So a little over a week ago the greatest cartoon to ever air on or be created on American soil came to DVD. Haven’t you heard? Of course not. Because the DVD got no press. Chances are you probably never even heard of the show. Because the show itself never got any press. Exo-Squad is a little known science fiction cartoon that was syndicated in the mid 1990’s and changed the genre in ways that cartoons of today still can’t catch up to.

Let me guess, you just watched GI Joe: Resolute and you’re in awe of how “revolutionary” it was. Characters died, there was blood, explosions happened… OMG. Well Exo-Squad did all that over a decade ago and did it better I might add. Let’s not turn this into an unfair comparison, I too just watched Resolute and loved it, but Exo-Squad remains in a league of it’s own. It delved into the psychological effects of war like a prime time drama, featured the gruesome reality of genocide and slavery. It even discussed suicide, the morality of cloning and a whole plethora of real world issues presented in an engaging science fiction setting.

First, let me preface the rest of this article by saying: GO BUY THE EXO-SQUAD DVD RIGHT NOW!

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But it on Best Buy
But it at Wal-Mart

Why am I urging you to buy this DVD? Because I swear to you, it’s that good. It’s also REALLY hard to find in stores. Best Buy (I hate them now) won’t even carry it in store. I was able to find it at Wal-Mart, (YAY!) so you might check you local Wally’s first. But if you can’t find it in store, ORDER IT ONLINE! It’s worth it. Don’t pirate it. BUY IT.

The show also spawned some really cool toys from Playmates, but this show was never about the toys. It was a good TV show first, toyline second. Seriously, about 15 people die in the first episode and by episode 5 we can safely assume that the casualties are in the millions!

Now with that out of the way, let me tell you a brief synopsis of the show. In the future humans will create a race of being called neo-sapiens. These big blue humanoids are created for the purpose of Earth’s expansion in the galaxy so they can do work on places like Mars and Venus. Neo-Sapiens are just like humans only bigger, stronger and different looking. So of course, they become our slaves.

Eventually there is an uprising, humans are able to beat back the Neo-Sapiens using exo-suits. These robotic suits allow the humans to regain control. 50 years later there is plenty of racial tension between the Neos and the Humans. Neo-Sapiens have gained some rights, but they still can’t carry a gun and aren’t considered on equal pegging with humans. Although some are moving up in the world, including a governor on Mars.

The exo-suits have also come along and are now called E-Frames, full bionic suits that humans put on in the army to help with intergalactic battles. Pirates are now around as well, trying to overthrow the Human Federation at every turn.

Sound interesting? Seriously, that’s like the first 5 minutes of the first episode. Needless to say the Humans go out after the Pirates in one big battle to decide the fate of the expanding human empire and while they’re away, the Neo-Sapiens begin a new uprising. One that has been planned for decades by Phaeton (Govenor of Mars) before the Federation can return home, ALL of the planets have been conquered by the Neo-Sapiens.

Thus starts the 52 episode saga of Exo-Squad. It’s one show, one war, and it’s all out epics. Battles are won, battles are lost, politics are played, it’s like a real war but in sci-fi. Phaeton has been compared to HITLER, with the entire saga playing out a bit like World War II in space with robots, pirates and aliens.

Eventually the show deals with cloning (Including my single favorite Science fiction paradigm. What to do with the clone of an evil man who has done no wrong. Imagine if Hitler had a clone. Can you sentence him to death if he’s done nothing wrong?) As swell as genetically altered monsters, interracial dating, racism and all walks of the human condition.

Seriously, if you’re a fan of sci-fi, Star Trek, Star Wars, GI Joe, Transformers or anything that’s remotely awesome… You owe it to yourself to check out this show. It’s taken 16 years to get it on DVD and while these first 13 episodes are not the best (The show really hits it’s peak later on) you’ll definitely be hooked.

I started watching this with my GF (Although I’ve already seen the whole show when I was younger) but I don’t think she loves it. It definitely starts out slow because the first 4 or 5 episodes deal more with the Pirates than the Neo-Sapiens, but once the revolt happens and the war truly begins things heat up.

The DVD itself is bare bones. In fact the cover artwork is pretty cheap looking, there is no inside episode list and the description on the back of the show hardly does it justice. They should have simply wrote” Best science fiction cartoon ever made, nuff said” and it would have been more accurate.

THIS SHOW IS GREAT! The DVD’s quality is quite good. Much better than the bootlegs out there. I should know, I own a few. It’s a real treat to have Exo-Squad in my DVD shelf and I hope you go and re-enjoy or discover this show for the first time. Go buy the DVD so we can show Paramount that they need to give Exo-Squad a full release and maybe offer up some extras on the next releases.

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  • Monte says:

    I never buy DVDs, with the exception of Venture Bros.

    That said, I may have to queue this up…

  • The animation isn’t as polished or nice as some other cartoons out there, but the plotlines and character depth certainly make up for it.

    This show got shafted in a lot of markets because it was too adult for daytime TV and aired at like midnight. I was lucky enough to have a local station that ran it during the afternoon and it was a real highlight.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is by far one of the greatest american made cartoons of all time. I just can’t imagine why it’s taken soooo long for this to make it out officially onto DVD. I do own some of the bootlegs, and the quality is terrible: a real injustice to this magnificent art.
    If they fail to produce the entire show onto official DVDs then I would take that as proof that 1)There is no god and 2) The only thing human life is good for is taking other human lives.

  • Brian says:

    I was thirteen when this show aired in my town. I think I can truly say the show changed my life at that point. The one time I got caught stealing it was an e-frame. I’ve got almost all the toys in my attic. I thought I was alone on this. I take comfort in knowing its out on DVD. May the world be better for it.

  • Byron Swain says:

    Oh yes. This is like kharma plus christmas.

  • Seb says:

    Thanks for the info man. Heck yea this is one of the best cartoons EVER! I watched it while getting ready in the moring for school. I watched the whole series too. This will defenitly bring back memories of the 6th, 7th grade. Going to walmart tonight.

  • No problem. That said, you might look online. This post is a couple years old now. Not sure if Walmart will still have them. Although I do recall seeing one locally a few months back. Might try Big Lots too, I think I saw some there earlier this year for $5.

    Season 2 never did come out I don't think. Too bad really.

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  • Tim Mischka says:

    Wasn’t made by Paramount, it was from Universal.

  • Peace Moore says:

    I must say sir this is DVD cartoon is a definite find if you like cartoons with a mix genre.And I agree with the drama with in the show it is really hair raising. Never scince I saw Gijoe and Transformers I felted a deep passion for cartoon till I saw this series. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the subject of this DVD.

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