GI Joe RAH 25th Anniversary 12 Inch
Snow Job
12 Inch Scale
By: Hasbro
$15 (price varies on secondary market)

Sometimes I forget how long I hold on to stuff before I review it. This figure came out in early to mid 2009 and was technically part of the 25th Anniversary figures that Hasbro was doing for Joe at the time. In addition to the 3 3/4 inch figures, they began doing larger 12 inch figures of familiar RAH characters. It certainly wasn’t the first time they tried to bridge the gap between 12 inch and 3 3/4 inch fans, but it was probably the best effort.

Yes, that means I’ve been sitting on this guy for about 3 years. We just had a big snow, so I decided it was finally time to unearth this guy from his plastic tomb. I really liked the effort that Hasbro was putting into their 12 inch figures at the time, as it was one of the few occasions where I found myself compelled to pick some up. Unfortunately, Rise of Cobra happened and just as it neutered the 3 3/4 25th Anniversary line, it straight up killed the 12 inch incarnation. Shame too, because they were planning a Crimson Guard figure (which did see limited release as a con exclusive) that was easily the best 12 inch RAH figure EVER produced. But at least we got this pretty cool Snow Job out of the whole ordeal.

I have a unique history with Snow Job. Since he was one of the earliest Joes released (arriving in the second wave) I had him in my collection practically from the beginning. However, one snowy day of play saw Snow Job get lost and presumably to never return. In fact Snow Job was mysteriously absent in my backyard for several years, until one faithful day when we were doing some remodeling and tore down our old shed.

At the time we had a couple of sheds and the old shed was never used, full of scrap lumber and such. There inside was Snow Job, with all his gear, sitting there as he had been for literally years through the harsh weather environments. As it turned out, I had stuck Snow Job into the shed through a rusted out side portion which probably had made for a perfect snow cave during the original day of play. Needless to say, Snow Job was back into the fold, after being “on assignment” for several years.

It was fun at the time to get Snow Job back and he instantly moved up my ranks as an important character. Normally he would be the kind of guy who you didn’t use much, but given his ordeal, he became quite important to me. The 12 inch 2009 version while different, is quite a bit in resemblance to the classic incarnation of the character, so when I saw him on the shelves, I just had to have him.

The packaging is sort of unique in that it’s a typical blister card with a peg hook like you might have seen on a smaller Joe, but it’s also a bit like a window box too. It has a full box side and could also be displayed standing up. Some stores had these on hooks, others had them stacked in rows like a box.

The package itself isn’t too impressive, but it’s nice enough. It has a great big GI Joe RAH logo on the side and some general green graphics all about. The back has your bio card type information, but no official bio card. It also shows the other figures in this wave, which was the last wave of these particular figures.

I should note that the inside packaging has this great arctic display. It looks like some sort of base, perhaps a Soviet Cobra base that Snow Job is sneaking into. The art comes out perfect and isn’t damaged at all, so you could use it for display or perhaps for a 3 3/4 dio scene if you wanted. I really liked it, so I wanted to show it off. This art is practially invisible when Snow Job is in the package, but it’s quite nice.

Through the years Snow Job has only ever had seven smaller scale versions and the majority of those have been repaints. While a lot of the Snow Jobs look similar, I’d say this one is mostly based off his original incarnation.

Right off the bat, he disappoints a lot of 1/6 scale collectors because he has the molded on shirt. They think that looks cheap. Certainly it was created to help Hasbro save a few bucks, but I actually think it works pretty well on Snow Job. He needs a coat, mind you, but the undershirt could be made of plastic as far as I’m concerned.

The original Snow Job didn’t wear a helmet (in fact no Snow Job but this one ever has) but it actually works pretty well as a replacement for his puffy coat’s hood. The goggles help to complete the look. His shirt has the name “Snow Job” on it.

Underneath he has a great gruff sculpt, just as you’d expect from Snow Job. We’ve only ever seen his face in plastic form a few times, but this one is nearly identical to his small scale 25th counterpart, only a lot better. He has the trademark scar that Joe always has in his 12 inch versions and he definitely has an Adventure Team sort of feel to him.

He’s also got a GI Joe logo on his sleeve. Overall I think it’s a pretty good look, but you definitely get the vibe that he’d look fantastic with an overcoat. I plan on picking one up for him, eventually. It’ll make him look complete, I just know it. It’s a shame Hasbro couldn’t afford to put one in there for him.

Now enjoy this mini-adventure with Snow Job!

The cold is unforgiving, but Snow Job knows that only he can locate the Cobra base. The rumor is that the base has an important part of the weather dominator inside it. Cobra specifically chose this region of the country to hide the device, knowing that no one would dare venture out into this frozen tundra.

Just 200 yards away, a lone Cobra Trooper stands guard protecting the polar weather dominator. He thinks for a moment that he sees something out there in the whiteout… No, it can’t be. He shivers, wondering why he ever got involved with this group.

Finally Snow Job arrives, but he notices a Cobra Trooper. Intel told him that this place wouldn’t have guards. He’s not prepared for a battle…

But he’s a GI JOE! He only needs the element of surprise as a weapon! Snow Job was rarely stealth, but on this day, he would have made Snake Eyes proud.

The battle is swift, Snow Job is victorious. Now to dismantle the polar weather dominator. Does Joe succeed? The adventure continues, YOU DECIDE!

The articulation is the same as other 12 inch figures from this era such as the Rise of Cobra Destro which I reviewed way back when. If you want a diagram of the articulation, you can check out that old review.

Needless to say it pales in comparison to say a Sideshow or Hot Toys body in terms of articulation. Of course, you should remember that these are aimed more at kids. Hasbro does actually have a “super articulated” body, but they haven’t been using it much and it did not appear at all in this line.

For my money, the articulation is pretty darn good. Yeah it’s less than most bodies, but it’s still quite poseable. Certainly better than those old Hall of Fame bodies. The main issue is actually in the hands.

The hands are pretty neat as the trigger finger and the rest of the fingers (three as a solid piece) move on a hinge joint. This is great for gripping stuff, but unfortunately the fingers just aren’t curled enough, so more often than not this ends up as a pretty loose grip. It’s a shame because this is a good piece of innovation on Hasbro’s part, but it just doesn’t quite work as well as it should.

Also, I should note that for whatever reason everybody shares these fingerless glove molds. Hasbro apparently never molded a fully gloved hand. For most people, even Snake Eyes, it’s okay, but it’s kind of silly for Snow Job. I would have settled for the regular hands, but painted to look like gloves. I mean, it’s cheaping out either way.

Snow Job has quite a few accessories. This may have been one of the reasons that they couldn’t afford to do a coat, as they have given him a fair amount to work with here. I can appreciate that, and if nothing else Snow Job is a good figure to kit out your winter warriors with.

You get the removable helmet and goggles (as well as pants you perv) and rubber boots. The boots are particularly rubbery and not very hard at all like most Hasbro boots. You also get a gun, two skis and ski poles. Plus his webgear.

Skiing, pronounced She-ing, is a sport that appeals especially to the rugged, wide awake, out of doors individual.

The skis attach via a neat little strap and opening boot holder. It works REALLY well and you don’t have to worry about the skis falling off. You can also hide the strap under the pants, I’m just showing it here so you can see it.

The rifle is big, but not too big not to be realistic. It has a missile launcher made into it, but again, it’s pretty well hidden. This is a gun that they would have used in the RAH toon, so it’s a good fit.

The only issue is that you can’t have him hold the gun and his ski poles. He needs somewhere to store the rifle. I suppose you could rig something up with the webgear, but it’s worth noting. Also be careful of those ski poles, I dropped them in the snow a few times (hand grip issues) and nearly lost them!

At the $12-$15 these originally retailed for, they were a pretty good deal. Some figures could pass as complete and in a pinch, even with a molded shirt, I don’t think Snow Job is too bad. If you threw a coat on this guy, he’d be pretty much perfect. This is what I like to think of as a base figure and with a few bucks and some extra gear, you could kit him out to be a perfect Snow Job. If you like the character and the scale, he’s not a bad pick up, but I wouldn’t pay over $20 for him in today’s market.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 7
Paint – 6
Articulation – 7
Accessories – Skis, Ski Poles, Rifle, Helmet, Webgear, Goggles
Value – 7
Overall – 7 out of 10

If Snow Job had a coat, I’d feel comfortable bumping this guy up to an 8, perhaps even an 8.5 or so. However, without that coat, he’s just an average figure. Not great, but not as terrible as some 1/6th scale fans might have you believe. Hasbro has a great winter coat pattern too, which would look great on this figure. If I track one down, I’ll post up an updated photo of this guy.

Hasbro’s 12 inch figures, particularly the RAH versions are hardly perfect. However Snow Job is a great little start on what could be an awesome figure. I’m glad to have him in my collection and he’s a lot of fun to have out in the snow.

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  • Joseph Tages says:

    Great review and dio story. These cheaper Hasbro figures actually look more authentic to the source material that recent high-end releases from the expensive companies such as Rock & Roll. I hope you find a coat for him so that he'll look even better.

  • Yeah with a handful of exceptions, I haven't been that impressed with the Sideshow stuff. This line was definitely drawing from the source material and with a few upgrades here or there, make pretty awesome 1/6 scale RAH figures.

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