Deep Fried Figures
Bionic Bjoern
7 Inch Scale
By: Scheer Imagination
65 Euros (Plus Shipping)

One of the things we pride ourselves on here at Infinite Hollywood is to look at things that no other website is covering. Sometimes we look at stuff you may have never even heard of. Back in 2009 we had a great interview with designer Hauke Scheer about some of his upcoming toy statues. Today we’re taking a look at one of his newest creations, Bionic Bjoern. Hauke doesn’t just come up with creative characters, he has entire backstories for them that are as imaginative as they are fun.

Hauke’s line of creations, Deep Fried Figures (formerly Scheer Imagination) offer up a wild assortment of characters and designs. Bionic Bjoern is a cyborg soldier turned mascot for a fictional beer company. Imagine Duffman from the Simpsons, if he was the Terminator! The beer? Bionic Beer… The beer you DIE for!

Here’s an example of Bjoern in action in his beer commercial, once again made by the talented Hauke Scheer:

We love Hauke’s work and he loves us, so he was kind enough to let us check this bad boy out. It’s his final resin figure before he begins production on his first articulated PVC figure of the U.R.I.-NAL 9000 bathroom robot! I can’t wait. So let’s check out this crazy creation together.

Packaging by no means is a selling point for statues such as this. However, I thought I would let people see what the figure comes in so that you could have a good idea of how it’s encased.

It comes in a large mailer box, similar to MOTUC (only much bigger) and has a cool picture of the character on the front. Each box appears to be individually numbered, so these are really short run works of art. It also mentions that this is not a toy, but an adult collectible.

Once you get through that, he’s encased in a tomb of styrofoam. That’s to keep all his little resin pieces safe and secure in his long trek to your home.

Open it up and you’ll see that one of his arms is unattached in the package. It’s a very minor amount of assembly, that you must do once you get him out of the package.

Because this is a statue, sculpt and paint are the only real criteria we must look at. Let’s see what Scheer Imagination/Deep Fried Figures has in those departments.

Right off you can see that the level of detail here is really out of this world. Immediately I’m reminded of some of the cyborg looking guys in the old Smash TV Nintendo game. I realize they never really looked like this, but this is sort of how I pictured them in my mind. It’s a very sci-fi centric design.

The Bionic one has tons of little sculpted details on him from front to back, head to toe. It’s really a testament to the high quality craftsmanship and creativity of it’s designer. There just aren’t many statues out there like this on the market today.

He’s about 7 inches high and has a couple of little metal rods that connect to his gatling gun arm. His other arm is more “human” but also has a saw blade on it. This piece in particular is extra fragile, but the entire statue is fragile as it’s made of resin.

The detail on his shoulder missile launcher and the gatling gun arm are definitely some of my favorite parts. It’s really a neat design and it’s totally out of some awesome sci-fi movie, probably from the 80’s. At least, that’s how I picture it.

The legs also have a lot of detail with pistons and pumps. There are really a ton of little sculpted pieces and grooves throughout. I could spend hours photographing each little individual sculpted spot. There’s almost nothing on this figure that doesn’t have some sort of design to it.

He also looks pretty cool doing battle with my other Deep Fried Figure, Callamorr from the Deep Sea Trouble line. Another one of Hauke’s incredible creations. If you haven’t checked out that review but like what you see here, be sure to give it a look as well.

The design is off the charts and it really looks exactly like the CGI commercial for the character. It’s really something to behold and definite conversation piece. Picking up one of these will definitely make you stand out amongst the collector crowd.

The paint here is really good as well. There is a lot of layer of depth to the colors and the palette in general. Great use of shading, shine and contrast to really bring your focus in on the right parts.

I was really impressed with the simple but effective painting on the hair. It makes it very lifelike in person.

There’s also a lot of good weathering on the gun. The painting is done in such a way, it’s actually hard to distinguish the couple of actual metal parts from the faux metal pieces. That’s a good testament to the paint work.

This is a statue, so even if it looks like something moves… It doesn’t.

In the absence of that, enjoy these bonus photos!

Obviously with a statue, you aren’t meant to get accessories. Hauke included a stand though (although the figure can stand without one) and it’s a nice little piece. It’s actually made of metal and has the Scheer Imagination logo on the underside along with little felt risers to prevent it from scratching your table.

He fits on the stand quite nicely and I definitely feel as though he’s secure on it.

He looks quite regal on his stand. And yet at the same time, ready to kick some ass and drink some beer.

65 Euros plus shipping will likely be too rich for some people’s blood. That’s understandable, but if you’re in the market for unique statues you can’t get much better than the stuff Hauke is cranking out over at Scheer Imagination/Deep Fried Figures. These limited edition, truly creative pieces are some of the neatest things in my collection. I’m really looking forward to his first articulated PVC figure as I’m betting it will really cross the line from funky fantasy to awesome toy.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 9
Paint – 9
Articulation – N/A
Accessories – Stand
Value – 8
Overall – 8 out of 10

The only real trouble with these figures is their fragile nature. Resin can be damaged very easily. If you buy one, be careful with it. Otherwise, these are truly creative pieces and I thank Hauke for sharing them with us. Be sure to check out his website where you can order this figure and all kinds of other goodies at, Deep Fried Figures and be sure to be on the lookout for the articulated U.R.I.-NAL 9000 in the near future.

I’ll leave you with the second Bionic Bjoern commercial:

5 Responses to Figure Review: Bionic Bjoern

  • Bill says:

    Now THIS is a figure! I love goofy 80's designs like this. If this was an action figure, and wasn't out of my price comfort zone, I would totally buy one! Looking forward to the articulated PVC'c.

    THIS is why I like this site, Newton. I get to see things I would never see elsewhere on the web. No offense to those what love 'em, but I grow weary of seeing a bazillion reviews of the same MOTUC figures every month.

  • Thanks Bill. It's a really neat figure and I know it's something nobody else is covering, so I like to shine a light on this kind of stuff.

  • wesitron says:

    Wow, he looks awesome! I love the design of the legs, they look really amazing. He reminds me of the villains from Centurions, though their names escape me. And those videos are fantastic, I love it when a company gives a little extra effort, like Glyos' 8-bit games or this guy's commercials for his beer. It really tells the collector that they like the products they're making, not just churning them out for profit.

    Awesome review, I'm going to read the Callamorr review now!

  • Mecha-Shiva says:

    Man he looks awesome like he came from the original DOOM game.

  • wesitron says:

    Dude, nice call. I can totally see that. Awesome

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