Ultraman: Towards The Future
10 Inch Scale
By: Dreamworks

I was a big fan of the 1992 “American” Ultraman show, Ultraman: Towards The Future. It was the first real relaunch of the character for the US market in decades and it had a lot of fun concepts. Sadly for whatever reason, it didn’t catch on. A short while later, Power Rangers would miraculously click with audiences where Ultraman had failed. Thankfully before the show ended it’s run, we got some great vinyl figures from DreamWorks.

Kilazee wasn’t particularly memorable in the actual show, but he was the last villain in the Super Nintendo Ultraman game. I happened to have that game (still do) and this long necked gaseous monstrosity, certainly left an impression. As a younger man, I never owned this figure but about a year or two ago I came across one at a flea market for a couple of bucks, still in the box. Naturally I purchased it for Ultraman Week!

The packages were actually pretty nice for their time, with lots of bold colors and a window box that was eye catching from just about every angle. Sadly, this box has been put through the ringer. I almost felt like I was rescuing this from the flea market. Oddly when I was haggling for the couple of dollars that this guy cost, the salesman noticed that a dirty telephone cord was half inside the box. He quickly pointed out that it wasn’t “part of the deal” and so he took it back. Fine with me, I didn’t want some dirty old phone cord anyway!

There’s a bio on the side and a checklist on the back. Oddly, DreamWorks made everyone of importance but Gudis. It’s an annoying omission.

The inside box is the best, with a cityscape and a picture of Ultraman in the background. You could easily cut this out and use it s a backdrop or play area for your city destruction scenes… Assuming of course you didn’t buy this 20 years later from a smelly flea market where fat people have been sitting on it.

The package is pretty darn good though, because despite all the abuse the box took, Kilazee was safely strapped inside. When I pulled him out, he was pristine as if he hadn’t seen the horrors of decades of flea market abuse. That’s a good box!

Kilazee is one of the more interesting sculpts and DreamWorks spared no expense here. Kilazee is loaded down with details and definitely looks like he walked right out of the show. Bandai would release a similar sculpt directly, but this one just seems better to me.

This one has much nicer paint, with a lot more colorful palette than the Bandai figure as well. It’s one of the few times that one of the other divisions really outshines the leaders. Kilazee is bright and colorful. Plus he has a lot of fun stuff going on throughout.

These figures are all in the 10 inch or so scale, making them a bit large for traditional Bandai collections, but not overly so. If you’re not super anal about scale, you can sneak them in, Kilazee works better than most due to his long neck and thin frame. He’s supposed to be a bit big.

There’s not a lot articulation here. You get swivels at the legs, which only sort of rotate out and make his knees where he can’t stand.

You can also rotate the arms up and down. His back piece sort of moves, but not much. His head, oddly, can’t turn.

He comes with nothing but a sticker, which I ripped off but haven’t put anywhere.

I think I paid like $3 for this guy. No more than $5. I don’t recall their original price, but I think they were fairly pricey for the era. $10 maybe $15 for the short time they were around. Kilazee is on the easier to find figures these days on the secondary market, so you can expect to pay anywhere from $5-$20 and it’s not a bad value at all. Especially when you consider how expensive some vinyl toys have gotten.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 8 (not counting the damage to mine)
Sculpt/Paint – 7
Articulation – 5
Accessories – N/A
Value – 8
Overall: 7.5

I’m giving Kilazee a solid 7.5, as he’s not quite s fun as some of the other vinyls due to his odd leg stance and inability to turn his head. He’s still a solid figure though and the entire DreamWorks vinyl line is worthy of a pickup. Much like Ultraman: Towards The Future, these toys are underrated in my eyes.

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  • prfkttear says:

    Nice! I had the Dreamworks ’92 Ultraman and Majamba and a couple years ago got all the monsters on eBay, Kilazee was easily the one I was looking forward to the most! Bogun (the green one with the whip/antenna thing). Thanks for posting the pic w/ Gypsy. They look like they’ll be in pretty good scale with each other!

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