were completely redesigned for the second film and without his fin, Mohawk actually could pass as a “normal” Gremlin from the second film.

The only thing that might ruin that is that he has fins made into his arms. Still, he’s workable for a generic Gremlins 2, Gremlin.

That could actually come easier than you might expect, because every one of these I saw in TRU was painted different. Some paint jobs were pretty shoddy. However some of the paint jobs were seriously, completely different. It’s pretty weird and not something I can necessarily condone.

The fin plugs into a slot in the back. It’s a nice idea, but it doesn’t work particularly well. The head fin fits in easy, but the back fin is a bit of a struggle.

The fins themselves could also be a bit confusing if you don’t pay attention. There is no directions about which one goes which. Obviously the bit one goes in the back… But there’s not a huge difference in size in the fins.

Once he’s all together, like I said, he looks pretty fantastic.

There’s really a lot of detail both in the paint and the sculpting.

NECA hasn’t always been the greatest with articulation, but oddly, the Gremlins, while not super articulated, make out okay.

I really like the ball jointed shoulders, although the sculpting on him does prevent him from getting full range of motion.

The rest of the articulation is simply cuts, but you get quite a few, including some at the elbows, neck, wrists and legs.

You only get one accessory, unless you include the fins.

You get a beaker of the spider formula. NECA will supposedly be releasing the Spider Gremlin. I can’t wait! It’s a nice little accessory, especially when they might not have added anything at all.

At $10-$15 these are a nice value. The sculpt and paint is good (assuming you get one that’s painted well) and it’s hard to find too much else on the shelves that’s comparable. I’m really digging NECA’s Gremlins and obviously I’m not alone. Even though this is an older figure re-release, I highly suggest you pick it up.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 8
Sculpting – 8
Paint – 7
Articulation – 6
Accessories – Spider Beaker
Value – 7
Overall – 7 out of 10

NECA’s Gremlins line is arguably their most successful line. Hopefully the releases keep coming and I’m glad to have this little dude on the shelf. I plan on picking up many more.

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    where can i buy these??? I cant find these anywhere?? And the ones i do cost wayyyyyy too much any help would be appreciated?

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