WWE Defining Moments
“Macho Man” Randy Savage
6.5 Inch Scale
By: Mattel

With Wrestlemania on the horizon, it’s time we take another look back at a memorable match from Wrestlemania’s past, as the Macho Man did battle with the Ultimate Warrior. A few weeks ago we looked at the Ultimate Warrior from this particular match. Now we look at the man who lost this match (and his career at the time) and yet, in many ways came out the winner. Why? Because prior to this Macho Man (Macho King at the time) had been a heel and had lost the support of his longtime love, Miss Elizabeth. After the match, Macho Man reunited with Liz and turned face again, making this more a defining moment for Savage, than Warrior.

Perhaps more importantly, this is the first Randy Savage action figure in more than a decade. Although ToyBiz had produced some pretty decent Macho Man figures at late as 1999, he was not part of Jakks extensive legends figures collection. In fact, WWE has largely sought to erase Savage from the minds of fans as he is never mentioned, he rarely appears in video packages and has been absent from television. The question as to why Macho Man has become taboo, is unknown. Urban legend is that Randy molested or sexually harassed a young Stephanie McMahon and thus, Vince has blacklisted him.

Of course, that’s completely made up. The real reason that McMahon has an issue with Savage whereas he’s been able to forgive Hogan, Hart, etc is because when Savage defected to WCW he took with him, WWF sponsor Slim Jim. Slim Jim quickly became a sponsor of WCW and the loss of Slim Jim at the time (along with all the other issues) nearly put WWF out of business. Plus Savage is notoriously insane and has no interest in making any return to WWE because he doesn’t need the money.

So how does the first Macho Man figure in over a decade stack up? Well, I can tell you this much… It requires some thinking, thinking, thinking! Dig it!?!

The Defining Moments SKU is replacing the old Entrance Greats line. As you may recall, the Entrance Greats line was mentioned in my Top Ten Toy Line Mistakes of 2010 because of it’s failure to really embody the concept. The flashier packaging on the new Defining Moments brand of toys, certainly helps to make it stand out on the shelf.

It has a little bit of a title belt vibe going on. There is a window on the back that shows off the back of the jacket and outfit. It’s not really as interesting here as it was on the Warrior. Savage’s coat is pretty basic in comparison to some of his later outfits.

On the side of the package, still in the belt design is a picture of the Macho Man from the event.

Some of the design work here is a little interesting. While Macho Man was always pumped, especially for his size… This looks too muscular to be Macho Man. Certainly not fit for the Macho Man of this era. Around 1999, perhaps, as Savage was ridiculously cut at that point in his career… But not here.

The face sculpt is another matter entirely. While it looks pretty good as Randy Savage with the hat and glasses on, it’s basically just a passing resemblance without them. Part of the issue is the hair, which is slightly poofed out on the side to allow the glasses to slide onto the face. It’s a nice feature but probably takes away from the overall accuracy of the figure.

While it does look better than some of the last Macho Man figure we got in the late 90’s… It’s not THAT much better. Really it’s sort of a shock that Mattel didn’t nail this likeness dead to rights. Macho doesn’t look particular “crazy” either, which is a bit of a disappointment as his facial expressions have always been that of a loose cannon.

Although he was going under the moniker of the “Macho King” at this point in his career, this really wasn’t his Macho King look. Prior to this event he typically wore short briefs and a crown (check out his Hasbro figure for a good idea of his look) and this event was one of the first real times he began wearing his longer tights and coat with frills and cowboy hat. Ironically that would eventually become the more iconic outfit of Savage, so it’s not necessarily a bad choice of outfits, it’s just not a good representation of his Macho King era.

Perhaps in the future we’ll get a real Macho King figure. I also sort of hope we’ll get a later 90’s Macho Man as well. They could reuse this sculpt, but repaint it in such a way that it looks more as he often did. Macho Man had a ton of these outfits. He sold some of the coats off in the early days of Ebay.

The paint is good, not great. The most impressive area of the paint for me, is actually the simple wrist and finger tape. It shows good attention to detail on Mattel’s part. Macho Man did specific things with his finger tape and it’s replicated pretty well here.

I honestly don’t feel like there’s anything here that makes this stand out as something special. I mean, it’s good, but this isn’t more impressive than regular Legends figures from Mattel. There is a little slop or overspray on the hat in particular.

The articulation is the typical WWE Elite style as seen on all the Legends figures. This is a big step up from the Entrance Greats, which had the basic articulation. It was one of the many things fans asked for with this line and Mattel was smart in providing it. The way the crotch piece in particular is one solid mold allows for greater detail in painting, as well.

However there are some issues with this articulation, specifically in the legs. As I mentioned in my Ultimate Warrior review… Macho Man’s legs simply do not bend forward. They could possibly be boiled and allow them to work better, but I’m disappointed in general with the problems with the legs.

So what do you get with Randy Savage? Well not much. You get his hat and jacket. The coat is done well, with fringe hanging off. The hat is less impressive. It doesn’t fit greatly and the sparkly band which adorns it almost always falls off. That can be a bit annoying.

Beyond that you get a gold stand and paper nameplate. I would have loved a crown and scepter to go with the Macho Man… Of course he didn’t have them at this event, so I understand why we didn’t get it. However this is a nearly $25 figure.

Of course I also think it’s worth noting that Macho Man’s gold stand and Ultimate Warrior’s gold stand are two completely different shades of gold. This will likely drive people who like uniformity nuts. It’s a rather startling difference in person, almost like two completely different colors. I have no idea if this is a running change, a bad batch, a fluke or what. I don’t use the stands anyway, so it doesn’t bother me.

It’s really tough to justify the $22.99 pricetag for these guys. In the case of Macho Man, it is the first Macho in a decade or so. That was enough reason for me to go out and get it… But, since that time two other Macho Man figures have been released. This figure isn’t perfect either. The head sculpt is not only a little off, it’s a fair amount smaller than most Mattel head sculpts. It’s a decent Macho Man and if you’re a fan of Savage, it’s worth getting. However it is a far cry from being the definitive Randy Savage figure.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 8
Sculpting – 7
Paint – 7
Articulation – 7
Accessories – Stand, Coat, Hat
Value – 7
Overall – 7 out of 10

Macho Man is not only one of the all time greats, I think you could make a case for him being the #2 man in WWE history. Hogan is clearly #1, but Savage was the only man who could ever truly rival Hogan during his prime. If you want a good example of how great a worker Savage was not only as a face, but as a heel… Check out his WWF debut match. Most WWF debut matches are uneventful. Savage came in as relatively unknown in NYC and faced a jobber and yet managed to have the entire crowd nearly rioting in hate against him and actually had a really good match. That’s something that literally 99.9% of all other WWE champions can’t say.


6 Responses to Figure Review: Defining Moments Randy Savage

  • Monte says:

    The crowd's reaction in that debut match when he stands on the top rope while his opponent is outside the ring gives me chills. It makes you realize how startlingly NEW his offensive style was at the time.

  • Mark says:

    Savage is one of my faves.
    I got this figure, £33 with shipping in the UK.
    Its good but it could be better. The face sculpt especially. Also, he should have a removable vest under his jacket.
    Annoyed that the Legends figure only comes with a t-shirt instead of his cloak.
    If only Jakks could make a Randy Savage figure…but this will do to go with the current figures. Come on TNA sign Savage.
    Savage had some amazing matches with Hogan, Flair and Steamboat.

  • Absolutely. It's a pretty incredible match and for a debut no less. Of course Randy had been tearing it up in Memphis for quite some time, but it was still pretty unheard of to get the crowd that into a match in NYC.

  • Although Macho Man's brief stint in TNA was one of the low points for both, I'd love to see Macho Man come back in some capacity. Even if only for a brief few cameos. I would have loved it if he'd done something with Jay Lethal, whom apparently, Savage was a fan of.

  • Mark says:

    There was a Toybiz Savage figure in late 99/2000 in his Team Madness outfit aswell.
    TNA is doing great at the moment though, I'd love for Macho to comeback to go against Hogan and Flair etc.

  • wesgrogan says:

    He'll be missed.

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