Ben 10 – Ultimate Alien Vinyls
6 Inch Scale
By: Bandai

The only thing I know about Ben 10 is that it’s pretty darn cool. I’ve never watched the show, but I’ve picked up several toys. Why? Because they look cool. Out of all the cool Ben 10 toys that I’ve seen, none looks cooler than the brand new Ultimate Alien Vinyl of Aggregor.

I’ve been told that Ben 10 himself turns into various alien monsters and from what I can tell this is an amalgamation of several of those… So I’ll assume this is a “good guy”, but look at him, we all know he’s really evil. You can’t tell me this isn’t one of the coolest looking toys you’ve ever laid your eyes on.

Let’s experience this maniac together!

In Japan a vinyl figure like this can be sold with almost no packaging at all, simply a tag. Here in the US, that just doesn’t work on toy shelves. So Bandai has made a window box of sorts, that’s really just a backer card.

There is no front or covering, so the figure is “loose” in that sense. However it is held into the package by a few cable ties. These are like Police zip ties, so this Ben 10 alien is not going anywhere. It’s a pretty ingenius package if I do say so myself.

This is a really great sculpt and honestly, the entire thing is a work of art. This is one of the coolest vinyl monsters I’ve seen in a long time. He’s a perfect figure to add to your vinyl kaiju collection and that’s exactly why I picked him up.

He’s just amazing in every respect. If you’ve ever even glanced down the Ben 10 aisle, you’ll probably recognize some of his parts. His arms are like that yellow panda robot guy, his toros like that turtle looking guy, etc. Aggregor is obviously some sort of super form, combining many different elements. Everything is brightly colored and just downright evil looking. This is one nasty character.

While I’ve admired some of these vinyls before, I haven’t picked them up. What really attracted me to this one, was the level of detail at work here. This is some really nice work in detailing, paint and shadings. It’s a trifecta of excellence.

Little design touches, like the green spinal cord running down the back and the shiny bright blue “hair” add to the aura of this monster. He’s just loaded with neat little areas that make him seem to radiate with life.

He reminds me a lot of a Zoanoid from Guyver. He could easily pass as such and that’s definitely part of the attraction. The mixture of organic and synthetic throughout the design, it’s very well done.

Plus he just looks wicked going toe to toe with my Ultra-Act Ultraman. I love it when I can pick up a cheap Bandai vinyl to make a villain.

Vinyls and rotocast figures rarely have a lot of articulation. This one has no surprises with only four simple points (or two depending on how you count) with basic cuts at the arms and legs.

The nice thing here is that both the arms and legs have a good range of motion. The design allows for them to move quite well. A waist cut would have been nice and the head and hands almost look like they should be cuts, but they don’t turn on mine. However, it’s not the biggest loss.

While I love articulation as much as the next guy, sometimes a figure looks cool enough that he doesn’t have to be loaded down with it. This is definitely one of those times. He has the perfect Kenner “bent elbows/knees” that you can get a lot of poses, with very limited articulation.


Vinyls don’t usually come with anything and Bandai isn’t reinventing the wheel here.

$10 for a vinyl figure isn’t a bad deal at all, especially when one is as detailed as this. Some stores actually have these guys for a few dollars cheaper and I bought Aggregor at Target during their sale (which I believe ends today) and he’s only $8! This is one of the neatest looking $8 figures I’ve bought in a long time.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 6
Sculpting – 9
Paint – 9
Articulation – 5
Accessories – NOTHING
Value – 9
Overall – 8 out of 10

I don’t collect Ben 10, you don’t collect Ben 10… I don’t know we don’t. We’re stupid. We’re too attached to crap from our youth. However, I know one thing about the both of us… We’re going to find a way to integrate this cool figure into our collection. Maybe he works for Cobra Commander, maybe he’s a Thundercats villain, he’s damn sure gonna fight Ultraman… He fits in somewhere, because he’s just too cool not to.

4 Responses to Figure Review: Ben 10 Vinyl Aggregor

  • Mecha-Shiva says:

    Wow,never seen this guy yet,his face reminds me of Ivan Ooze.

  • Oh yeah, excellent point.

  • Philip Reed says:

    This entire series of Ben 10 vinyl toys is great. $10 for a toy that would run $50+ if it was by an independent designer and every bit as cool as a lot of the indie Japanese vinyl. Definitely recommended!

  • plannedbanter says:

    Awesome. I show this in a store to Richard a couple of weeks ago and said "This thing looks f'ing great!" To which he completely ignored me and kept on about something else. Then I said "Dude, this thing looks great" Then he said "who cares about Ben 10. No one, that's who. Anyway…"
    Glad to know I can always count on you to back me up, home-skillet! Agreed on all fronts for this review. This is the kind of cool stuff we should be getting.

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