Sonic The Hedgehog
Dr. Robotnik & Metal Sonic
3 Inch Scale
By: Jazwares

Sonic The Hedgehog has been a surprise hit for Jazwares. In recent years Jazwares has tried a lot of licenses and have improved their overall toy quality, but Sonic who has waned in popularity as a result of a few bad games has somehow managed to be Jazwares most profitable and diverse toy line in the boys aisle. After a fairly long stint in 6 inch figures, their 3 inch line has really started to grow with villains and variants. Finally after years of waiting, Dr. Robotnik (Or Eggman if you prefer) has an action figure.

Finally, the battle is on! Toys R Us has the new set featuring Dr. Robotnik and Metal Sonic in a diabolical double pack of evil. These seem to have hit most TRUs around the country and I reported first seeing them this past weekend in my latest Tales From The Toy Aisle.

Also known as Dr. Robotnik, the roly-poly Dr. Eggman is Sonic’s arch nemesis. His goal is to use his robots to conquer the world and establish the Eggman empire. However, Sonic and have managed to foil his plans so far, leaving the orange mustachioed genius frustrated.

Metal Sonic, often considered Robotnik’s greatest creation, was a more powerful counterpart to Sonic. Even though he matched Sonic in every way, he continuously failed to defeat Sonic. Eventually he became self aware and turned against his creator, proceeding to upgrade his abilities and knowledge.

Robotnik is one of the few clear cut villains in Sonic the Hedgehog’s mythos. He marks a real change for the line and a step in the right direction. Even if you don’t know a lot about Sonic’s ever growing and changing history, you know he fights Robotnik. Eggman is the Bower to Sonic’s Mario. So let’s see if Jazwares was able to pay fitting tribute to this video game nemesis.


Robotnik and Metal Sonic come sealed in a window box. It’s designed to look like a laboratory and Metal Sonic is actually inside a separate plastic tube. One can envision that this is where Robotnick first created Metal Sonic. You’ll notice that my Metal Sonic is drooping in the package, but he’s really supposed to be standing straight up.

The sides of the box are adorned with some great artwork of Dr. Eggman and Metal Sonic, respectively.

The back of the package shows the figures off in a beauty shot and also includes a little bio for both men. There is no cross sell or anything on the back. Still it’s a pretty nice package overall. There’s even a Sonic the Hedgehog logo on the plastic window.

If you’re careful about how you remove the figures you can actually salvage Dr. Robotnik’s laboratory for a diorama. That’s pretty cool and I’m a fan of these cardboard dioramas. Especially when they’re of a good quality like this.

Both figures look pretty good on the surface. These are two of the nicer sculpts in Jazwares library, with the articulation and design seeming to marry a bit better than some of the other figures in the line. That’s not to say that any of the figures really look bad, because for the most part they have transitioned to 3D very well.

It’s just that Metal Sonic and Dr. Robotnik seem to do it even more fluidly than their good guy counterparts. Robotnik especially looks good, with a lot of girth. His awkward proportions are quite nice. I think he could be a tad bit fatter, but in more recent artwork, he tends to look more like this anyway.

To me, Robotnik is the star of the show and he looks very good. He has all the trademark quirkiness that has made the character a long lasting villain of excellence. The sculpt shows that Jazwares isn’t afraid to step out of their comfort zone and really sculpt something with some great proportions.

Head to toe, every little detail that’s part of Eggman’s tradition outfit is replicated here. The paint job is pretty good throughout, but you should definitely compare them in the store. This was the best painted Robotnik at TRU.

He’s pretty big in comparison to the other figures in the line. While everyone else is right at 3 inches, Robotnik is quite a bit bigger. His girth is larger as well, but it’s the height that really sets him apart. It doesn’t make him look out of scale however. If anything he’s the perfect scale for the line.

Metal Sonic has a great sculpt too. In fact, in terms of complications in the sculpt, he’s much more detailed. He’s about the same size as Sonic, but unlike Sonic he can stand on his own two feet without falling over. His legs are in a slightly off position though, which means he tends to stand lopsided unless you change the positioning of his legs.

He has a lot of neat intricate details. His shoulder pads also have a hinge on them, so they can be up or down. Allowing for some diversity in his articulation.

From the back he looks really neat, with the rocket. He also has a great metallic blue paint that reflects light well and gives him a definite robotic look.

The details on his feet are easily the best of the series. He’s got a lot of little robotic parts going on there and you can tell these feet are atomic powered. He even has a peg hole for a stand. I wish Sonic had that.

One of the things that has really made this line stand out is the articulation. The Sonics and friends tend to be super articulated. This trend continues here, with some minor issues.

Metal Sonic is really loaded down with articulation. Unlike Sonic, who I felt was actually a bit weaker because of how loose some of his articulation points were… Metal Sonic isn’t loose at all. Unfortunately, some of Metal Sonic’s joints are very tight.

The plastic he’s made of is very rubbery, which means that when these joints are stuck you stand a good chance of twisting the figure apart if you try to bend them too hard. I was able to get them unstuck, but you may have to boil them or use the freezer trick to soften them up. Just be careful when posing because the potential is there for articulation being stuck.

Even with some posing limits, I was able to put him in some fun poses.

Dr. Robotnic also has pretty good articulation. He has ball joints at the arm and leg, as well as hinges. I couldn’t get his wrists to turn, so I’m not sure if they’re supposed to or not. He’s definitely a lot more stable than the other figures and I didn’t really find any issues with stuck or warped joints.

This set is light on accessories. But when you consider that most packs in this size don’t come with anything, it’s not terrible.

Metal Sonic comes with a stand that looks like a saw blade. I suppose if you were imaginative, you could also use it as a weapon. As a stand, it works fine but it’s sort of pointless since Metal Sonic isn’t as top heavy as Sonic. He stands just fine.

I was really hoping I could use the stand to help stable my Sonic, who is very top heavy. Unfortunately Sonic doesn’t have a peg hole. D’oh! Robotnic doesn’t have a peg hole either, but he stands very well with his large feet.

Additional Notes:

These are fun toys that I think a lot of kids will like. Sonic isn’t as popular as he probably once was, but this is one of the better video game lines I’ve seen for this type of game. Even Mario, who has had some neat toys, never has quite had as expansive of a toy line as this. Jazwares still has some issues, but I really would like to see this line succeed, so we could get Mega Man and some other lines.

$13 for two figures really isn’t bad. The packaging was nice and made this set feel bigger than it really is. The bonus cardboard diorama helps out and the fact that Robotnik is a pretty good size for this line. I wouldn’t say he’s a “deluxe” figure, but he’s bigger than a normal figure. The regular toys run $5.99, so this is pretty much the price of two anyway.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 8
Sculpting – 8
Articulation – 7
Accessories – Saw Blade Stand
Value – 8
Overall – 8 out of 10

Dr. Robotnik is a top notch figure. He’s the reason you’re getting this set, but it’s good to get a decent little Metal Sonic to go along with him. These two guys really made me want to get even deeper into the Sonic the Hedgehog toy line. They convinced me to buy some others.


Tomorrow I’m going to take a look at another new Sonic The Hedgehog toy pack. Will it score as high? You’ll have to come back in less than 24 hours to find out! Also, please follow me on Twitter if you enjoyed these reviews and want more. Leave a comment, let me know what you like or dislike about the Sonic line!

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