A bunch of random ratings news for anyone that cares. Dollhouse, the show that Fox decided to back instead of the much better Terminator, bombed pretty big on it’s return debut. This season will probably be it’s last. Might should have given Terminator another season instead, at least at some point it got high ratings, whereas Dollhouse never has.

Over on NBC the return of Law & Order didn’t do very good either. I watched the episode and it was better than I thought it would be, but I wonder if some people didn’t tune out because it was so political? The previews made it sound like it was Jack McCoy versus the Bush Administration, but that was more side plot than anything. Hopefully the show can pick up some steam, last season was really good and NBC has tinkered with the idea of canceling Law & order. Which would be a mistake.

Also for those wondering, Leno’s ratings are taking a nose dive as well. He’s still beating Conan, Dave and everyone else, but he’s on an hour earlier too. Meanwhile NBC continues to give Conan worse guests than even Jimmy Fallon gets. Conan’s only hope is that Leno’s show completely bombs, but I’m not sure Leno’s show will ever get lower ratings than Conan’s Tonight Show gets, just on timeslot alone. Whatever, Conan FTW!

And finally, CW’s highest rated original show, Smallville got shafted to a new Friday timeslot. Everyone said this was a terrible idea as Friday is a bad night for TV in general and CW has nothing to help the show out, so guess what? It was down 45% from last season. I’m sure the CW will either blame this on Smallville or it was part of their plan all along to ax the show. Hopefully people catch on that Smallville now airs Friday. Smallville is just starting to get really interesting. If we can make it to another season, it’ll be a full Superman show and I’m all for that. CW did offer Tom Welling a new contract for another year, so it seems odd that they’ve stuck Smallville on Fridays with virtually no advertising.

I liked the debut episode well enough but it’s too early to really know where anything is going. The appearance of former TSCC actor Brian Austin Green already looks promising though. Plus we’re getting a lot more Clark/Lois stuff. Hopefully Smallville can rise above it’s network’s faults. CW, NBC and Fox tend to do really stupid stuff with all of their shows but sadly they always seem to be the only networks willing to get good shows going before canceling them when they aren’t immediate hits.

3 Responses to Fall TV Debut Ratings

  • Tom K. A. says:

    Dollhouse seems like limited potential. Smallville has some interesting beginnings this season. Maybe it can kick back into gear.

  • Gilltron says:

    Terminator was such a great show and I still can’t get over how it was canned, Conan needs to step his game up and get more viewers if the network isn’t going to help him out, and Smallville was actually enjoyable Brian Austin Green should be good as Metallo.

  • Wes says:

    I thought Smallville’s opener was kinda stupid, personally. This Kryptonian army sans powers thing is weak, and I’m sick of Zod — didn’t we get him in some form in like two previous seasons already? And this whole broody Clark thing is unconvincing too — I don’t see why he can’t save the world and occasionally stop by to have tea with Chloe.

    I’d stop by to have tea with Chloe.

    Dollhouse’s opening was pretty lame too, but I was expecting that.

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