It’s been a while since we visited our friends on Gallifrey, so let’s take a look at another Doctor Who toy review!

Doctor Who
Time Lord
5 Inch Scale
By: Character Options

Although they made numerous appearances in the original series, the Time Lords were effectively killed off in the new series of Doctor Who. The death of the Time Lords created an unique perspective for the new generation of the Doctor, mentioning them only in passing as a beautiful, forgotten race of long ago. This allowed the writers to come up with some interesting scenarios and proved to make the stories with the Doctor all that more pivotal.

Through both evolution and technology, the Time Lords on Gallifrey have become omnipotent observers of the universe. They see through both space and time, watching the universe closely without interference. Although proclaiming to be a peaceful race, the Time Lords have on more than one occasion tilted the scales of justice in balance of a side they prefer, even at the price of genocide.

However as the series has went on, we’ve seen more of the Time Lords, even if they don’t currently exist. This Time Lord figure is of a “flashback” that the 10th Doctor has of his home planet. For what it’s worth, this could easily fit into any classic Doctor Who collection as it appears very much like a “classic” Time Lord.

Typical Doctor Who clamshell here. Less of a focus on the Tardis shaped bubble, though.

The figure is nicely displayed inside with a “SERIES 4” emblazoned on the top. That’s series 4 of the show, not series 4 of the figures. For those keeping score at home.

The back of the packages shows the other figures in the series. Davros was the big seller, while Hath Peck performed pretty poorly. He’s an army builder and the only figure in the series with an accessory too, go figure!

The first couple of appearances of the Time Lords had them looking a bit more like someone from the Flash Gordon universe. Later appearances focused more on the ornamental robes and this attire became the new standard for Time Lords. This continues in the new series and is represented here in this toy.

Ideally this is a perfect representation of a Time Lord. The long flowing robe is similar to that of a Catholic Cardinal. Although in the original series we saw many color robes and Dapol made several variants, the red seems the most predominant in the new series. That’s what this figure captures in essence.

The designs are really nice, especially the Gallifrean symbols on each shoulder. The eyes feature a small red line under them, to signify the stress that a Time Lord, observing all the hatred and violence throughout the galaxy, must witness.

The back of the costume is long and flowing, perfectly sculpted to represent a silk robe.

The colors are nice and the big collar is done especially well. It’s cast in a translucent plastic, then painted ever so slightly, giving an incredible effect. It’s little touches like that which really raise the figure up.

The paint is a little thick on the face, softening some of the wrinkles that are clearly on the sculpt. Still overall the paint work is pretty sharp. The helmet could use a bit more detailing, though.

Unfortunately the rubber band that comes placed on the figure has caused the arms to pop out of the sockets a bit. A little warm water should allow them to pop tighter back into place, but it’s worth noting. Especially if you’re just now picking up a Time Lord.

Beyond those minor issues, the sculpt is fairly solid and the paint work impressive.

Let’s see what we got here…

The legs appear to have partial, if not full articulation, but they are completely rendered useless by the robe. Honestly, that’s okay since it’s key to the design of the figure. It’s certainly better than the Hellboy 2 figures which had a similar design, but hollow bodies.

Beyond that you have swivel neck, arms, wrists and hinge elbows. Not much, but Time Lords basically just stand around.

Our poor Time Lord friend comes with nothing to defend himself. Leaving him prone to assassination!

At around $11, this figure isn’t very exciting. It’s hard to say he warrants his price tag. They do make decent army builders, but they aren’t very interesting. Of course if you’re a gung ho Doctor Who fan, you need at least three. This sort of toy would never work in an American market, but is great for the UK.

Score Recap:
Packaging – 6
Sculpting – 8
Articulation – 5
Accessories – N/A
Value – 6
Overall – 6 out of 10

The Time Lord gets a pretty low rating. It should be noted though, that’s purely a “toy” rating. He’s an essential character and I applaud Character Options for making him just as he should be. I’m sure if this guy had been made in the US, he would have had a glow in the dark head, rocket launcher arms and a pine scent.

Time Lords are interesting characters. Are they heroes? Are they villains? Are they God? Are they assholes? All questions you have to answer for yourself… Fun to play with kids!

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5 Responses to Doctor Who Time Lord Figure Review

  • Horatio says:

    Great review. Even if he sneaked into the wave by being dishonest. This particular Timelord actually showed up in series 3 but for some reason surfaced in the series 4 wave. Though after the End Of Time people might want one or two extra.

    Plus Hath Peck is not the only figure in the wave to come with accessories. River Song has a sonic blaster and future sonic screwdriver.

  • Thanks. My bad, I didn't think she came with anything. Not sure why though.

  • Bill says:

    This is one DW figure I keep passing on. Maybe someday if his price drops a bit more I'll get him. Really, though, I have to save every penny for all the great stuff CO has coming, like the Eleven Doctors and the Silver Nemesis Cyberman set!

  • I still need a few more. But like you, with so much on the horizon, I need more money!

  • Beth, the GF says:

    Tell the school to give me my money and you could have more DW.

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