Doctor Who – Series 5
Cyberman Pandorica Guard
5 Inch Scale
By: Character Options

You know, as soon as I started photographing this horrific monstrosity, the more I started thinking I should have saved it for the 31 Days of Halloween! Seriously, this guy is creepy. Appearing at the conclusion of the Doctor Who Series 5 Pandorica Opens finale, this version of the Cyberman really emphasizes the brutal nature of the Cybermen race.

With a broken head that’s opened to reveal the charred, ancient remains of what was once a human who became trapped inside the mechanical concentration camp. Character Options has passed along this figure to us now and I’m taking a look at it today. This is the “NON-CD” version of this release, aka, the second release. Originally these figures were packed with audio Doctor Who stories as part of the “Build A Pandorica” wave. This still includes the Pandorica part, but no audio CD.

I don’t believe I’ve reviewed a Series 5 figure yet, so I’ll talk a bit about the packaging. This is a new package with a design that’s influenced by the more current version of the show. It’s also plastered with information on the “Build-a-Pandorica” and the CDs.

The front also has a huge sticker on it saying that there is no CD in this version, but the back of the package still rambles on about the audio CD and stories. They probably should have changed the packaging for these re-release waves, but I won’t fault them too much. I mean if you can’t read that big yellow sticker that says it doesn’t have a CD, you must be blind.

Inside is your usual assortment of twist ties. One nice thing is that the Pandorica piece actually has a little rubber band around it to prevent the CD or in this case the phony CD shell from popping loose. It’s a minor thing, but a nice touch.

Wow, this guy has some really fantastic paint work. I know a lot of people expected this to be a cheap repaint of the Cyberman figure, but Character Options and DesignWorks once again went above and beyond to present a truly unique figure. It should be noted that Argos (a UK store) also had an exclusive set with a different version of the damaged Cyberman which is quite different, but I’m glad we got this version in mass retail.

For starters the head is detachable. Actually as you can see in the package above, the head doesn’t even start on the body. This definitely sets it apart from most Cybermen figures.

The reason for this is simple, in the show the Cyberman started without his head. He then “came to life” and his head sprouted little cords and grew back onto the body. The cords/tentacles are included here as a separate piece and can be plugged into the head’s neck joint, should you decide to display him in this fashion.

The Cyberman face plates are not hinged, but because the rubber/plastic is soft on the figure, you can squeeze it together if you want. It won’t stay, but I’m sure clever folks could rig something up if they wanted to make it so that you could open and close the head.

Compared to a regular Cyberman there are quite a few key differences. Obviously the paint and head are pretty clear. The chest also has extensive damage.

The damage goes all the way around and isn’t just a new front portion of the torso. It’s also on the shoulder and back areas.

There is also a shoulder “bolt” that’s dislodged on the damaged arm.

Finally there is also some damage sculpted into the legs.

And if that wasn’t enough, there are some parts choice differences. The gun is on the opposite arm, the fist hand is now open and the other hand is the open hand from the Cyber Controller figure. Making in essence, this figure a completely different experiance from the traditional Cyberman that most of us have one or a hundred of, in our collection.

My Pandorica Cyberman feels really loose and hard to stand up straight. I guess it plays in well with the character. For the most part the articulation is very similar to the regular Cybermen figures.

He has a neck that’s more like a cut joint because of the removable head, ball jointed shoulders (with somewhat limited movement), elbow hinges, cut wrists, knee hinges, a bit of a cut at the upper torso which allows just the tiniest bit of movement but not enough to seriously consider it a point, ball jointed hips that are very limited and ball jointed feet.

Doctor Who figures don’t always come with a ton, but this guy manages to have a few accessories. Since this is part of the Pandorica wave, you get the piece to construct it. I don’t think it matters which pieces you have (but don’t quote me on that) so long as you have enough to build the box.

You also get the head and tentacle wires. Obviously the head is a no brainer (pun not intended), but the wires are a nice touch.

The Pandorica piece isn’t anything impressive, but I suspect this looks a bit better than the CDs. On the down side you don’t get an audio adventure, but on the plus side you can leave this displayed all the time. The “CD” still pops out too, if you’re curious.

At about $15 these guys aren’t cheap. However in the age of DCUC figures being $16-$18 at most places and MOTUC upwards of $20, I don’t feel bad paying $15 for a well made, highly detailed, largely screen accurate import figure. Even if you have a few Cybermen, you could definitely add this one to your collection and not feel bad. The detail on the skull alone is worth it.

Score Recap:
Packaging: 8
Sculpting: 8
Paint: 8
Articulation: 6
Accessories: Pandorica Piece, Tentacle Wires
Value: 8
Overall: 8 out of 10

“Hey the only box I’m getting into is Rose’s!”

This is a solid little entry into the Series 5 figures. Series 5 was definitely short on villains and this new take on the Cyberman makes for a very fun bad guy. I am glad I went ahead and picked him up, despite being on the fence at first.

4 Responses to Figure Review: Doctor Who – Pandorica Guard Cyberman

  • Bill says:

    Great review Newton! CO produces lots of great figures, and the Cybermen are among the best. My friend went to England and picked one of these up for me, and I'm waiting for it to come in the mail. Your review has made the waiting even harder. I'm not a patient man!

    Bummer that the face plate isn't on hinges, though. It doesn't seem like that would have cost too much to add.

  • wesitron says:

    Wow, your friend went to England to buy you a Cyberman? Wife him!

  • I'm a little surprised it wasn't on hinges, but I'm glad to see that it can be fudged if you were inclined to do so. I almost want to pick up another to experiment with it.

    I hope your buddy in the UK picked you up the Remembrance Daleks set. I keep hoping someone I know will visit the UK and pick me up a set.

  • Engineernerd says:

    That's a bit creepy and cool. I have to keep telling myself to not start collecting Doctor Who stuff, but they are awfully tempting

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