Welcome to Ebay Bandits. What are Ebay Bandits? Well, they’re jerks on Ebay that are trying to rip people off either by deception or just plain ludicrous auctions. Often they try to mislead potential buyers or overcharge for something “rare” in order to play the system.

Submitted for your disapproval today is a bevvy of miscreants with plenty of gall and disregard for the collecting community at large…

First up is a rather strange item. The Playmates Star Trek line was one of the first big collector lines in modern times. The figures had great sculpting, covered a wide range of characters from all the Trek shows and generally had a lot of people interested in it not just for the toys, but for the “value”. As is always the case with items that become super collectibles, the bottom fell out of the market. As a result, you can pick up the Star Trek figures from Playmates for cheap.

Q is one of the better figures, typically running at around $10 on the market today. So what’s the deal here? What makes this Q worth $55,000!?! I have no clue. I guess that’s why we call them bandits!

Next, one of our readers, Clark, sent in a couple of different bandits of his own.

This Robocop prototype is legit rare. The seller has a somewhat reasonable price for the figure, given that it’s not something you see everyday. The problem comes in some of the description elements that make this one a bit strange.

First he tells us why this a rare item. He runs down the unique aspect of the figure and mentions that this bad boy “runs like the day it was made”. That’s important, because he goes on to say that only a few of these were ever made and presumably none of the others work. Hey, this is starting to look like a great deal!

And then it sort of all falls apart. He tells us that this is not one of those “I knew somebody who knew somebody who worked at Kenner” tall tales that we’ve all heard. Then he goes into a story about how he bought these from somebody who was related to someone who worked at Kenner doing something. That’s right, the first thing he does is do EXACTLY what he just said he wouldn’t do.

Sadly, it gets worse.

He then goes on to talk about how this guy very well may have designed this figure (but offers no proof, just wild claims) and continues on to say that he’ll guarantee that this figure is real for life. If you ever find out that this isn’t real, he’ll refund you the money. Look, I don’t doubt that this is real, but as soon as someone says “it’s impossible to fake this, if you ever find out it’s a fake, I’ll refund you” it starts to sound like, you know, maybe this is a fake.

The absolute best part is that he goes on and on about how rare it is because it talks, then explains that he only tested it once. He only heard one phrase (so he doesn’t even know if they all work) and that he makes no guarantees that it’ll work when you get it. So you’re buying the ONLY one in known existence to talk, except, it may not talk at all. This guy is a new type of bandit! It just reeks of total subterfuge, even if it’s 100% on the up and up.

Finally there’s this nice lot of Hellboy figures. It sold for $400, which seems quite high given that they’re all loose. The bandit part is two fold. This item originally had a $900 buy-it-now, but obviously he took a best offer. Good for him.

The bandit element is that this same lot was up back in November, in the open Ebay market. It was up to over $160, but then suddenly as the days were coming to an end, it was “no longer available”. Yeah, he couldn’t sell it at the price he wanted, so he removed the auction listing. He then put it back up, with the inflated buy-it-now. Screwing the guy who had the highest bid, because it wasn’t enough.

Note, although this picture says there were 0 bids, apparently there were several and they were removed for whatever reason when the auction was taken down. Clark, who sent this in, was one of the bidders.

Ebay is a gamble. You know when you list that you may not sell for big bucks. When you try to game the system, you’re a bandit, a virtual scoundrel and we’re gonna call you out on it!

If you see unscrupulous action on Ebay, help me fight the Bandits! Email me the auction and the details and we’ll expose them right here.

5 Responses to Ebay Bandits – Robocop, Hellboy and Q

  • This is a great new topic!

  • Jack says:

    Did I read that Robocop guarantee right? If this Robocop prototype is ever found not to be a pre-production STAR WARS figure he will refund the money. Can’t remember seeing Robocop in any of the Star Wars movies.

  • clark says:

    That Q figure is just plain stupid, it’s almost as bad as the guy who asked for $1 million for a city strike snake eyes. At least that guy admitted that he knew it wasn’t worth what he was asking.

    I go through cycles with what I collect, but Hellboy figures, particularly the comic line, is something I am always looking for. One day I will finally complete my BPRD team. I was really surprised that the Hellboy lot sold for $400. He definitely has some figures that fetch high prices (Kriegaffe #10 $50-75 loose, Alien $25-50 loose, all the others $10-20 loose), but even if he sold them all individually, I only see about $300 there, and that’s on a really good day.

    The Robocop thing throws me for a loop. You can find other prototypes on eBay right now that are asking for more money, but it was just the claims that were made here, and you pointed out, that have me really second guessing some stuff.

    • Newton says:

      What’s odd about the Q figure is that there isn’t any “funny” description or anything. There’s nothing to why it’s so expensive. It’s almost like he made a mistake… But obviously he didn’t. You don’t let a goof up like that stay on Ebay for weeks.

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