Doctor Who Character Building Micro-Figure (Blind Bagged)
11th Doctor
3 Inch Scale
By: Character Options

When Character Options first announced this line of figures I knew I was in trouble. You see, I’m an old school Lego fan from way back, and so when I saw that Character Options was going to be combining my love of Legos with Doctor Who, I have visions of money slowly draining out of my bank account.

However, despite my fears, I am happy to say that these figures are not only everything a Lego fan could desire, but also very affordable. With that in mind, it’s on to the review.

Like many mini figures nowadays, these come in a small bag that obscures which figure is inside. The idea is that it is kind of a crap shoot to collect all of them by just purchasing the packs. Since most of the available figures are monsters, people probably won’t be too upset to get multiples of those, but when I ordered 5 unopened packs off Ebay I received 3 of the same Doctor, which was a tad annoying, but I digress…

The package is nice and shiny, and comes with a special insert which shows the other figures, as well as a second line of British Army figures, which might be cool if you want to army build some UNIT troops.

Since these are Lego analogs, the figure comes in pieces you have to construct:

This figure was simple enough to construct, but the mini Dalek I bought was more complicated, and I could definitely see a younger kid getting confused as to how to put it together, but that is for another review.

Once constructed, the figure itself is pretty neat. It has the basic Lego articulation. The head can move back and forth. The hands turn at the wrists, and the arms pivot at the shoulder. The waist can pivot, and both legs have a standard back and forth joint.

If I have any complaints about the sculpt it has to do with the fact that the Doctor’s clothes are painted on. If you look at the pics of the other figures it becomes fairly obvious that CO just recycled a standard body with a different paint job for this. Considering how much work went into the detail sculpt of a figure like the weeping angel, it’s funny to me they didn’t spend a bit more time on the Doctor. This figure would have benefited from some raised texture on the lapels and bow tie, especially when you consider that they have a Doctor without coat that is pretty much exactly the same as this one. Still, the recycled body takes little away from the figure, and the head sculpt is fairly nice.

This figure comes with both a sonic screw driver and a base. The screw driver is a nice little sculpt, but I cannot figure out why they made it all grey. The 9th and 10th Doctor both carried the grey-ish screw driver, but Matt Smith’s is mostly brass and green. It would have been cool to see a little light on the end of this one, but it is what it is.

The base is also nice. It is the new Who logo, and makes these figures much easier to display. Like a regular Lego figure, these little guys do not stand well on their own.

Score Recap:
Sculpt: 8/10
Accessories: 7/10
Articulation: 8/10
Price 9/10 (I got a pack of 5 for under 20, which I think is very fair for these figures)
Overall – 8 out of 10

The Verdict: These figures are cool, and definitely a neat way to add distraction to your desk. If there is a specific figure you want your best bet is to get it off Ebay now before they become hard to find, and the price shoots up.

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  • wesitron says:

    Awesome! I didn't know these were out yet, very cool!

  • Rob_Mac says:

    They're the same size as lego figures, and look really neat, but my advice is to find the one you want and just order that on ebay rather than order a set of unopened figures. I have 5 blue Daleks on the way, perfect to build my miniature army of doom!

  • wesitron says:

    Well it's like Mom always said, if you're going to have a miniature army…

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