An all new Ebay Bandit is riding into town and this time he’s trying to M.A.S.K. his true intentions…


What intentions are those? To sucker you into buying Cliff “Blaster” Dagger from M.A.S.K. You remember M.A.S.K,, right? It was a toy line and cartoon, which stood for Mobile Armored Strike Kommand and featured a bunch of guys who put on masks and had special transforming vehicles. It was kind of GI Joe meets Transformers. This figure from Kenner is hardly rare and can be had for about $4 on Ebay.

Enter our Ebay Bandit, who’s name is apparently Jeff and he’s currently having a sale on this “unknown” figure. How much does he want for old Cliff? $69.97! And if you think that’s a ripoff, remember that this is 30% off the regular price. Normally our Bandit wants $99.95 for a figure that’s not even three inches tall. To make matters worse, the Ebay Bandit has claimed this is a figure of John Wayne!

I know John Wayne wasn’t exactly slim and trim by the time he was playing Rooster Cogburn, but I don’t think he ever had the body of Cliff Dagger!

According to his bio, Cliff is an expert in demolitions and bare-knuckle brawling. He was also a convicted arsonist! That doesn’t exactly sound like John Wayne… Then again, maybe it is someone John Wayne could have played!

This figure isn’t even complete! The original figure did have a minor interesting note, in that there were two versions of his Torch mask. But neither is included in this Bandit’s auction!

Jeff… You are an EBAY BANDIT!

We’ve all seen these guys before, posting up something to Ebay and either misleading potential buyers or overcharging for something “rare” in order to play the system. Send in your own Ebay Bandits. If you see unscrupulous action on Ebay, help me fight the guys trying to cheat the system and send in your own auctions of miscreants! We’ll expose the Bandits.

4 Responses to Ebay Bandits: John Wayne as Cliff Dagger

  • Tarman13 says:

    WoW!!! what ever happened to good ol' Fashion EBAY when you can go on looking for Old Mask figures for a mere $4.00 or look for old vintage Star Wars figures on card for $30.00 each—- now comes Dickless wonders who thinks they can muster up Ol' John wayne and poof make a figure for $99.00 or even this guy who sells this—

    I'm telling you people— Crackpots like these have nothing to lose but their dignitary and who knows what else— want to spend lots of cash— go to these BOZOS, this crap gives me migrains. OY!!!

  • Tarman13 says:

    DIGNITY!!! sorry

  • Haha, I love your rants Tarman and I mean that in a good way. Drop me an email if you get a chance, I got an idea.

  • Tarman13 says:

    Hey- Hey this is Tarman, I'm really Glad that i got that RANT out of my System— anyway i hope this is your email— what's your Idea???

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