Welcome to Ebay Bandits. What are Ebay Bandits? Well, they’re jerks on Ebay that are trying to rip people off. These guys are posting up stuff on Ebay and either mislead potential buyers or overcharge for something “rare” in order to play the system. I’ll use this forum to expose these Ebay Bandits. If you see unscrupulous action on Ebay, drop me a line via email and help me fight the Bandits!

First up is a bandit who is charging over $100 for those rare JLU three packs. At first it seems innocent enough… Sure he’s overcharging, but no one will bite right? Wrong. He just this past month sold this exact same set for $98! Unbelievable JLU Ripoff!

I’m not sure who should be more ashamed, the guy selling these JLU items, the people responsible for making them so rare or the people desperate enough to buy them. This guy certainly sucks though, charging $14 shipping on top of the outlandish price? Heaven forbid he throw in the shipping charges.

Up next is the new JoeCon 2010 Henchman figure. The GI Joe con is a scalper haven every year. This figure originally retailed for an already inflated price of $49. Thanks to the low production run of only 200, this guy is already up on Ebay for an auspicious $125 Buy It Now.

I like the figure, but it’s a shame so much of this JoeCon stuff ends up being scalper fodder. Damned Ebay Bandits. Thankfully this guy is generic enough that even a novice customizer could make one in a flash.

Finally we have this guy, who makes no bones about it… He’s trying to scam you. He knows that this City Strike Snake Eyes isn’t worth $1 Million dollars, but hopes that you’ll bid anyway because it’s Hard Times economically. This is either the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of, or the smartest. Either way he’ll hand deliver it to wherever you want. Presumably after you give him the million dollars.

Check out his ridiculous auction plea:

I know this item is not worth $1 Million but I put it for sale at that price because I want to see if there is any rich person out there that would spend the money on something like this, during tough economic times and I’m facing losing everything I have to before I get tons of questoins that is why I put this price on it. Because I need the money and I have nothing to lose, its better then playing the lotto, plus whoever buys it would get lots of air time becuase it would make a good story for the news. Will hand deliver anywhere in the world, including Mount Everest if you really want me to earn my money.

Zack J.

He’s turned down 11 other offers, so I guess he’ll only settle for the million. Please, if you’re thinking about buying this… DON’T! I’m just as needy as this dude and would easily give you my entire collection of toys (and it’s massive) as well as a nice night of stimulating sexual relations (and it’s massive) for one million dollars. Just saying, incase any of my readers are horny wealthy philanthropists.

Help me fight the Ebay Bandits and send in your own auctions of miscreants! I’m always on the lookout for the Banditos of Ebay! Send them along and get your least favorite auctions mentioned right here.

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