Remember when I mentioned Oxvylu’s 8-bit music before? Well he’s back with an all new release, check out the details:

Step into an underground world of dungeons… step into the DUNGEONS OF OXVYLU! With this third album release by Oxvylu, every corridor is filled with countless adversaries, shameless victories, toxic mushrooms and absolute havoc. Explore the dungeons for yourself, now available for free download on the Bitmasters Netlabel.

Oxvylu is a chiptunes artist from the gritty streets of Toronto, Canada. He has been making “videogamesounding” music since he realized he could hook his Intellivision up to a stereo. Seldom seen but often heard, Oxvylu produces some of the brightest yet darkest chiptunes you’ll ever hear.

If you like 8 Bit tunes and want to pick some up for free, check out their website at: and let them know Infinite Hollywood sent you.

I’ve got some playing right now, rocking out to some old school beats and playing some retro Gauntlet on the iPhone. Now that’s a bloody good time!

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