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E.T. is one of those films that made a special connection to a generation of kids, but has since become sort of forgotten and passed over. In the early part of the 80’s though, E.T. mania was sweeping the nation. So much so that E.T. had t-shirts, books and of course, toys. There were quite a few E.T. figures made in the era of varying quality. Some that were no better than erasers and others that were pretty decent for their time.


One of the things that the 80’s brought us was lots of toys from different manufacturers. Today when a popular movie comes out, you can pretty much count on your hand which toy companies will bid on the license. In the 80’s though, it seemed like everyone could get a piece of the pie. Sometimes that was good and other times, it didn’t work out so well.

Galactic Friend E.T. Review

Such is the case with E.T., because although there was a lot of product there wasn’t ever one defining toy. NECA has been coming to the rescue in the past few years releasing incredible toys from movie licenses that are considered by some as “outdated”. Instead of chasing down the popular new movie licenses, NECA has decided to give us definitive versions of classic movies, like Predator, Gremlins and Rocky.

E.T. Review at Infinite Hollywood

Does this hold true for E.T. as well? Read on to find out my thoughts on this figure which seems to encapsulate the spirit of the E.T. character in surprising ways.

NECA loves their clamshells and this package is pretty standard fare for NECA. It’s not part of their Cult Classics line, but rather is it’s own thing.

Probably the most clever part of this package is the sticker, which says it “features an interchangeable neck”. It’s not the sticker itself that’s sly, but rather the placement. It’s conveniently placed over the extra neck in the package, so no parents or psycho religious groups mistake E.T.’s neck for something more dubious.

NECA has some of the best sculptors in the business working for them. It’s rare you find a NECA figure with a weak sculpt and E.T. certainly isn’t one. He’s immediately recognizable.

The likeness is spot on. E.T. is just covered in wrinkles, ridges and various other details that display the fine craftsmanship on the sculpting.

Originally NECA showed a full wave of E.T. figures with a potential second wave, but somewhere along the way it seemed that they decided to cut the E.T. license down to two figures. According to NECA, the second wave of 2 figures is still planned. This version which is for all intents and purposes the “regular” E.T. and the other E.T. is where he was dressed up as a lady after spending a little time with young Gertie (Drew Barrymore).

The original version of this figure didn’t come with the blanket, but another version came with a slightly different blanket. In the end, they split the difference and gave this E.T. a blanket which can be wrapped around his shoulders. I imagine most folks will toss it aside, although it’s a decent little sculpt.

“E.T. 2 – This Time It’s Personal!”

The body doesn’t have a ton of paint work, but the eyes are really well done with a lot of charm and emotion in them.

The rest of the body has a nice little wash on it, to help bring out the details of the sculpt. It’s not overdone, it’s just right.

The index finger of E.T. is painted red, to replicate his healing powers. Part of me thought they should have used a translucent plastic here and then painted around it, but honestly the paint job on the red is so good that I think they may have gone the right route.

He seems to be a pretty good scale, though he probably fits in with 1/6th figures the best.

Everything is recreated here in small scale and it’s wonderfully done. It’s all there, well except the heart light. Then again, there’s John Cena figures on the shelves right now filling that void.

The sculpt on the bonus neck is just as good as the regular. I do think it could have been a tad bit longer, but both necks are well done.

Part of the reason that none of the 80’s E.T. figures were any good is the lack of articulation. For a little stubby alien, E.T. still needs to be able to pose. Thankfully NECA has knocked this one out of the park in that department.

E.T. has a ball jointed neck, which is a double ball joint. Meaning that the joint is like a barbell and each end has a ball allowing you to get a ton of movement out of it. This is true of both the neck and the head, which are separate joints. This allows E.T.’s neck to have a ton of mobility.

That’s really important, given that E.T. expressed most of his emotion through his head and neck.

Surprisingly the arms are swivel-hinge ball joints at the shoulders and Hasbro-style swivel hinges at the elbows. He also has wrists which appear to be swivels, though they might be tiny balls with little to no side to side movement. I didn’t pop them off to be sure one way or the other because they just act like swivels.

One nice element is that the elbows are made of a really soft plastic and almost have a little “sheath” action going on around them. This allows the joint to be hidden in a way, but still really pliable for posing.

E.T. even has leg articulation, in the form of swivel-hinge ball joints.

You can’t get a ton of movement out of the legs, but it’s more than enough given the sculpt and design of the creature.

This E.T. comes with all the core items you’d want. The only item that’s missing is the little potted plant that E.T. carried around in the movie.

First you get the aforementioned blanket. This doesn’t look as good as the sculpt that would have fit over his head, but it works well enough. It’s made of a semi-soft plastic, but it’s thick, so there’s not going to be a ton of posing with it on.

Most importantly you get the Reese’s Pieces. Unfortunately they’re not labeled, as I assume NECA couldn’t work out a deal with Reese’s. Too bad, but the bag is the right color and the pieces are colored appropriately. Nobody would mistake these for anything else.

Finally you get the extra neck. It’s a bit of a hassle to swap necks, but not a huge deal.

Popping them out of the base body isn’t that hard, but popping the head in can be an issue. I recommend doing a boil and pop if it gives you any trouble.

It’s quite a bit for a figure in this price range.

If you like E.T., this guy is worth every bit of the $13-$15 range that you’ll likely pay for him. There’s a handful of minor things such as the potted plant or the heart light, that might could have made this figure even better… But he’s not missing anything by not having them. This is an incredible sculpt, grade A articulation and a handful of accessories at a price that can’t be beat.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 7
Sculpting – 10
Paint – 10
Articulation – 9
Accessories – Candy, Towel, Extra Neck
Value – 10
Overall – 10 out of 10

What’s that? A perfect 10 score? Yes, I believe that overall this is about as perfect of an E.T. as we’ll ever get. Unless Hot Toys does some sort of E.T., this is as good as it gets. Plus there’s no way anyone’s going to release an E.T. that’s even half this good at this kind of a price point.

When NECA tries, they can put out the best toys on the market. Unfortunately not every NECA figure gets this sort of treatment, but I’m damn glad that E.T. did!

I’ve only given out a handful of 10 out of 10s in the 6 years that Infinite Hollywood has been running. Galactic Friend E.T. has managed to become one of the chosen few. Now that’s something worth phoning home about!

If you overlooked this guy on the shelf, give him a second chance. This is a little slice of brilliance from NECA. Now I just need to find some guys with guns walkie-talkies to harass him!

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  • Mario says:

    All your pics are REDONCULOUSLY AMAZING!

  • Thanks man. I had a ton of pics for this review, even a dozen or so more that ended up on the cutting room floor. E.T. is very photogenic!

  • Bill White says:

    Priceless pics, Newt!

    This is a must-buy for me. I haven't seen it on the pegs in these parts, though. Did you get it at TRU?

  • I picked it up at Toys R Us. He's pretty hard to track down, though. Not sure what the case packout is, but it seems like crossdressing E.T. is found more easily. They might be packed 50/50 or so. Whatever the packout, it seems this version is selling a lot quicker and its understandable why.

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