It’s been a while since we’ve had an Ebay Bandit, but just last night I caught another. This time it’s a double dose of bootleg wrestling goodness, with two “Sin Cara” customs.

In Mexico, Sin Cara (Formerly Mistico) is quite the popular wrestler. He debuted in the WWE this past year and has grown to be very popular in the United States as well. This listing says that you’re bidding on an exclusive Sin Cara figure directly from Mexico. What they don’t bother to tell you is that it’s a cheap bootleg. The advertising here sort of guides you into believing that you’re getting some rare figure from Mistico’s pre-WWE days, or some special Mexican exclusive. The truth is, it’s neither.

Don’t get me wrong, this is hardly the first time Mistico has had a figure of him bootlegged. In Mexico, wrestling figures get bootlegs all the time. It’s almost a tradition. Heck I reviewed a Bootleg Sin Cara (Mistico) last year that I bought in a Dollar Tree here in the United States. These guys are all over, but that doesn’t make this one any less shady.

Incredibly this guy is pretty clearly making these figures on demand. He doesn’t just have the one, he has multiple listings featuring different versions of Sin Cara. Some of the bootleg accessories are the best part. Look at that WWE title belt, which has the WWE logo, upside down!

Sadly lots of people have fallen for this trick, or perhaps they knew this was a bootleg custom and enjoyed it… I can’t say for sure. However it’s clear from the seller’s history that he’s sold quite a few of these this year. The bottom line though, is that this is a custom bootleg of a bootleg. It’s not official in any way and it’s being made on demand cheaply in Mexico. If you’re okay with that, then order away, but I’m labeling this guy a BANDITO!

We’ve all seen these guys before, posting up something to Ebay and either misleading potential buyers or overcharging for something “rare” in order to play the system. Use this forum to expose these Bandistards and send in your own Ebay Bandits. If you see unscrupulous action on Ebay, help me fight the douchebags Bandits and send in your own auctions of miscreants!

4 Responses to Ebay Bandits: Sin Cara Exclusives?

  • Elhay says:

    Personally I don't understand why this guy is such a big deal, To me he's just another Rey Mysterio.
    Mask covering entire face takes away from the charisma and personality of the wrestler.

    People should definitely know better when they buy a figure that is not from either Jakks or Mattel that they're not buying an officially licensed product.

  • Well Sin Cara has kind of fumbled in the WWE to an extent. However, a couple of years ago, Mistico was really incredible. His moves and how slick he was, really made him an attraction, even in Mexico where 3/4s of the guys are in masks.

    In WWE he's struggled a little bit, but their hype machine has worked well for him.

    Personally I love masked wrestlers, but I realize they're a dying breed these days. These figures really aren't too bad, but I don't like the fact that they're clearly customs of bootlegs and aren't listed as such. I'd be afraid they'd just fall apart on me.

  • arun says:

    i think it was kevin nash as sin cara

  • arun says:

    I'm calling Mick Foley as the secret character named sin cara

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